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Woman Who Had Miscarriage On Malta Trip Can’t Get Abortion

ROME (AP) — A pregnant American woman who suffered an incomplete miscarriage while vacationing in Malta will be airlifted to a Spanish island on Thursday for a procedure to prevent infection because Maltese law prohibits abortion under any circumstances, the woman’s partner said. Jay Weeldreyer told The Associated Press by phone from a hospital in […]

Malta Underground: Religious Legends, Cave Churches and Subterranean Shrines

Religious visions have frequently taken place in the dark damp setting of caves and subterranean chambers making them attractive locations for shrines, chapels, pilgrimages and healing. One of the most famous of these sites is Lourdes in France, now a major Catholic shrine to the Virgin Mary. What started as a series of visions in […]

Daphne Caruana Galizia: Murdered journalist’s son urges EU not to fund Malta pipeline

The family of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia has urged the European Union not to fund a Maltese gas pipeline that she was investigating before her murder. Matthew Caruana Galizia, Daphne’s son, voiced his opposition to the project and described the EU funding as “intolerable”. “It is unacceptable that public funds are being used for such […]


When one wants to arrive at ‘the fabulous’, one can fly to mysterious, magical Malta. Malta means red and golden flags, Enid Blyton adventures, Megalithic temples and searching for treasures. Malta means medieval hill top towns, fresh sardines, tall cacti and sensual palm trees. The little town of B., with its pretty bay and its […]

Fighting Malta’s Rule of the Jungle: The Daphne Caruana Galizia Inquiry

The Public Inquiry into the murder of the resourceful journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia handed down its findings on July 29.  Firm aim was taken at the Maltese State, which had “to shoulder responsibility for the assassination because it created an atmosphere of impunity, generated from the highest levels in the heart of the administration of […]

Secrets Of The Stones: Malta’s Lesser-Known Megalithic Mysteries

Malta’s prehistory is as dazzling as it is opaque. The excavations and research by archaeologists and other academics have been incredibly thorough, and have helped to create fantastic insights into the culture behind some of the most incredible and unique megalithic architecture in the world. However, there are still many mysteries about the people who […]

Secrets Of The Stones: Malta’s Lesser-Known Megalithic Design

Malta’s prehistory is as dazzling as it is opaque. The excavations and research by archaeologists and other academics have been incredibly thorough, and have helped to create fantastic insights into the culture behind some of the most incredible and unique megalithic architecture in the world. However, there are still many mysteries about the people who […]

The Malta Catacombs: What Happened to Mike Mansholt in the Realm of the Dead?

In July of 2016, seventeen-year-old Mike Mansholt, a tourist from Germany, vanished after setting out to explore the catacombs of Rabat on Malta, also known as the “Realm of the Dead”. Mike’s frantic parents raced to the island after Mike failed to arrive home. About a week after Mike’s initial disappearance, his remains were discovered […]

2,000-Year-Old Punic-Era Tomb Accidentally Found in Malta

The archipelago of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea in southern Europe, is a place of mystique and wonder. With a rich history that commences with human occupation in 5,900 BC, archaeologists have now discovered a 2,000-year-old Punic tomb in southeastern Malta while expanding a local drainage network. It was initially thought to be 3,500 years […]

Proposal to decriminalise abortion in Malta sparks debate

A proposal to decriminalise abortion in Malta has stirred up a polarised debate on an issue long considered taboo in the country with the strictest abortion laws in the European Union. Independent lawmaker Marlene Farrugia caught many by surprise this month when she presented a bill in parliament calling for the removal of paragraphs in […]

Malta: Joseph Muscat’s former chief of staff, Keith Schembri, charged with fraud

Keith Schembri, former chief of staff to former Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, was charged on Saturday with money laundering, corruption, fraud, and forgery. According to police, he is one of eleven people indicted for the offenses and charges have also been laid against twenty companies. He pleaded not guilty when he appeared in court. […]

