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Why Is The UK Trying To Force Smart Meters On Everyone?

On 5th Sep 2023 the UK Parliament quietly approved a new bill that paves the way towards forcing British citizens to have smart meters installed in their homes. The energy bill also paves the way […] The post Why Is The UK Trying To Force Smart Meters On Everyone? appeared first on The People's Voice. […]


THE Government has passed a bill allowing authorities to use “reasonable force” to enter homes and ensure smart meters are installed. Reporting in The Daily Sceptic, David Craig, author of There is No Climate Crisis, says Britain is set to “create a totalitarian regime which will intrude on people’s lives, restrict people’s freedoms, wreck the economy […]

Worlds Largest kontosouvli goes for 130 Meters

The world’s largest kontosouvli, a giant souvlaki, has become a tradition for Amfikleia, central Greece. The large spicy souvlaki made of pork or other meats is traditionally slow-roasted on a rod over an open charcoal pit. This year in Amfikleia, I broke the old record by 5 meters record by grilling a 130-meter-long kontosouvli. The… […]


Five weeks ago, I asked people to email the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (PRC) about their experiences with smart meters. Heartbreaking testimonies poured in from around the world. Stories about catastrophic effects on the health and lives of adults, children, the elderly, pets, farm animals, birds, wild animals, insects, worms, plants, neighbors, workers and […]

Smart Meters: An Intensely Personal Form of Surveillance

Smart Meters: An Intensely Personal Form of Surveillance The Theft of Your Wealth and Freedom Is Acceleratingby Dr. Joseph MercolaSeptember 7, 2022 Story At-a-Glance Smart meters measure and record electricity usage at least every hour, if not more, and provide the data to the utility company and consumer at least once a day The data from […]

Over 184b cubic meters of gas injected into national network in a year

TEHRAN – The managing director of South Pars Gas Company (SPGC) said that over 184 billion cubic meters of natural gas have been processed by the complex refineries and injected into the country’s gas network over the 12-month period from July 21, 2021, to July 22, 2022, IRIB reported. Ahmad Bahoush said over the past […]

1.1 Million More Utility “Smart” Meters to Be Deployed in Virginia; $203.9M to Be Spent on “Customer Information Platform”

By B.N. Frank American opposition to expensive, hazardous, and privacy invasive utility “Smart” Meters (electric, gas, and water) has been ongoing since companies first started deploying them.  A free online documentary was produced about these horrible devices in 2013 and then updated in 2017.  Adding insult to injury, the high costs associated with purchasing, installing, and replacing them are usually passed […]

Can Humans Really Hear the Infrasound Generated by Wind Turbines and Smart Meters?

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch Do Wind Turbines Really Cause Health Problems? “Health effects due to low-frequency components in noise are estimated to be more severe than for community noises in general” – World Health Organization [1]  Here we have more on the ongoing debate over the health effects of both Smart (aka Advanced) Meters and […]

Iran’s 400 meters athlete Pirjahan qualifies for Olympics

TEHRAN – Iranian 400 meters Mahdi Pirjahan secured a spot at the 2020 Olympic Games. He secured his spot through ranking. Pirjahan became the fourth Iranian athlete to win a quota place in Tokyo. Discus thrower Ehsan Hadadi, Hassan Taftian and Farzaneh Fasihi (men’s women’s 100 meters) have already qualified for the Games. The men’s […]

Footage shows rocket slamming into Israeli street, just meters from gas station

Dramatic footage showed the moment a rocket fired from Gaza slammed into an Israeli street on Sunday, just meters from a gas station and seconds after motorists leapt from their vehicles as the siren sounded. The footage taken from security cameras in the southern town of Netivot showed the moment the sirens started to wail, […]

Americans Trying to Stop Their Analog Meters from Being Replaced with “Smart” Meters and/or Meters with the RF Turned Off

Smart Meter News TOPICS:BN FrankConsumer RightsMaineSmart Meters FEBRUARY 24, 2021 ByB.N. Frank Utility “Smart” Meters – electric, gas, andwater– are expensive, unnecessary, and plagued with problems includingfires and explosions, measurement errors (see1,2,3), and MUCH MORE. Research has determined that theyDO NOT SAVEmeaningful amounts of energy. Of course American utility companies don’t want to talk about […]

Customers Ask for Independent Investigation After New Smart Meters Cause Spike in Power Bills

By B.N. Frank Utility “Smart” Meters – electric, gas, and water – are expensive, unnecessary, and plagued with problems, including measurement errors (see 1, 2, 3), which has sometimes led to the re-hiring of meter readers.  A 2017 Dutch study found that “Smart” Meter readings can be inaccurate between 30% and 582% (see 1, 2).  Research has determined that they DO NOT SAVE meaningful amounts of energy […]

The critics of smart meters were right all along-Ross Clark

Iowa Climate Science Education By Paul Homewood h/t ianprsy   Imagine that you do as the Government wants you to do and buy an electric car. Then you replace your dirty old gas boiler with an electric heat pump and install a smart meter. You think you have done your bit to help the environment. […]

Smart meters cook us with thousands of microwave pulses every day, while collecting our private information for the utility company

(Natural News) If you have smart meters in your neighborhood – and there’s a good chance you do – you’re being cooked with thousands of microwave pulses every day. To add insult to injury, the devices are also collecting people’s private information and transmitting it to utility companies. These digital meters can […]

April Fools: Science Centers and Smart Meters and 5G “Small Cells” and Smokescreens Oh My!

