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Does the Biden Administration Believe Iran Is Behind Most Shia Militias?

Iraqi Shiite Muslim men from the Iran-backed group Kataib Hezbollah march in a Quds Day parade, in Baghdad, July 25, 2014. Photo: Reuters / Thaier al-Sudani. – A controversy that occurred during a recent question-and-answer session for reporters by Pentagon press secretary John Kirby may have revealed a troubling insight into the Biden administration’s […]

Gab Hacked; Group Promises ‘Gold Mine’ Of Info On ‘Militias, Neo-Nazis, QAnon’

An Australian Senator has slammed the government there for agreeing to weaken a new law that would see Facebook have to pay for news content, after the social media site blocked all news, as well as government and emergency service updates in a blatant effort to cause chaos ahead of the vote on the new […]

US airstrikes on Iran-backed militias in Syria kill at least one fighter

US airstrikes against Iran-backed militias in eastern Syria killed at least one fighter and wounded several others in what US officials said was a calibrated response to rocket attacks against American personnel in Iraq. The attacks, which took place early on Friday Middle Eastern time, were deliberately limited in scope and designed to show that […]

U.S. strikes Iranian-backed militias in Syria; sources say at least 17 killed

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Iran-backed militias offer truce for US troop withdrawal

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) — Iraqi militias backed by Iran have agreed to temporarily halt attacks targeting the American presence in Iraq on the condition that US-led coalition troops withdraw from the country in line with a parliamentary resolution, three of the militia officials said Sunday. The militia officials spoke to The Associated Press just hours […]

Here’s how they always neutralize militias with infiltrators who either commit crimes with immunity or bear false witness so that false charges can be contrived.

Paul Egan & Tresa BaldasDetroit Free Press LANSING — The federal government has charged six people with conspiring to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, according to newly unsealed court records. The FBI became aware early in 2020, through social media, that a militia group was “discussing the violent overthrow of certain government and law enforcement […]

Pro-Trump Militias Are Recruiting Thousands of Veterans, Police and Soldiers

An Atlantic investigation reveals who they are and what they might do on Election Day. Stewart RhodesStory by Mike Giglio Editor’s Note: After this story was sent to press for the November issue of The Atlantic, President Donald Trump was asked in the September 29 debate whether he would “condemn white supremacists and militia groups and say […]

Report: White Supremacists And Militias Have Infiltrated Police Across The US

Above photo: Militarized police. Egan Jimenez, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. NOTE: Below are excerpts from the Brennan Center report on right-wing militants in US law enforcement. The excerpts do not include footnotes. See the full report here. The author of the report is Michael German. The Guardian writes “a former FBI special agent […]

‘Wild and timely’ report details infiltration of far-right militias and white supremacist groups in US police departments

Image Credit: AP As law enforcement agencies and lawmakers respond to nationwide outrage over countless police shootings of Black Americans with pledges to address racial profiling and “implicit bias,” the Brennan Center for Justice released a report Thursday on what it called “an especially harmful form of bias, which remains entrenched within law enforcement: explicit racism.” […]

New Federal Bill Targets Patriot Groups and Citizen Militias as Domestic Terrorists

An ominous new bill is targeting millions of peaceful Americans who identify with being a patriot by lumping them in with extremely rare violent hate groups. Washington, DC — The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2018, introduced this month in the House, is making ‘patriot groups’ and citizen militias uneasy and for good […]

Kurdish Militias in Conflict-Ridden Northeastern Syria Turn to Kidnapping, Conscription, ISIS-like Tactics

Sarah Abed is an independent journalist and political commentator.  She covers a broad range of issues relating to the Syrian war, Kurdish issues in Iraq and Syria, as well as U.S policy in the Middle East.  The following is an account of Sarah’s conversations with Aramean Christians living under Kurdish rule in occupied northern Syria, as […]