Malta police chief says all Daphne Caruana Galizia murder suspects caught

Malta’s Police Commissioner says all people linked to the murder of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia have either been charged or are in custody. Vincent Muscat was sentenced to 15 years in prison this week after pleading guilty to her murder. He’s one of three men accused of carrying out the attack. Daphne was killed […]

Mass Murder, Megalithic Music, and Misconduct in Prehistoric Malta

Despite claims by experts and historians, not all of human history can be easily explained and many mysteries still remain. Just south of Sicily, surrounded by sapphire waters and sun-soaked shores, the islands of Malta hold many secrets. Prehistoric Malta, along with her sister island Gozo, is filled with archaeological sites including dwellings, temples, and […]

Roman Temple Discovered Under a Farmhouse in Malta

Malta lies at the very heart of the Mediterranean and it has many historic ruins and sites attesting to that fact. Now another feature has been added to the list. While working on a restoration project at a famous temple complex at Tas-Silġ, archaeologists made an amazing discovery. They unearthed the foundations of a very […]

Malta – The Jewel of the Mediterranean is Lost

With an Area of 316 km squared, Malta is the world’s tenth smallest country per area and the fourth most densely populated sovereign country. It lies 80 km south of Italy, 284 km east of Tunisia and 333 km north of Libya. It was inevitable that this post was coming due. I’m writing this with […]

Coronavirus: Malta closes all bars and nightclubs

Authorities in Malta have ordered the closure of all nightclubs and bars in an attempt to stem a new coronavirus outbreak on the island. The measure will come into force on Wednesday, Health Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne announced on Monday. Discos, night bars, concert halls and also sports clubs will have to […]

Malta Car Bomb Kills Panama Papers Journalist

Malta Car Bomb Kills Panama Papers Journalist October 16th, 2017 Via: Guardian: The journalist who led the Panama Papers investigation into corruption in Malta was killed on Monday in a car bomb near her home. Daphne Caruana Galizia died on Monday afternoon when her […]

Assange offers €20K reward for finding killers of Malta’s ‘one-woman WikiLeaks’

The investigative journalist died after the car she was travelling in exploded near her home in Bidnija, northern Malta, at around 3pm on Monday. Maltese police have opened a murder inquiry. Maltese journalist who led Panama Papers corruption investigation killed in car blast The 53 year old ran the hugely popular ‘Running Commentary’ blog which […]

Woman gives birth to healthy baby in rainforest stream to avoid unnatural hospital setting

(NaturalNews) A woman living in Australia was so determined to avoid spending time in the hospital, that she actually gave birth in a rainforest stream. When she was pregnant with her fourth child at age 39, doctors told Simone Thurber that her pregnancy would be high-risk. She says she decided to follow her […]

Tories Sidelining Parliament On Controversial EU-Canada Trade Deal

British prime minister David Cameron is trying to fast-track an EU-Canada trade deal without parliamentary consent.  A set of leaked notes that were allegedly made during the EU Foreign Affairs/Trade-Council in Brussels on 13 May, appears to show that the UK is aggressively pushing for a controversial trade between the EU and Canada to be […]

Terrifying Internet-of-Things Search Engine Lets You Spy On Strangers’ Webcams

From: It’s called Shodan and it just got much easier to use Think of the millions of devices with video feedsmaybe the baby monitor perched over your kids crib or a security camera looking out over your back porch. A new feature on the most popular search engine for the […]

Due process is dead: The mirage of justice in America’s court system

     If you are poor, you will almost never go to trial—instead you will be forced to accept a plea deal offered by government prosecutors. If you are poor, the word of the police, who are not averse to fabricating or tampering with evidence, manipulating witnesses and planting guns or drugs, will be accepted in […]

Qajar documents kept at Munich State Archives

TEHRAN, Jan. 04 (MNA) – Hundreds of documents related to Iran-Germany ties during the Safavid and Qajar dynasties are kept at Munich State Archives. The State Archives in Munich is a place in which the historical and diplomacy documents of Iran and Germany are kept; classified docs which can shed light on the hidden angles […]

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