March 30, 2018 By Patricia Burke In the 1950s, during the Cold War, the United States established a “science center” at Camp Century, on the Greenland Ice Sheet. However, the “science center” was not a research center; it was a storage site for an estimated 600 medium-range ballistic missiles with nuclear […]

Jeanice Barcelo- Smart Meters & Baby Monitors Are Killing Us

Jeanice Barcelo is an activist who specializes in the effects of porn, the sexualization of children and the harm done by circumcision.   “ My youtube accounts were deleted when I started uploading videos about the fake Florida shooting.  At the same time, they deleted my blog because I had written a very potent article about the […]

The Really Weird World Of Smart Meters

By Catherine J. Frompovich Probably when those who either question and/or oppose AMI Smart Meters thought the situation couldn’t get any more weird than it is regarding misinformation and lack of transparency about the so-called “consensus science” that dominates technology, medicine, pharmacology and vaccines, the makers of one high-profile Smart Meter, Landis+Gyr seemingly […]

Oklahoma’s Exemplary AMI Smart Meters Removal and Consumer Protection Bill: A Model For Other States To Follow

By Catherine J. Frompovich You know it just had to happen!  Some scientifically-hip legislator in one of the 50 United States finally decided to introduce a bill to protect his constituents’ Constitutional rights guaranteed by both state and federal Constitutions, plus delineated the factual, independent—not consensus—science that radiofrequencies (RFs) from AMI Smart Meters […]

New York Bill Would Allow Customers to Opt Out of Smart Meters, Undermine Federal Program

A bill introduced in the New York Senate would allow customers to opt out of installing “smart meter” technology on their homes and businesses. Passage of this bill would allow New Yorkers to protect their own privacy, and it would take a step toward blocking a federal program in effect. Sen. Kevin Parker […]

“Smart” Meters: Recalls, Replacements, Fires, Explosions, General Failure, Measurement Errors, Privacy Concerns, Cybersecurity Risks, and Sick People

By Phil D. Coffers In 2011, Consumers Digest predicted that “Smart” Meters “represents little more than a boondoggle that is being foisted on consumers by the politically influential companies”:   “Why Smart Meters Might Be a Dumb Idea.” So it’s not all that surprising that so far – hundreds of thousands of “Smart” Meters […]

Duke Energy AMI Smart Meters – The Ripoff Continues

By Hope S. Good Duke Energy received $204M in federal stimulus to install AMI gas and electric “smart” meters in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina.  Duke promised these meters would lower utility bills and be more convenient because they eliminated the need for meter readers.   They also promoted them […]

Confirmed Health Harms from Microwaves In Smart Meters And Other Smart Devices

By Catherine J. Frompovich Have you ever wondered what the real deal is regarding RF EMFs from cell phones, Wi-Fi, all smart devices, but specifically from AMI Smart Meters being forced upon everyone’s utilities?  Well, here’s documentation of the facts as presented to the Michigan House of Representatives on December 7, 2014 by […]

Smart Meters Create A “Honeypot” Of Personal Information To Exploit

October 9, 2017 By Catherine J. Frompovich Over a year ago, reporter Ruth Lyle of the UK’s Daily Mail, published a rather introspective article about how AMI Smart Meters will be used to spy on British households and the ramifications of that totalitarian-like practice. In reading Lyle’s article, I could not help […]

NEW Strategy to Push Back Against the Dangerous Spread of Smart Meters and 5G Technology

(NaturalHealth365) Josh del Sol Beaulieu, the filmmaker who brought you the investigative “smart” grid documentary film Take Back Your Power, has teamed up with some extraordinary individuals to launch the InPower Movement, an actionable solutions-based follow-up offering a method to hold accountable those who continue to cause harm with smart meters and 5G technology. The […]

A Patent Exists To Provide Home Surveillance Using AMI Smart Meters

By Catherine J. Frompovich AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) Smart Meters (AMI SMs) are being forced on to everyone’s home, apartment, condo and businesses in the United States with total disregard for numerous legal aspects, with one specifically-egregious issue experiencing total abandonment or disregard for the U.S. Constitution, plus individuals’ rights under their respective […]

Pennsylvanians Are Taking On AMI Smart Meters Big Time

By Catherine J. Frompovich The horrific harassment and health issues utility customers across the USA and elsewhere have to deal with can be exemplified in what the good folks of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania have been dealing with regard to what seems to be skullduggery at state capital administrative agency, and possibly at […]

Public Utility Consumer Abuse For Refusing AMI Smart Meters, PECO Style

August 2, 2017 By Catherine J. Frompovich Implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) main surveillance device, the AMI Smart Meter, has caused much grief, fright, concerns and actual bodily harms from non-thermal microwaves emitted by the ZigBee radios in all smart meters in every state.  Those harms are called electromagnetic hypersensitivity […]

ISIS “Caliphate” in Mosul reduced to 600 square meters

nsnbc : The self-proclaimed Islamic State’s territory in Mosul has been reduced to about 600 square meters near the ruins of the historic al-Nuri […]

AMI Smart Meters Are The Number One Health Hazard; Next Is Cell Phones, Per Medical Research Science

By Catherine J. Frompovich Utility companies—electric, natural gas and water—have retrofitted AMI Smart Meters, which are devastating human health.   Here is a video, which describes and details what’s going on from AMI Smart Meters. This video is the most comprehensive video (2 hrs 30 mins) I have found to date, so I […]

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