Domestic Terrorism Bill Targets Patriot Groups and Citizen Militias

To authorize dedicated domestic terrorism offices within the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to analyze and monitor domestic terrorist activity and require the Federal Government to take steps to prevent domestic terrorism. That’s the text of a bill introduced in Congress on […]

Instrumental in Defeating ISIS, Iraq’s Shia Militias Reject Calls to Disarm

They heeded a Shia leader’s call-to-arms, were equipped and trained by Iran’s elite military and were forged in the crucible of war against the Islamic State. In little more than three years the Hashd al-Shaabi, or Popular Mobilisation Units, have risen from a disparate alliance of volunteer militias to become a battle-tested force in Iraq. […]

Iraqi PM Rebuffs U.S. Decree That ‘Foreign Shia Militias’ Should Leave Country

Ever since ISIS appeared in Iraq in 2014, both the policies and strategies coming out of Washington have ranged from confused to inept, as politicians and Pentagon officials spar over whether or not to cooperate with various Iranian-affiliated Shia militias and People’s Mobilization Units (PMF), led by Hash d’ al-Shaabi and Badr Organisation. The driving […]

‘Stop fighting ISIS, just go home’: Tillerson urges Iran-backed militias to leave Iraq

     As the fighting against Islamic State (IS, former ISIS/ISIL) in Iraq nears its end, Iraqi Shiite militias and their Iranian advisors need to “go home,” US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in an apparent attempt to curb Iran’s influence in Iraq. “Iranian militias that are in Iraq, now that the fight against … […]

Moscow warns it will retaliate if US-backed militias attack Syrian Army

     Moscow has warned the US that if militias it supports in northeast Syria again attack positions of pro-government forces backed by Russia, the Russian military will use all its force to retaliate. The troops of the Syrian Democratic Force (SDF), a predominantly Kurdish militia that receives support from the US military, have twice attacked […]

US militias not ready to lay down arms, even under Trump

     In the woods south of Atlanta, John and Yvette DeMaria are with about a dozen camouflage-wearing, heavily armed Americans huffing and puffing as they scramble to navigate the sprawling piece of property where they train, one weekend a month, to ward off enemies — foreign or domestic. The DeMarias are with the Georgia Security […]

Israel and Islamist Militias: A strange and recurring alliance

     The recent assertion made by Bashar al-Jaafri, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, accusing Israel of supporting and assisting the so-called Islamic State in his country’s civil war has raised eyebrows in certain sections of the global media. The ‘Jerusalem Post’ referred to his comments as a “startling accusation” while the British ‘Daily […]

Mush for brains: Saudi FM says only Saudi-backed ‘Syrian’ opposition can speak for the Syrian people

     The Riyadh-formed High Negotiations Committee (HNC) is the only opposition group that can speak for the Syrian people at UN-mediated peace talks, the Saudi foreign minister said on Thursday. Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Jubeir, who is in Moscow for a strategic Russia-Arab Gulf dialogue, said Riyadh and Moscow differed in their views of who […]

FDA Bombshell: Vaccines Cause Autism

The FDA have openly admitted for the first time that vaccines cause autism, in a revealing document on their website.  The document shows an insert sheet for the Tripedia vaccine, and explicitely states that the vaccine may cause “idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, SIDS, anaphylactic reaction, cellulitis, autism, convulsion/grand mal convulsion, encephalopathy, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence and apnea“. […]

Google will send out alerts if Gmail accounts are targeted by the government

     As privacy advocates celebrate the FBI’s decision to stop harassing Apple over the San Bernardino shooter’s encrypted iPhone, other tech giants seem to have finally noticed that what consumers want is privacy. But for privacy to prevail, the government must stop snooping. With that idea in mind, Google decided to change how the game […]

U.S. concerned Shi’ite militias this time

World Bulletin / News Desk  The use of Shi’ite militias to try to take back the Iraqi city of Ramadi from ISIL risks unleashing more sectarian bloodletting, current and former U.S. officials said, but Washington and Baghdad appear to have few other options. The prospect of Iranian-backed militias leading efforts to retake Ramadi […]

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