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NATO Troops Are Operating In Ukraine Disguised As Mercenaries, Russian General Claims

By Magyar Nemzet of Remix News A Russian general is claiming that NATO troops are in Ukraine, but they are being disguised as mercenaries to justify their presence, with a number of American and Polish bodies found in Avdiivka, the city recently captured by Russian forces over the last few days. In an interview with […]

Russia Says NATO Troops, Disguised As Mercenaries, Control Air Defenses In Ukraine

The Russian military has made the accusation that NATO troops are actually manning and directly overseeing Ukraine’s advanced anti-air defense systems which were provided by the West. The charge comes after weeks of the Kremlin saying that French mercenaries have been positioned in the city of Kharkiv, which sits across from Belgorod – a Russian […]

Abu Obeida: Suspicions of Israeli use of mercenaries in Gaza rising

15 Dec 2023 By Al Mayadeen English Al-Qassam Brigades’ military spokesperson confirms that the number of Israeli soldiers killed in confrontations is much higher than the numbers admitted by the occupation. Al-Qassam Brigades have reported suspicions that the Israeli occupation’s military is employing mercenaries in its aggression on the Gaza Strip, the military spokesperson for […]

Ukraine Claims About 500 Wagner Mercenaries Have Returned to Its Battlefields

Ukrainian Army spokesman Capt. Ilya Yevlash said on Wednesday that about five hundred mercenaries from the infamous Wagner Group have returned to fight for Russia on the battlefield, a month after Wagner’s founders Yevgeny Prigozhin and Dmitry Utkin were reportedly killed in a highly suspicious plane crash near Moscow. Source

Syrian Mercenaries Sent to Ukraine Are Fuel for Conflict

 September 19, 2023 By Mohammad Eid Damascus, Syria – After Libya and Armenia, it was the Syrian mercenaries’ turn to be the fuel for international conflicts in Ukraine. Because the mercenaries careless about anything other than the money they receive in exchange for their field services, Washington has found its purpose in the political structures […]

Russia’s Wagner Mercenaries Face Uncertainty After Presumed Death Of Leader

The fatal plane crash has raised questions about the future of Yevgeny Prigozhin’s private army. Source

Belarus claims Wagner mercenaries are helping to train its defence forces

The government in Belarus claims Wagner fighters are training its defence forces as more of the mercenaries are reported to have moved to the country as part of the deal brokered by President Lukashenko Source

Wagner mercenaries ‘look to refocus on Africa after suffering huge losses in Ukraine

Russia’s Wagner group is reportedly now turning its focus to Africa after suffering heavy losses in Ukraine amid the mercenary group boss’ fall-out with Vladimir Putin. Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of the group, has been in a long-running dispute with the Kremlin, particularly with defence minister Sergei Shoigu. He has accused Shoigu of blocking the […]

Wagner Mercenaries Back Libyan Group That Says It Recovered Missing Uranium

A Libyan general with ties to Russia’s Wagner mercenary group claims to have recovered 2.5 tonnes of missing uranium.  Khaled Mahjoub, a media officer for the Libyan National Army (LNA), announced on his Facebook page that several drums of uranium had been found near the country’s border with Chad. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) […]

Mercenaries in Ukraine BEWARE!!!


Africa Sees Exodus of Russian Mercenaries Amid War in Ukraine

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa—They’re named after one of the world’s greatest composers, but the orchestra they’ve been conducting in Africa for the past five years has brought death and destruction as they’ve fought to prop-up dictatorships and kleptocracies, in exchange for gold, diamonds, and other mineral wealth. President Vladimir Putin has always denied that the Wagner […]

The Word ‘Freelancer’ Originates with Medieval Mercenaries

Even though the word freelancer often feels omnipresent, very few know its etymology. In fact, freelancers have been around for a long time. Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later  Source

German Riders: The Most Sought-After Mercenaries in Europe

Black Riders – also known as German Reiters – were some of the most sought-after mercenaries in early modern Europe. Source

Naked Warriors: Celtic Mercenaries Went to War in the Buff

It would take a lot of confidence and courage to face up to a heavily-armored Roman army with neither armor nor clothing. But this is precisely what a band of Celtic mercenaries known as the Gaesatae did.  Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later 

Zelensky: 16,000 foreign mercenaries are going to fight for Ukraine — UPROOTED PALESTINIANS: SALAM ALQUDS ALAYKUM

[embedded content] March 3, 2022  Source: Agencies + Al Mayadeen Net By Al Mayadeen Net  Ukraine is meeting the first “foreign volunteers” who are on their way to the country to “protect its freedom”, says Volodymyr Zelensky. The Ukrainian armed forces are currently in the process of setting up a “foreign legion unit”. The Ukrainian armed forces are […]

War Realities, Top Gun Romantics, Mercenaries, the reality of a wall socket. — UPROOTED PALESTINIANS: SALAM ALQUDS ALAYKUM

[embedded content] May 03, 2022 Please visit Andrei’s website: support him here: War Realities, Top Gun Romantics, Mercenaries, the reality of a wall socket. — UPROOTED PALESTINIANS: SALAM ALQUDS ALAYKUM Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Source

Are There South Korean Mercenaries in Ukraine?

