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Dr. Joseph Mercola Drops ‘Nail in the Coffin’ Antidepressant Surprise

Surprise, surprise. It turns out that antidepressants have been propped up by FRAUDULENT science. “Most clinical drug trials have found the effectiveness of antidepressants is ON PAR with placebo,” wrote Dr. Joseph Mercola. On the other hand: “Large-scale meta-analyses show that physical exercise is the most effective remedy — about 1.5 times more effective than […]

Dr. Mercola Interview – Technocratic Censorship & Financial Attacks In The Age Of The COVID Illusion

Joining me today is Dr. Joseph Mercola, here to discuss his near unprecedented level of censorship and financial attack at the hands of the government and financial institutions. The most alarming part of the recent development in his story is how they did not just go after Dr. Mercola, or even just his family — […]

Coming Soon: More Forced Jabs, Are You Prepared? (US – Mercola)

Video Link Story at-a-glance In this September 1, 2023, Highwire interview,1 Dr. Meryl Nass, a biowarfare and epidemics expert, exposes the threat posed by the World Health Organization’s pandemic treaty and the amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHRs), which add to and further strengthen the WHO’s powers under the treaty. The WHO’s One Health […]

Dr Mercola : What Caused the Deadly Maui Fires?

What Caused the Deadly Maui Fires? VIDEO from reallygraceful @ Youtube ARTICLE PDF FILE Source

Elites Show Exactly How CBDC Will Be Used: Chase Bank “De-Banks” Dr. Mercola, No Explanation #BoycottCBDCFedNow

#BoycottCBDCFedNow “if you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever,” — George Orwell, 1984 Chase bank has shut down our business bank accounts along with the accounts of my CEO and CFO, as well as their family members (including spouse and child). They've refused to provide any reason […]

Elites Show Exactly How CBDC Will Be Used to Control Population: Chase “De-Banks” Dr. Mercola, No Explanation #BoycottCBDCFedNow

#BoycottCBDCFedNow “if you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever,” – George Orwell, 1984 Chase bank has shut down our business bank accounts along with the accounts of my CEO and CFO, as well as their family members (including spouse and child). They've refused to provide any reason […]

Interview 1804 – James Corbett Explains Musk, AI and Solutions to Dr. Mercola

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed via Dr. Mercola’s Censored Library: In this interview—RECORDED ON MAY 8TH, 2023, BEFORE ELON MUSK APPOINTED WEF INSIDER LINDA YACCARINO AS NEW TWITTER CEO—Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews James Corbett about Elon Musk’s military and governmental ties, the controlled opposition infighting psyop, and the solutions we can […]

Take Control of Your Health with Dr. Mercola

Robbie Martin speaks to investigative journalist and writer Whitney Webb about her incredible in-depth new series about a group of sketchy individuals who weave a thread of anthrax, bio-terror fear mongering and ‘pandemic preparedness’ through the Bush Sr, Clinton, George W Bush administration and now the Trump administration. May 16, 2020 Source

Dr. Mercola: The Unvaxxed May Soon Be Shipped to Quarantine Camps

by Dr. Joseph Mercola | GlobalResearch According to President Biden, “a winter of death” awaits anyone who rejects the experimental COVID jab. If we are to go by actual science and data, the warning Biden issued should have gone out to the vaccinated, because everything points to the double and triple jabbed being at increased […]

Mercola: Fully Vaxxed 9 Times More Likely To Be Hospitalized

> One of the most commonly used tricks to make a drug look more effective than it is in a real-world setting is to conflate absolute and relative risk reduction. While AstraZeneca boasted a relative reduction of 100%, the absolute reduction was 0.01%. For the Pfizer shot, the relative risk reduction was initially 95%, but […]

What Is Daikon (Radish) Good For? (Mercola)

An old Chinese proverb states, “Eating pungent radish and drinking hot tea lets the starved doctors beg on their knees.”1 There’s probably some truth to this saying, as radishes are among the most nutritionally loaded low-calorie vegetables you can enjoy today.2 Most radishes in the U.S. are known for their red skin and round shape, but […]

YouTube purges Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dr. Joseph Mercola and a wide range of experts who aren’t afraid to tell the truth about vaccines

Truth2Freedom’s Blog • Natural News – Lance Johnson (Natural News) YouTube istargeting several prominent video channelsthat speak up for families that are injured by vaccines. YouTube took down the channel of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Dr. Joseph Mercola because their videos are too truthful and are slowing vaccination rates across the country. This new […]

Appalling! CNN Stalks, Harasses Shirtless Dr. Mercola Over Covid ‘Misinformation’

A video clip going viral online shows CNN reporter Randi Kaye hunting down Dr. Joseph Mercola to accuse him of spreading “misinformation” about Covid-19, masks and vaccines. First, Kaye is seen walking into Mercola’s Fort Meyers, Florida office and asking employees if the doctor is available. The CNN reporter said she wanted to ask the […]

Dr. Mercola ‘Deleting All Content’ Due to Threats From Biden Regime; CNN Doxes His Home, Stalks Him In The Street

The Biden regime’s rapidly-intensifying war on the free press has forced world-renowned health maverick Dr Joseph Mercola to mass delete “over 15,000 articles” from his 25-year-old natural health website. The FDA recently threatened Mercola by claiming he was marketing basic vitamins (Vitamin C and D) as a “coronavirus treatment” and a foreign lobby named the […]

mRNA Inventor Shares Vaccine Bioethics Concerns (Mercola interview)

“As the inventor of the messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine platform, Dr. Robert Malone is one of the most qualified individuals to opine on the benefits and potential risks of this technology.” Story at-a-glance Safety data analysis and reporting in clinical trials of the COVID jabs appear to have been manipulated in at least some cases. […]

Dr Judy’s assessment of the mRNA jab. With Dr Joseph Mercola. Don’t get it.

Dr Judy’s assessment of the mRNA jab. With Dr Joseph Mercola. Don’t get it. Tap News / Tapestry It’s not a vaccine. It’s going to cause disability on a massive scale – as well as deaths. People with pre-existing auto-immune conditions should not have the vaccine – arthritis and so on. It’s an important […]

Mercola: The Web Of Censors Behind The Censors

Finally, some clarity to the network of censors around the world who control what gets censored and what does not. The network is relatively small in number, but well funded and able to leverage themselves many times over through more traditional media. This network is 100% intentional. ⁃ TN Editor Any strategy that successfully manipulates […]

Asymptomatic People Do Not Spread COVID-19, by Joseph Mercola

STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC There’s little correlation between Covid-19 case rates and mortality rates, because the test used for Covid-19 is overly sensitive and labels many asymptomatic people as positive. If there were a relationship, rising case rates should have a much stronger relationship to mortality rates than they do. From Joseph Mercola at According […]

Doctor Mercola Targetted as National Security Risk (For Truthtelling About COVID Hoax)

by Admin · December 1, 2020 Too many emails? Don’t unsubscribe – Get the Weekly NewsletterIf you no longer wish to receive our marketing e-mails, unsubscribe here. This e-mail is a Mercola advertisement. View Health Resources, LLC’s terms and conditions.Disclaimer: The entire contents of this website are based upon the opinions of Dr. Mercola, unless otherwise noted. Individual […]

Dr Mercola; Study Found Colostrum More Effective Than Flu Vaccine

Which is why I suspect we had the Pediatric Journal telling us breastfeeding was not natural (wonder how pre-bottle feeders got on?) followed by Billy Gates conjuring up a nice new kind of formula (to replace breast milk? $$$$) all for our health I’m sure. Along with the essential pricks EWR. AGR Daily News A […]

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