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‘It’s a privilege to say I am Palestinian’: a conversation with Nancy Mansour

Born in the UK to Palestinian parents, Nancy Mansour* is the co-founder of Existence is Resistance (EIR), a radical grassroots movement dedicated to the liberation of Palestine. Known for her boundless passion and fierce irreverence, Mansour (AKA Harrabic Tubman) has been on the forefront of cultural resistance against ongoing Israeli Apartheid for more than a […]

Mansour: The Spirit of 1776—How 13 Rebellious Colonies Declared Their Independence

The story of the birth of our nation by Declaration in July 1776 is a story of disagreements, debates, compromises, and moral courage. It’s a story of a group of rebellious Englishmen who—despite their many differences—could agree on one thing: they wanted to live free. Source

UAE’s Sheikh Mansour says Man City Champions League win sets standard future successes

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed, the UAE's Vice President and Deputy Prime Minister, as well as the owner of Manchester City and City Football Group, has congratulated the football club after winning their first-ever Champions League title yesterday in Istanbul, by beating Inter Milan 1-0. This triumph, combined with their victories in the English Premier League […]

Mansour: ‘Out of Small Beginnings’ – the True History of the Pilgrim Fathers and Our Founding Myth

If you want to undo a nation, you start by falsifying its history until no one remembers anything but the “endless present.” Thus, every Thanksgiving it seems like fewer Americans know the true history of this national holiday commemorating our nation’s founding myth. Source

Mansour Abbas lends support to Israel’s colonial narrative 

Ra'am party leader Mansour Abbas has exposed how exploitative his role is within the coalition government formed by former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. His political party, he claims, has "no influence" when it comes to Israel's security concerns. "We have no influence on military operations. We are in the Knesset to work for Arab […]

Mansour: The Pilgrims’ Progress – Honoring Our Forefathers on the 400th Anniversary of the First (and Most Expensive) Thanksgiving

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the first Thanksgiving celebrated by our Pilgrim fathers and mothers in 1621. If this fact is news to you, I’m not surprised. After all, there was very little fanfare last year to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims’ arrival at Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1620, an event which […]

Power at any cost: how opportunistic Mansour Abbas joined hands with avowed ‘Arab killers’ 

We are led to believe that history is being made in Israel following the formation of an ideologically diverse government coalition which, for the first time, includes an Arab party, Ra’am, or the United Arab List. If we are to accept this logic, the leader of Ra’am, Mansour Abbas, is a mover and shaker of […]

Mansour: Joe Biden’s Energy Policies Could Wipe Out Millions of Auto Jobs

Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour explained how former Vice President Joe Biden’s proposed energy policies could potentially destroy millions of jobs in the automotive industry, offering her analysis in a Wednesday interview on the Dan Proft Show. Mansour, born and raised in metro Detroit, MI, warned how Biden’s proposals to ban fracking as part […]

Mansour: Biden’s Energy Policies Could Kill 160,000 Michigan Jobs, Decimate Auto Manufacturing, and Create California-Style Rolling Blackouts

Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s energy policies could have a devastating impact on Michigan that could potentially destroy 160,000 energy sector jobs, decimate the auto industry, impede manufacturing operations, increase home heating expenses, and create California-style rolling blackouts in the Great Lakes State. Biden’s proposal to eliminate fracking, “transition from the oil industry,” and achieve “zero […]

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