The fact that mercenaries from various countries are fighting on the side of the Ukrainian regime is relatively well-known, and so the rumor that “South Korean mercenaries from among former special forces have arrived in Ukraine” spread quite quickly. However, although the ROK is on the list of unfriendly countries because of its actions, the […]

Radical Mercenaries from Ukraine Move to Live in Europe

In early February – long before the official announcement of the creation of a “foreign legion” by the Kiev regime – the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry openly declared that it would facilitate radical veterans of the recognized terrorist Liberation Army of Kosovo to move to Ukraine. Given this circumstance and the growing number of foreign mercenaries […]

Over 7,000 Russian mercenaries still in Libya: Official

More than 7,000 Russian Wagner mercenaries are still operating in Libya, according to the head of the country’s High Council of State on Sunday, Anadolu Agency reported. In statements on audio-chat app Clubhouse, Khalid al-Mishri said the Wagner mercenaries are armed with different types of weapons, including warplanes. “They have 30 jet fighters in Algourbabia […]

Russian medical clinic treats KGB mercenaries, Putinists, and VIP child prostitutes disguised as ‘sportswomen’

By Radio LibertyNov. 18, 2021 Anno DominiTranslated from the Russian The Sogaz medical center in St. Petersburg, associated with the eldest daughter of Vladimir Putin, Maria Vorontsova, not only treated mercenaries from PMC Wagner for free, as Reuters reported back in 2020. The clinic on Malaya Konyushennaya Street, as Radio Svoboda found out, at the […]

Yemeni Resistance Kills 350 Terrorists, Saudi Mercenaries in Al-Bayda Operation, SAUDI-LED COALITION ATTEMPTS TO RETAKE BAYDHA FROM HOUTHIS

By Staff, Agencies Spokesman for Yemen’s Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yehya Saree, announced on Thursday that the Yemeni army troops and allied fighters from Popular Committees managed to deal a severe blow to Takfiri militants and Saudi mercenaries during the recent large-scale military operation in the central province of al-Bayda, killing hundreds of them in […]

Sudan warns against return of armed mercenaries from Libya

Sudanese Foreign Minister, Mariam Al-Mahdi, yesterday warned against what she described as the “danger of possible armed mercenaries returning from Libya to Sudan,” adding that such a move would threaten the “entire region’s security.” Speaking in a meeting with her Libyan counterpart, Najla El Mangoush, the Sudanese official said that it was “important to consider […]

Russia in the Middle East: From Arms to Mercenaries

BY ANTON MARDASOV May 10, 2021 Russian military vehicles drive on the road as Russia makes a new military and logistic reinforcement of 30 vehicles to its military points in Kamisli, which is occupied by PKK terrorist organization on September 14, 2020. Photo by Samer Uveyd, Anadolu Images The Kremlin’s successful “comeback” in the Middle East is […]


Posted on January 1, 2021 by martyrashrakat  South Front 01.01.2021 On Janury 1, dozens of mercenaries from Siryan Idlib staged a protest in Tripoli’s Police College in Libya. Militants demand payment of salaries from their Turkish bosses. According to the Al-Saa’a 24 news channel, the Syrian mercenaries have not been paid for five months. Each […]

Syrian mercenaries suffer heavy losses against Armenian troops: report

Posted on October 1, 2020 by martyrashrakat By News Desk -2020-10-01 BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:40 A.M.) – The Syrian mercenaries, who were sent to the Karabakh region to fight on behalf of Azerbaijan, have suffered significant losses over the last 48 hours, as their death toll continues to rise. According to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the […]

Wagner mercenaries busted in Minsk, as Belarus elections heat up (Video) — The Duran

[embedded content] Via The Epoch Times ()… Belarusian authorities said Wednesday they have detained dozens of Russian private military contractors days before Belarus’ presidential vote, a sign of escalating tensions between the two neighbors. 124 more words via Wagner mercenaries busted in Minsk, as Belarus elections heat up (Video) — The Duran Share this: Like this: […]

Yemeni Forces Inflict Heavy Losses on Saudi-led Mercenaries

 May 26, 2018 Yemeni forces who have been confronting the Saudi-led aggression on the Arab impoverished country inflicted heavy losses on mercenaries hired by aggression powers in the western coast front. A source in the Yemeni defense ministry said that Yemeni forces managed to repel the Saudi-led offensive, which lasted for two days, confirming that […]

Genetically Modified (GMOd) Mercenaries in Aleppo? Yes, According to Syrian Ambassador

In this video, the Syrian ambassador says that the funded and well-armed mercenaries in Aleppo are “genetically modified.” We all know that government and the Monsanto beast are allowing the genetically modification (GMO) of foods and animals that they’ve made public. Therefore, could they possibly posses ‘secret’ facilities where they are genetically altering […]

America Loves Terrorists Abroad: ISIS as Proxy US Mercenaries

By all accounts, wherever the Islamic State has gained and held territory, its residents suffer terrible oppression and deprivation. Unless you are on their wavelength, you most likely agree that ISIS rule has been calamitous for its subjects. Both Obama and Trump have pointed out their badass nature on numerous occasions, not so much in […]

Tribe of Dan: Sons of Israel, or of Greek Mercenaries Hired by Egypt?

Tribe of Dan: Sons of Israel, or of Greek Mercenaries Hired by Egypt? Samson the Greek? 3,000-year-old archaeological finds at Tel Dan suggest that the Danites were Aegean soldiers hired by Canaan’s Egyptian overlords to keep order. By Philippe Bohstrom Dec 04, 2016 Metal objects, pipes, crucibles and slag found at Tel Dan Nelson Glueck […]

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