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Magical Text From 1801 Says the Devil Requires Bond Slaves to Be Injected

I was searching around for some obscure texts that could be of interest to our readers and found something rather “curious” and potentially very relevant. The quote comes from The Magus by Francis Barrett, published in 1801. The Magus is one of the primary sources for the study of ceremonial magic, and for a long […]

13th Century Magical Merlin Manuscript Shares Original Legend

After two years of hard work, scholars have now finished an Old-French-to-English translation of a centuries-old manuscript that tells of the adventures of Merlin the Magician , King Arthur, and other well-known characters from the legendary Arthurian tales . The 13th century Merlin manuscript was discovered by chance in 2019, hidden inside the pages of […]

Dr. Joe Dispenza- The Magical Formula To Heal Yourself Fast. Guaranteed …

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J Street’s magical thinking

I spent the last two days watching the J Street conference and the liberal pro-Israel lobby group’s message was very consistent: We are a “movement” for reviving the two state solution so as to preserve Israel as the Jewish state, and our movement has political clout and it includes the entire Democratic Party from pro-Israel […]

WATCH: Jordan Peterson Reacts to Marvel Parodying Him as ‘a Magical Super-Nazi’

Conservative philosopher and writer Jordan Peterson has responded to Marvel comics parodying him as “a magical super-Nazi,” the classic Captain America villain Red Skull. During an interview with podcaster Chris Williamson, Peterson remarked upon how shocked he was to see his ideas being cast as Nazi recruitment propaganda in Marvel’s Captain America comics, Volume 9, […]

Clubhouse, Harry Potter, and the Problem With Magical Thinking

In the debate over Israel in America, many on the left (of which I am a proud member) are completely misguided. And the new frontier of this debate is shaping up to be the sticky new social network Clubhouse. Last week I was invited to join Clubhouse, an audio drop in app where you can […]

This ‘Chanukah Fun Truck’ Brings ‘Eight Magical Nights’ to Special Needs Children Throughout New Jersey

With the COVID-19 pandemic worsening this holiday season, many people who never had to worry about how they would pay for a holiday meal are now turning to food banks for the very first time. Feeding America says that 80 percent of its food banks are serving more people than they were at the same […]

Abortion Employee Decorates Christmas Tree With Forceps: “Abortions Are Magical”

A leftist employee at an abortion clinic boasted about how he was celebrating the festive season by topping his Christmas tree with forceps used to abort babies. “IT IS LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO TOP OUR TOPPER,” wrote pro-abortion activist Michael Saenz alongside an image of the tree. Saenz is an employee at CARE, and is in […]

Max Röder’s Magical Landscapes

Max Röder (1866 – 1947) was a German landscape artist and architectural painter who spent much of his life working Rome. His work has been compared to that of Arnold Böcklin, but there is much less available about Röder today. The most I was able to find about him was through a translated Wikipedia page. […]

The Magical Thinking Of Reformism

Reformism Isn’t Liberation, It’s Counterinsurgency. You can’t abolish systemic anti-Blackness and racial-colonial violence by protecting the system itself. This article is part of Abolition for the People, a series brought to you by a partnership between Kaepernick Publishing and LEVEL, a Medium publication for and about the lives of Black and Brown men. The series, which comprises 30 essays […]

Were Asclepian Centers Powered By Magical Ritual or Holistic Healthcare?

Doctors the world over take the Hippocratic oath swearing to do no harm to patients. In doing this, to quote the words of the oath itself, they “call upon Apollo the physician and Asclepius, Hygeia and Panaceia and all the gods and goddesses as witnesses, that [they] will fulfil this oath and this contract according […]

Giulia Tofana: Queenpin of the Criminal Magical Underworld

Between the years of 1630 to 1655, Giulia Tofana and her poison cartel were the primary facilitators of well over 600 deaths, by way of disgruntled wife, through their trademark poison known as Aqua Tofana. Some called her a serial murderer, and others called her a seductive assassin, but the truth was far more sinister. […]

Mesmerising moment a massive ‘Milk Moon’ sets captured in magical video (WATCH)

The epic footage, uploaded by Daniel Lopez for NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day, shows the moon in all its glory as it sets behind Mount Teide volcano on the Canary Island of Tenerife.   The video was taken using a telephoto lens set up 16 kilometers from the volcano, meaning the moon appears gigantic. […]

Magical Worlds of Multidimensional Nature

Christoph Schlüren (nsnbc) : Munich’s ’Pinakothek der Moderne’ is one of the most impressive contemporary museum buildings in Central Europe. It was planned and […]

One magical night in Yaffa

The lamp-lit alleyways of Yaffa “Last night feels like a dream,” one of us said, the following afternoon, voicing a sentiment that all three of us were sharing.  The night had indeed had all the elements of a dream.  There was its lingering hold over us, its obvious evasion of capture in words, and our […]

Chicago Library Seeks Help Transcribing Magical Manuscripts

Three texts dealing with charms, spirits, and all other manners of magical practice are now accessible online The Newberry Library in Chicago is home to some 80,000 documents pertaining to religion during the early modern period, a time of sweeping social, political, and cultural change spanning the late Middle Ages to the start of the Industrial Revolution. Among […]

Update on MaxResistance & The Resistance Round Table

This is an update for anyone wondering what’s going on with and “The Resistance Round Table” show. During a few of our past shows I (UpNorthOfThe49th) mentioned I had a conflict of schedules with my volunteer work and the timing of “The Resistance Round Table” show. I also mentioned my father suffered a severe accident. […]

ISIS targets educated youth lacking patriotic background – Jordanian MP whose son blew himself up

The Jordanian MP revealed that his son Muhammad was recruited in Karazin University in Ukraine’s Kharkov, where he had enrolled to study medicine. The young man became radicalized in a matter of months after coming into contact with Islamist students who came to Ukraine from Azerbaijan, Russia’s Chechen Republic and Tunisia. “He was urged to […]

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