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State Rep. Has Ludicrous Argument for Why Men Should Be Allowed to Beat Women in Sports

Some women inevitably are going to lose, so what does it matter if they lose to other women or to men? Not a whole lot of women actually make it to college sports, so we should allow men to take the few spots that are available to them? Source

Video: Psaki Doubles Down On Ludicrous GOP Defunding Police Claim

A protest outside Wi Spa in Los Angeles over an incident where a transgender exposed their genitalia to girls in a female area is set to take place on Saturday, but the demonstration will also face a counter-protest by LGBT activists. As we highlighted on Monday, a video that went viral on Twitter shows an […]

The Week Takes Down ‘Ludicrous’ Star of David Graphic After Social Media Uproar

A screenshot of the The Week graphic before its removal. After drawing widespread outrage from Jewish leaders and observers, The Week magazine removed a graphic Thursday evening that depicted a blue Star of David encircling and covering the eyes of US President Joe Biden, which had accompanied a column criticizing Israel’s efforts to prevent a […]

Episode #187 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Threat Level: Ludicrous’ with Mike Robinson plus special guests

Episode #187 of SUNDAY WIRE SHOW resumes this May 28th, 2017 as guest host Patrick Henningsen brings you this week’s LIVE broadcast on the Alternate Current Radio Network… LISTEN LIVE ON THIS PAGE AT THE FOLLOWING SCHEDULED SHOW TIMES: 5pm-8pm UK Time | 12pm-3pm ET (US) | 9am-12am PT (US)This week we deliver another LIVE broadcast this week from the […]

“Red Pill Philosophy” on Why I voted for Donald J. Trump…

“Red Pill Philosophy” on Why I voted for Donald J. Trump… Meanwhile… TRUMP-hating left wing Zionists continue to  conspire to morally and racially degrade and ethnically cleanse White people in America and ridicule decent folk who’ve started to cotton on to what the Jews have been doing to destroy the once fair land of the free… […]

Even NY Times Admits Ludicrous Nature of Iranian Terror Plot

U.S. Challenged to Explain Accusations of Iran Plot in the Face of Skepticism ERIC SCHMITT and SCOTT SHANE NY Times October 13, 2011 The Obama administration on Wednesday sought to reconcile what it said was solid evidence of an Iranian plot to murder Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States with a wave of puzzlement and […]

New Ludicrous Claim: Gaddafi Is Hanging Out With Mugabe

Daily Mail Monday, August 29, 2011 Comment: Just like when they told us he had left for Venezuela months ago. Some have said that Gaddafi has fled Libya to Zimbabwe on a jet provided by Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, it was claimed today, as rebels began the march on his home town. President Mugabe’s political […]

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