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The Lynching of Fritz Knoechlein

By Richard Landwehr “I personally and a number of my comrades were tortured in the Cage in a Source

The Public Lynching of the Leading POTUS Candidate Continues In Glaring Contravention of American Jurisprudence

Gagging Donald Trump: Why Smith’s “Narrowly Tailored Motion” is Neither Narrow Nor Wise By Jonathan Turley Below is a longer version of my column in the New York Post on the gag order motion docketed Friday night in Washington, D.C. by Special Counsel Jack Smith. While described by Smith as “narrowly tailored,” even a cursory […]

14-year-old Teen Boy Stabbed During Mob Lynching in France

The scene of extreme violence occurred last night around 9:30 p.m. near the city of Micocouliers, in the 14th arrondissement of Marseille. While he was at the bus stop for line 31, a 14-year-old boy saw a car brake sharply on seeing him and three people get out of it, then chase him with belligerent […]



Israeli media in hot water after state TV broadcasts Lynching of Arab by Jewish mob

    News that Israeli television broadcast the beating of a supposedly Arab man live amid the ongoing violence has drawn condemnation on social media, with users questioning Israel’s reputation as the Middle East’s only democracy. Footage from Wednesday evening showed a man being dragged from his car, beaten and set upon by dogs in […]

Gov. Hogan pardoning 34 victims of racial lynching in Maryland

Earlier this year, the Maryland Lynching Memorial Project and students at Loch Raven Technical Academy petitioned Hogan to issue the pardon for Cooper. After receiving the request, the Republican governor directed his chief legal counsel to review all of the available documentation of racial lynching in Maryland. “Justice has not been done with respect to […]

The Nuremberg Trials Were A “High-Grade Lynching Party” – Harlan Fiske Stone, Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court

From Wear’s War In all seriousness the Soviets, with the concurrence of the American, British and French judges, had the audacity to rebuke the Germans for having carried out deportations and used concentration camps or forced-labor camps!  After Germany’s defeat in WWII, the Nuremberg and later trials were organized primarily for political purposes rather than to dispense impartial […]

‘These People Need to be Protected’: Police Won’t Release Info on Lynching of 8 Year Old Biracial Boy

Download your free copy now. Source Article from

Lynching Free Speech: The Intolerant State of America

Renegade Editor’s Note: I am not always a fan of what this author has to say, but I think this is an important piece to help “keep the conversation going.” Make no mistake, our enemies wish to silence us completely. By John W. Whitehead of The Rutherford Institute What are the defenders of free speech […]

Texas congressman calling for Trump’s impeachment threatened with lynching

     Democratic Representative from Texas Al Green played recordings of racially abusive and threatening voicemails he says he received after calling for Trump’s impeachment at a town hall meeting Saturday. The two recordings played by Green included graphic racial slurs and threats to hang the lawmaker. Green told those gathered at the southwest Houston meeting […]

Protesters To Wall Off Trump’s Hate At RNC In Cleveland

Print Friendly Above Photo: In response to Trump’s insults, threats and his promises of mass deportation and building a border wall to separate neighbors, communities are traveling to Cleveland to give him a wall of their own. While Trump’s wall is an emblem of his xenophobic drive to Make America Hate Again, the protest wall […]

Iran eCommerce surveyed

In marketing strategy, “first mover advantage” is the benefit gained by a company that enters a particular market before any competitor. The theory has been discredited in the United States and other developed eCommerce markets, as it is only applicable for certain sub-sectors like price comparison and buying groups, but in others like social media […]

Civil Asset Forfeiture Goes Digital In OK, Cops Emptying Bank Accounts

Civil asset forfeiture has went digital in Oklahoma with the state’s highway patrol now utilizing an electronic device that allows them to seize money from bank accounts and prepaid cards. Civil-asset-forfeiture has become a key revenue generator for state and local law enforcement agencies nationwide. Under federal and state law, citizens can be deprived of […]

Taxpayer Surprise: Police Misconduct Suits Cost More Than Advertised

Print Friendly Above Photo: COP21 Police watch tear gas on 11-29-15 Chicago’s announcement that it agreed on Tuesday to pay $2 million to settle a lawsuit alleging police misconduct barely tells the story. The settlement still must be approved by City Council, which already this year has approved $12.3 million to settle police misconduct cases, including […]

War, Conflict and Economic Development in the Arab World

Of the countries that are off-track on the road to sound development, many are situated in the Arab World. The worst hit are either in conflict, near conflict or post conflict zones. Even when not undergoing the war disaster, the fragility of their development is further compounded by the prospects of war. In addition to […]

A Full Plate Of Activism

Print Friendly Above Photo: From This week, let’s take a peak at the TPP uprising in DC last week and get inspired to jump on board for the next one. Next, money in politics may not be the sexiest issue to talk about but it is the biggest – from tweets to marching in […]

Morsi trial delayed due to Alexandria weather

TCP : The trial of former President Mohamed Morsi was postponed to Nov. 9 after his plane failed to take off in Alexandria due to bad weather, Youm7 reported Sunday. Heavy Rain Hits Alexandria – YOUM7 The Sunday hearing of his trial on spying for Qatar began with all the other 10 defendants present in […]

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