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How The Billionaire Elite Manipulate The World

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Taiwanese foreign minister expects China to manipulate the upcoming 2024 Presidential election in Taiwan

(NaturalNews) In an exclusive interview with Al Jazeera, outgoing Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said he expects China to attempt to manipulate the upcoming… Source

Fauci: ‘Whole Scientific Community Feels’ You Have to Be Able ‘to Manipulate Organisms’ — ‘Very Few Reasons’ to Make Pathogens Worse

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” former NIAID Director and former White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci stated that there are “very few reasons” to engage in research “where you deliberately make a pathogen Source

‘Matrix’ Star Warns That AI Trying to Control and Manipulate Us

‘Matrix’ Star Warns That AI Trying to Control and Manipulate UsDate: February 19, 2023Author: Nwo Report   ‘When you give a performance in a film, you know you’re going to be edited, but you’re participating in that… If you go into deep fake land, it has none of your points of view. That’s scary…” Posted […]

Chinese agents caught using TikTok to manipulate midterm election in favor of Democrats

(Natural News) The Chinese-owned social media app TikTok is once again in the news for manipulating U.S. elections to install Democrat political puppets who are favorable to the communist regime. An investigation found that a number of prominent TikTok accounts are little more than Chinese state media mouthpieces that push anti-Republican, pro-Democrat messaging across the […]

The CCP Is Using TikTok to Manipulate Americans and Gather Data for AI Weapons

20 oct 2022 AMERICAN THOUGHT LEADERS JAN JEKIELEK TikTok is one of the Chinese regime’s most powerful weapons of mass manipulation and misinformation, argues Nicolas Chaillan, former chief software officer of the U.S. Air Force and Space Force. TikTok was the most downloaded app globally and in the United States in 2021. The Chinese regime […]

Corporate fraud by NVIDIA, it plans to manipulate the market. No court action in the US?

Corporate fraud is rampant across ALL industries, it’s that all you have to do is catch them out. At the end of the business day, no one cares until someone takes it to court. Will NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) see the inside of a court room? See more at: [embedded content] Source

Michael Sussmann: Clinton lawyer ‘lied to manipulate FBI over Trump’

A lawyer for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign lied to the FBI to “manipulate” the agency in order to win the election, a court has heard.

The U.S. mainstream media lets Israel manipulate how it reports the killing of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh

Israel continues its time-honored strategy of manipulating the mainstream U.S. media — this time muddying the coverage of the killing of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh. Source

Fact-Check Foul Play: How Fact-Checkers Lie and Manipulate

Fact-Check Foul Play: How Fact-Checkers Lie and Manipulate Date: December 29, 2021Author: Nwo Report   The architects of the agenda are working behind the scenes to curate the narrative to suit their plans – but they’re starting to lose credibility and influence.Source: The Truthzilla Podcast | Banned.videoThe wheels are falling off of the narrative. The […]

CDC Scientists admit they did manipulate study data to show the Covid-19 Vaccines are safe for Pregnant Women as researchers discover 91% of pregnancies resulted in miscarriage following Covid-19 Vaccination

In July 2021, The Exposé exclusively revealed how data had been manipulated by scientists carrying out a real-world study for the CDC to show that Covid-19 vaccines were safe for use during pregnancy. The authors claimed that the number of people to suffer a spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) during the study was 104 out of 827 completed pregnancies, equating the […]

This is how we manipulate the numbers

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World Economic Forum releases guide on how to coerce and manipulate public into getting the Covid-19 Vaccine

BY THE DAILY EXPOSE ON JUNE 30, 2021 • Listen Now  The World Economic Forum have had a bigger part to play during the past fifteen months than many of you may realise, and now they have released a helpful guide for Governments and Public Health Officials around the world on how to coerce and manipulate the general public […]

Signature Reduction – How Pentagon’s Secret Army Of 60,000 Operatives Infiltrate & Manipulate Social Media

The Pentagon uses the world’s largest ‘secret army’ of 60,000 undercover operatives unofficially known as Signature Reduction to carry out ‘domestic & foreign’ operations while also infiltrating and manipulating social media. The US military operates a vast network of soldiers, civilians, and contractors that it uses for clandestine missions both at home and abroad, Newsweek has […]

Hanan Amiur: Guide to Manipulate Public Opinion

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Free will hacked: AI can be trained to manipulate human behavior and decisions, according to research in Australia

Artificial Intelligence (AI) researchers in Australia have demonstrated how it is possible to train a system to manipulate human behavior and decision-making, highlighting the double-edged sword that is modern high tech. AI now pervades the vast majority of contemporary human society and governs many of the ways we communicate, trade, work and live. It also […]

‘Deceitful Campaign Tactics to Manipulate Voters’: Democrats Aim to Create, Exploit Divisions Among GOP in Georgia Runoffs

Democrats from outside Georgia are actively engaged in an effort to create divisions among Republicans in the state. The Democrats then intend to exploit those divisions to try to drive down turnout among President Donald Trump’s supporters in the runoff for the two U.S. Senate seats that will decide which party controls the upper chamber […]

How the Elite Use Information Warfare to Manipulate You (Video)

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Clinical Trials About How to Manipulate People | NaturalHealth365

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Testing the Most Effective Method to Manipulate Minds

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY AT-A-GLANCE The U.S. government is planning to launch an “overwhelming” COVID-19 vaccine campaign in November It’s still unclear exactly when a vaccine will be available, but it could be as early as October, or as late as January 2021. According to a White House administration official, the advertising campaign […]

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