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Lynchings By Law

Lynchings By Law NOTE: Popular Resistance is sad to report that Brandon Bernard was murdered by the state last night. Let’s keep organizing to end the death penalty in the United States. The Trump administration plans to execute five people before there is a change of power. “The death penalty is the ultimate human rights […]

Petition Wants Joe Biden Investigated For Covering Up LYNCHINGS Of Blacks

A new petition seeks a Department of Justice (DOJ) inquiry into the hangings and drownings of five black people in the state of Delaware and demands an investigation “into the actions or willful inactions of the Bidens both Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden and Senator and Vice President Joe Biden regarding what we believe, on […]

Meet The Communist Jew Who Wrote The Song That Brought ‘Racist’ Lynchings Into Popular Culture

Not surprisingly, it was a communist Jew from the Bronx, Abel Meeropol, the son of Jewish-Russian immigrants, who wrote the lyrics to the infamous song, “Strange Fruit,” about the lynching of Blacks in the American South, popularized by Billie Holiday, whose birth name was also decidedly Jewish: In the late 1930s….Meeropol “was very disturbed at […]

Colombia’s Truckers Strike – US Issues Travel Advisory

nsnbc : Colombia’s truckers declared a strike for the 13th time in 15 years. Truckers complain among others about foreign companies that have flooded the Colombian market. Following the government’s unwillingness to negotiate and police violence, the trucker’s union vowed to block the roads around Bogota. The US issued a travel advisory. The patience of […]

Here’s how secret voice commands in YouTube videos could hijack your smartphone

Kitten videos are harmless, right? Except when they take over your phone. Researchers have found something new to worry about on the internet. It turns out that a muffled voice hidden in an innocuous YouTube video could issue commands to a nearby smartphone without you even knowing it. The researchers describe the threat […]

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