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The Perfectly Preserved Yuka Wooly Mammoth Mummy (Video)

The perfectly preserved mummified Yuka Mammoth Mummy is a remarkable archaeological discovery that has captivated the world with its exceptional state of preservation. Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Asia Videos History Read Later  Source

30,000-Year-Old Baby Mammoth Is The Most Preserved Mammoth Ever Found in America

A 30,000-year-old baby mammoth has been discovered perfectly preserved in permafrost in the far reaches of Canada’s northwest Yukon province. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Ancient Places Americas Read Later  Source

Neanderthal Hand Axe Leads to Steppe Mammoth Graveyard

Five ancient prehistoric Steppe mammoth skeletons have been unearthed in Britain. How did they get there, and how did they die? The deeply ancient Steppe mammoth site was discovered at a quarry near Swindon in England’s Cotswolds region, after fossil hunters Sally and Neville Hollingworth identified a Neanderthal hand axe. Now, archaeologists have unearthed five […]

Why Is This Mammoth Tusk In Deep Water Off the Californian Coast?

A 100,000-year-old mammoth tusk has been discovered by a robot more than 10,000 feet below sea level. But rather than in Arctic wastes, where they’re usually found, this one was uncovered in the Pacific Ocean off the California coast. So what on Earth was it doing there? In 2019, while exploring for new deep-sea species […]

Mammoth Hybrid To Be Made Using Asian Elephants

An American company has announced its plans to create a woolly mammoth hybrid using Asian elephant DNA. Based on the now extinct woolly mammoth, the company’s team of genetic scientists claim their new creature will help in the fight against climate change. Before we begin, unlike almost every other reporter on the planet I will […]

Woolly Mammoth Tusk Reveals Uber-distance Migrations, Says Study

The Earth has had five mass extinctions, the most recent of which, 11,700 years ago, was caused by an extended period of warming. That event alone wiped out more than 75% of the large Ice Age animals, including the iconic woolly mammoth, the hairy ancestor of the modern elephant. And now, according to a new […]

Mammoth DNA Breaks Record for World’s Oldest Sequence

Researchers have sequenced the oldest known DNA in the world. Using material from the Early and Middle Pleistocene sub-epochs, the ancient DNA analysis shatters the record for the world’s oldest sequenced DNA. It comes from mammoth remains that were discovered in the Siberian permafrost and proves that under the right conditions ancient DNA can survive […]

Mexico City’s Mammoth Skeleton Site Grows to World’s Largest Find

Archaeologists excavating the world’s earliest mammoth traps in Mexico have now recovered the bones of 200 mammoth skeletons , in total, leading them to call the area where they were found “mammoth central.” The additional mammoth skeletons are an exceptional find and are providing more information about how they were hunted by ancient peoples in […]

Ancient Siberian Carved Mammoth Ivory Yields Amazing New Information!

A team of Siberian archaeologists has studied a collection of 24,000-year-old mammoth ivory revealing hitherto unknown secrets of ancient craft technologies. The year 2020 has produced a number of incredible scientific papers about ancient mammoths and their interactions with early humans. Topics covered in these papers include the oldest mammoth traps ever discovered in Mexico, […]

Amazing New Siberian Mammoth Remains May Lead to Cloning Breakthrough

Russian scientists have retrieved the nearly complete remains of a woolly mammoth in Russia. The Siberian mammoth remains are so well-preserved that they still have flesh and hair. These remains are up to 10,000 years old and they could play an important role in the international race to recreate prehistoric beasts in laboratories. The remains […]

True Purpose of Ancient Mammoth Bone Artifact Finally Revealed

A team of scientists have identified a Stone-Age cordage tool used to manufacture rope. And the use of this tool completely changed human life and productivity in prehistoric times. A series of slow advancements in cordage production technology allowed humans to progress from the primitive lashing and binding of tree vines and roots required to […]

Scientists on the verge of creating hybrid elephant and mammoth

Vatican City: An elephant-mammoth hybrid, genetically engineered without tusks and hardy enough to survive away from Africa or India, could be the key to tackling poaching, scientists believe. Dozens of mammoth genes have been resurrected by scientists at Harvard University, who are about to publish the first plans to create an artificial […]

Storm dumps 18 inches of snow on Mammoth Mountain, California

     A winter storm that killed at least five people in Southern California dumped more than a foot of snow and an inch of heavy rain on the Sierra Nevada. The National Weather Service in Reno reported Tuesday that 18 inches of snow fell on the top of Mammoth Mountain south of Yosemite National Park. […]

Ice Age comes to Sydney: Russian baby mammoth gets warm welcome down under

Lyuba is no stranger to lengthy tours, but it is her first known trip Down Under. The rare, exceptionally well-preserved example of the Ice Age species was found in Russia’s Urals 10 years ago, and has since starred at numerous exhibitions around the globe. Unveiled in Sydney on Friday, Luyba will be the main attraction […]

Prehistoric Musicians of Europe – Mammoth Ivory and Bird Bone Flutes from 40,000 BCE

The researchers have obtained important new radiocarbon dates for bones found in the same archaeological layers as a variety of musical instruments. The instruments take the form of flutes made from the bird bones and mammoth ivory. They were excavated at a key site in Germany, which is widely believed to have been occupied by […]

Dog Breaks Out Of Kennel To Comfort Abandoned Crying Puppies

Maggie the Australian shepherd had her puppies taken away before being put up for adoption herself. When she was finally adopted, Maggie’s owners decided to kennel her for the night at Barker’s Pet Motel in Alberta. What they never expected was for Maggie to escape and come to the aid of a litter of puppies […]

Turkish businessmen alarmed over Erdogan’s irresponsible political decisions

     Alarmed by President Erdogan’s political adventurism, a group of leading Turkish businessmen has asked the head of the Russian-Lebanese Business Council, Jacques Sarraf, to organize a meeting with their Russian colleagues in Lebanon. Relations between Moscow and Ankara have sunk to new depths after a Turkish fighter jet shot down a Russian bomber in […]

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