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DERANGED GENOCIDAL MANIAC!!! Warmonger Lindsey Graham Suggests Dropping Nuclear Bombs on Iran and Palestine to Protect Israel (VIDEO)

Warmonger Lindsey Graham Suggests Dropping Nuclear Bombs on Iran and Palestine to Protect Israel (VIDEO) Source

Zionist Tyrant & Genocidal Maniac Netanyahu approves invasion of densely populated Rafah

___ Source

Dec 13 – Netanyahu Assumes Hitler’s Title as Genocidal Maniac

(left, Adolf Netanyahu)  Please send links and comments to [email protected] ISRAEL DROVE SUITCASES STUFFED WITH CASH INTO GAZA TO KEEP HAMAS IN POWER: NYT Makow- Significant this appears in the NYT: The Jew York Times is part of the Communist wing of Organized Jewry. They “hate” the Zionist branch, i.e. Trump etc. The globalist Communist […]

War Criminal & Genocidal Maniac Zelensky Is Soon To Be History


Genocidal Maniac Zelensky Jealous of Israel’s Palestinian Genocide Because Ukraine’s Genocide of its Male Population has been Greatly Stymied by the Ongoing Genocide in Gaza

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How They Do It– Netanyahu Was Once a Leader of Stature. Now He’s Becoming a Delusional Maniac

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Winston Churchill, Drunken Homicidal Maniac

One of the most celebrated politicians of the 20th century was really a drunken fool with a sadistic hatred, causing him to commit the greatest of atrocities against Europe. Source Article from

British People Demand New Government Led by Neo-Nazi Maniac Jeremy Corbyn

Lee RogersDaily Stormer July 2, 2017 The British people want Nazi mad man Jeremy Corbyn to run the government! The British people took to the streets of London yesterday demanding a new government led by the Nazi Jeremy Corbyn. Apparently they’ve had enough of the crazy wench Theresa May and want real […]

US with nuclear weapons is a ‘demented maniac with delusions of grandeur’

     In a context of almost total indifference, marked by outright hostility, representatives of over a hundred of the world’s least powerful countries are currently opening another three-week session of United Nations talks aimed at achieving a legally binding ban on nuclear weapons. Very few people even know this is happening. Ban nuclear weapons? Ho […]

School Cop Slams 12-Yr-Old Girl Into Ground, Handcuffs Unresponsive Body

SAN ANTONIO, TX — A viral video has been spreading on social media channels showing an adult male police officer body slam a 12-yr-old girl face down into the pavement. A distinct snapping noise can be heard as the girl’s skull makes impact against the ground. The girl appears to […]

FBI orders local police into silence about capabilities of cell phone surveillance gear

(NaturalNews) More and more, the federal government is behaving like a Stalinist entity that views We the People as adversaries to be subdued, rather than as citizens to be served. According to a document released by the FBI under a Freedom of Information Act request filed by The Washington Post, the federal law […]

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