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Right Wing Bonus Tracks: He Means What He Says

Nick Fuentes asserts that “what I mean is what I said” and resents his own followers for trying to do damage control by insisting that he’s not actually racist: “What if I am? Is that a problem?” With Fuentes being restored on Twitter, North Dakota state Rep. Nico Rios was quick to follow his account. […]

In the University of Manchester, ‘social responsibility’ means collaborating in genocide

The University of Manchester signed a £822,000 contract with BAE Systems, the company providing fighter jets to Israel in its ongoing genocide. Students, activists, and staff are fighting back. Source

Why None of US’s UN’s, WHO’s WEF’s Micky Mouse Communistic S#it Means Jack S#it in Texas

In 1836 Texicans kicked Santa Anna’s ass and The Republic of Texas won her freedom. In 1846 in a major mistake the Republic Voluntarily joined the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union, the United States of America. In 1861 when the closet homosexual communist (called Marxist back then) atheist shyster rail road lawyer yankee puritan Lincoln was […]

Radical new hate crime law in Scotland means people could go to jail if their words offend someone

In Scotland, a new hate crime law means that people will have to be a lot more careful about artistic expression and the things they say moving forward as police target podcasts, blog posts, social media posts and other expressions of opinion. In a scary new development that sounds more like communist China than anything […]

Avalon will never be free (which means you)

Franco is a new author on Amazon.   Franco addresses the issues of cloning, mind control and “Free Will” in the Matrix in his new novel; “Avalon wants to be free”.  We decided to discuss Franco’s new book with BingAI.  Bing initially said it was not written by Franco Vitaliano, and then had no idea what […]

Hasan says launching own media company means ‘I’m my own boss’

Former MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan touted his new media company Friday evening, saying one benefit to going solo is that “I’m my own boss.” “I can’t say I’ve ever been a fan of having bosses.. one of the appeals of doing this, is that now I’m my own boss, which is a scary thought, I… […]

The Black Market in Salt and What It Means for All of Us

By Dr. Guy Hatchard The traditional texts of Ayurveda recommend it as an aid to digestion. Recently, it has become something of a sensation among Western cooks and chefs seeking new, exciting flavours for their dishes. In the shops, it is often labelled “Indian Volcanic Salt,” and I always imagined it was mined in some remote […]

‘Managing liability’ simply means removing liability

It is true that the developing nations were promised cheap drugs and vaccines and assistance for their health systems if they went along with the WHO, and that this would come in part from the promised loosening of patent protections. the But with the sinking of Moderna and Pfizer’s stock prices, Big Pharma does not […]

WEF Suggests ‘Hardcore Censorship’ As Means of Restoring Public Trust In Global Elite

The people of the world are rejecting the globalist agenda because they have too much information at their disposal, according to the World Economic Forum which has ordered world governments to engage in “hardcore censorship” as a means of restoring public trust in the global elite. Jeanne Bourgault, the president and CEO of Internews, an […]

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: By Any Means Necessary

Eric and Lara Trump will be joining Amanda Grace, Robin Bullock, Jackson Lahmeyer, Clay Clark, and others for a Night of Prayer for the Trump Family and the Nation on Jan. 14. Stew Peters says that Jews have infiltrated and overtaken the U.S. government and must be “removed from power by any means necessary.” Andrew […]

A ‘temporary ceasefire’ means realizing how much we’ve lost

The streets were suddenly flooded. People could now inspect the destroyed buildings in Khan Younis, in Nuseirat, in Deir al-Balah, and other cities in the south, able to venture farther away from their shelters to bring supplies for their families. Above all, they could now check in on the members of their family who were […]

Beetles in your cake? How this secret ingredient means you could be eating insects EVERYDAY – from Mr Kipling slices to yoghurt (and it’s even in your favourite lipstick!)

Carmine or E120 is commonly produced from ground up cochineal beetles By RYAN PROSSER PUBLISHED: 02:01 EST, 13 November 2023 It’s probably one of the last things you think about when you open a tasty treat or put on some lipstick. Eating insects is something we usually get entertainment from seeing people do on I’m a Celebrity. But […]

Years of mainstream media neglect of Palestinian reality means that truths come as shocks to most Americans

The tweet above, by the distinguished writer Sarah Schulman, went viral recently. Anyone who follows Israel/Palestine even reasonably closely may be just as surprised as Schulman was that a college student was stunned at seeing Gaza called “an open-air prison.” You don’t have to even agree with the characterization to at least recognize that it […]

U.S. Wants to Go to War With IRAN Which Means Taking on Russia, China & BRICs Nations

Ep. 33  Looks like we’re actually going to war with Iran. Are we ready for this? — Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) October 23, 2023 Comment:  What the Rothschild’s want they get as they are the U.S. OWNERS or British Empire to be put more accurately.  If everybody in America gets bombed to death like the […]

Trans Fat To Be Banned: What This Means For Your Health

By Mary Gillis That guilty-pleasure donut you love will soon get a healthy makeover. Known as partially hydrogenated Source

What It Means That the New House Speaker Is an Acolyte of Christian Nationalist Pseudo-Historian David Barton

When Rep. Mike Johnson was elected Speaker of the House earlier this week, Christian nationalist religious-right activist Rick Green was “literally in tears” because, he said, Johnson “is one of our guys.” Johnson himself confirmed as much back in 2021 when he spoke at a WallBuilders Pro-Family Legislators conference where he heaped praise on Christian […]

Proven ADULTERATION of COVID jabs means Americans can now SUE vaccine manufacturers – and FDA is REQUIRED to take action by pulling them from market

(NaturalNews) Investigative journalist Steve Kirsch spoke with Prof. Byram Bridle and Dr. Robert Malone recently about the contamination issue with Wuhan… Source

RFK Jr. to support reparations for Black American community by means of targeted government-funded programs, not cash giveaways

(NaturalNews) Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has vowed to support reparations for the African American community if elected president in… Source

Restoring American Greatness Means Abolishing the CIA and FBI Who Serve British Interests

Restoring American Greatness Means Abolishing the CIA and FBI By Cliff Kincaid|September 12th, 2020 By Cliff Kincaid Ignoring the nearly 200,000 deaths from the China virus, Conrad Black wrote, “Trump Has Had a Historically Great First Term,” for a website called “American Greatness.” This treatment of President Trump’s first term comes from someone pardoned by Trump for financial fraud. […]

NASA means deceive in Hebrew

The truth about NASA is hidden in plain sight. ” In the Hebrew, the word NASA means ‘To beguile, deceive.’” NASA Hides the Cause of Evil in this world Was NASA created to explore space or hide God? SCOTT HICKO OCT 10 READ IN APP In the Hebrew, the word NASA means ‘To beguile, deceive.’ Full disclosure: […]

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