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Home Depot Cofounder Bernie Marcus Blames Socialism for ‘Lazy,’ ‘Fat,’ ‘Stupid’ Labor Force

Home Depot cofounder Bernie Marcus blamed socialism for generating an entitled labor force that is ‘lazy,’ ‘fat,’ and ‘stupid.’ Source

‘Hall Monitor Energy’: Washington Post Editor Ruth Marcus Trolled for Saying She Lectured Random Stranger on Masks

Washington Post deputy editorial page editor Ruth Marcus sparked ire on Twitter when she claimed she lectured a random stranger about wearing a mask. In a tweet on Sunday, Marcus said she scolded an unmasked man with whom she shared an elevator ride in Madison, Wisconsin, labeling it an example of just how far the […]

Marcus Tullius Cicero: Family Man, Friend and Father

In modern times, Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 – 43 BC) is remembered as the greatest Roman orator. A prolific thinker, his writings include books on rhetoric, orations, philosophical and political treatises, as well as letters. Although more than 900 of his correspondence between 67 and 43 BC survive, this is only a very small portion of the letters […]

The Story So Far (Corona) & Future Predictions with Dr Marcus De Brun

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Kenneth Marcus, Trump’s nominee for civil rights, has a long history of working against them

Any day now, the Senate will consider President Trump’s nominee for Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights at the Department of Education, Kenneth Marcus. This is a vote that could have widespread and lasting consequences for the safety and rights of students and faculty across the country, in particular those of people of color, women, and […]

Marcus Papadopoulos on what East #Ghouta is really about

Marcus Papadopoulos on what East Ghouta is really about By Jan Oberg Right after the very heavy fighting about East Ghouta and the UN Security Council’s ceasefire resolution, Dr. Marcus Papadopoulos is given what must be perceived as a very rare opportunity by a mainstream media  – skyNews Australia – to present a completely different […]

Kenneth Marcus’ ideological alignment with Trump

The Muslim ban. Attacks on immigrants. Rolling back sexual assault regulations. Morally equating neo-Nazis with racial justice activists. Attacks on Black Lives Matter. Mocking a disabled reporter. These are all incidents that immediately came to mind when I heard Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) ask Kenneth Marcus, President Trump’s nominee to head the Office for Civil […]

Trump nominee Kenneth Marcus seeks to undermine the very rights he’d be enforcing

Comedian Noah Trevor has said of Trump nominees, “It’s almost like before he hires anyone, Trump Googles ‘opposite of,’ and then he just gets that person.” At first glance, Kenneth Marcus seems an exception to a panoply of appointments in which for example, the head of Labor is an anti-labor CEO, the head of the […]

Going Underground – Full interview of Rabbi Barry Marcus on 100 years since Balfour Declaration

Going Underground – Full interview of Rabbi Barry Marcus on 100 years since Balfour Declaration Going Underground with Afshin LIKE Going Underground Going Underground Afshin Rattansi on Instagram… View the original video for Going Underground – Full interview of Rabbi Barry Marcus on 100 years since Balfour Declaration at […]

Marcus Hutchins “MalwareTechBlog” Pleads Not Guilty, Released on Bail

August 6, 2017 By Aaron Kesel The hacker arrested for his alleged involvement in creating and selling a banking trojan who infamously stopped the WannaCry malware attack may have been falsely accused according to an associate. “Marcus Hutchins’ arrest may be a misunderstanding,” Ryan Kalember, the senior vice-president at the security firm Proofpoint […]

Marcus Eli Ravage: A Real Case Against the Jews

An interesting take on the origins of antisemitism written by a Jewish-American immigrant named Marcus Eli Ravage. Published in 1928 in Century Magazine, this article explains that Christianity is basically Judaism 2.0 and that the Christianization of Europe essentially amounted to an erasure and replacement of the European people’s native pagan cultures with the national […]

Montana Trooper Goes Fishing Near Local Bar and Reels in a DUI!

was born and raised in Wisconsin, traveled the country in a RV dubbed “MARV” and is an advocate of a voluntary society, where force is replaced with voluntary interactions. He’s partaken in projects such as, Motorhome Diaries, Liberty on Tour, Free Keene, Free Talk Live and is the Founder of ____________________________________________________________________________ If you enjoy my […]

Sgt. Kizzy Adonis charged in Eric Garner homicide

In the first sign of possible action against the homicide of Eric Garner, for the heinous crime of selling loose, untaxed cigarettes in a “free country,” NYPD supervising Sgt. Kissy Adonis was stripped of her gun, badge and charged with failure to supervise – an internal disciplinary sanction. A grand jury refused to indict Officer […]

The Problem with Standardized Field Sobriety Tests

This post was shared via’s submit page. The Problem with Standardized Field Sobriety Tests If you’re pulled over for the suspicion of driving under the influence, you know that there are a variety of checks that officers can perform to determine whether or not you’ve been drinking. There’s just one problem: most field sobriety […]

‘Good for Jews’ – Selena Gomez Parody

Lyrics, Performance, and Video by Shiksa Goddess LYRICS: I’m on my tangy tangerine I’m on my male vitality Doing it up with Jakari, oh Now you say I’m the best host So good, so good Make you all fall and believe My lies, my lies Gonna wear my info wars shirt, skin-tight Going to […]

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