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Al-Manar Exclusive: Thousands of Lebanese Mourners Take the Journey of Arbaeen

September 6, 2023 Areej Fatima Al-Husseini Thousands of mourners arrived at Sayyeda Khawla (AS) Shrine in Baalbek early this morning to commemorate Imam Hussein’s (AS) Arbaeen. Pilgrims had begun to march on foot from the northern, western, eastern, and central Bekaa Valley, while others reported that they started marching from the southern suburbs of Beirut, […]

Video| Al-Manar Recalls 2006 “Operation Truthful Promise”

 July 13, 2023 Israeli vehicle hit by Hezbollah fighters during “Operation Truthful Promise” on July 12 2006 Al-Manar is reposting a video of the “Operation Truthful Promise” which took place on July 2006 in the southern border town of Ayta Al-Shaab. The Hezbollah’s cross-border operation led to the killing of 3 Israelis and the capture […]

Al-Manar English Website is Live Blogging on Hezbollah Military Drill in South Lebanon

May 21, 2023 Hezbollah launched a military drill in South Lebanon on Sunday, drawing the presence of local, regional, and international media personnel. The itinerary included a visit to a resistance camp and participation in a live weapons military exercise, showcasing Hezbollah’s military strength on the commemoration of the May 25, 2000 Resistance and Liberation Day. As […]

Al-Manar Reveals Truth behind Captagon Shipments in Dubai and Beirut

Posted on December 31, 2021 by martyrashrakat December 31, 2021 Al-Manar revealed on Friday truth behind Lebanese sides involved in the captagon smuggling attempts at Beirut and Dubai ports. Quoting security sources in Beirut, Al-Manar revealed that Lebanese Customs arrested the Lebanese contractor Wael Mosbah Obeid, 31, from the northern town of Dinniyah, who confessed […]

Al-Manar, Al-Masirah Channels Launch Friday Extensive Documentation of Saudi-led Aggression Massacres on Yemen: Video

October 28, 2021 Al-Manar and Al-Masirah TV Channels are scheduled to launch an extensive documentation project which records all the massacres committed by the US-Saudi-led forces and mercenaries in Yemen. An interactive map will come-to-light on the official websites of the two TV channels at 8 p.m. and reveal in an innovative way the massacres committed by the aggression with […]

Syria’s Ultimate Victory is Imminent: FM’s Aide to Al-Manar Website

Posted on October 4, 2021 by uprootedpalestinians October 4, 2021 The Syrian foreign minister’s aide, Dr. Ayman Sousan, stressed that Syria is so close to the ultimate victory over the terrorist war, hailing the steadfastness and sacrifices of the Syrian people as well as army. In an interview with Al-Manar Website, Sousan pointed out that […]

Israel Bewildered by New Al-Manar Footage Showing Operation Truthful Promise: Hezbollah Concealed Fate of Captured Soldiers, Highlighted Achievement

Posted on July 13, 2021 by uprootedpalestinians July 13, 2021 The Zionist media followed up attentively the new footage disclosed by Al-Manar TV Channel which showed Hezbollah Operation Truthful Promise on July 12, 2006, stressing that the Party aims at highlighting its military achievement. The Israeli analysts concentrated on the fact that the new footage […]

Al-Manar TV Channel, Al-Nour Radio Station Lament Al-Naqqash Death: He Disappeared amid Bad Need for His Revolutionary Vision

February 22, 2021 The Lebanese Communication Group (Al-Manar TV Channel and Al-Nour Radio Station) on Monday mourned the Lebanese and Arab struggler, Anis Al-Naqqash, who sculpted his name on the way to Palestine and defended its flag. In a statement, the Lebanese Communication Group maintained that Al-Naqqash was the voice of right in face of […]

Sheikh Qassem to Al-Manar: Retaliation to Fakhrizadeh’s Assassination in Iran’s Hands

[embedded content] Removed By Zionist YOU TUBE Click here to watch the interview November 28, 2020 Click the Pic Hezbollah Deputy Leader Sheikh Naim Qassem said on Friday that the retaliation for the assassination of Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was in Iran’s hands, warning that Hezbollah was fully prepared for any Israeli aggression. “We condemn […]

Shia Duo Sources to Al-Manar: We Have Rescued Hariri Several Times from Ingesting His Allies’ Poison

September 22, 2020 In response to the statement of the former premier, MP Saad Hariri, about the cabinet formation, the Shia duo (Hezbollah and Amal Movement) sources told Al-Manar that the duo wonders how Hariri allows himself to set conditions for nominating the finance minister, wondering how he alleges that the French initiative includes this […]

Haniyah to Al-Manar: Hamas “Part of Axis of Resistance in Face of Israeli Enemy”

Posted on September 8, 2020 by martyrashrakat Video here September 8, 2020 Head of Hamas politburo, Ismail Haniyah stressed that the UAE decision to normalize ties with the Israeli enemy is unjustifiable and serves only Trump and Netanyahu, adding that the relations between the Resistance Movement and Saudi Arabia have deteriorated and calling for the […]

Al-Manar Reporter Banned from Asking Macron during Press Conference

Posted on August 7, 2020 by martyrashrakat Lebanon  Al-Manar reporter, Mona Tahini, was prevented from asking the French President Emanuel Macron a question during his press conference at the Pine Palace in Beirut on Thursday. Al-Manar reporter posted a video on her Twitter account which shows Macron having a side talk and taking selfie pictures […]

Why South Africa should gird itself for tumultuous times

Dirk Kotze (TC) : South African President Jacob Zuma’s latest cabinet reshuffle in the Ministry of Finance is arguably the most controversial of all his executive decisions. It is the seventh cabinet reshuffle since he became president in 2009 and the third since 2014. Reuters, Rogan-Ward Presidents Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki only reshuffled their cabinets […]

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