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ZIONISM: The Khazarian Con of the Millennium…..

SOTN Editor’s Note: Sorry folks but this is gonna be a long one. There are presently two major types of wars raging across the planet right now: religious wars and economic wars.  As always, the extremely intense emotional energies associated with the religious wars are being cynically channeled and used to trigger and fuel the […]

In 2002, the Pentagon conducted $250 million Millennium Challenge war game to demonstrate “ease” of defeating Iran – and LOST

In 2002, the Pentagon conducted $250 million Millennium Challenge war game to demonstrate “ease” of defeating Iran – and LOST The largest and most expensive war game in the Pentagon’s history occurred in 2002. Known as the Millennium Challenge, the operation aimed to demonstrate the ease with which the United States can allegedly destroy Iran […]


SOTN Editor’s Note:  Never in this Third Millennium will the world community of nation hold their heads in collective shame as they will when this long-planned genocide of Palestinians is completed by the utterly barbaric Israeli Defense Force. That this massive Gazan massacre of woman and children, elderly and infirm has already gone on for […]

Special Online Symposium held to discuss the pharmaceutical crime of the millennium

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Relics dating to 2nd millennium BC recovered by police

TEHRAN– Iranian authorities have recently recovered relics estimated to date from the second millennium BC. Source

Data breaches so last millennium, what’s next on the agenda?

Data breaches have been going on since the beginning of the internet. MANY corporations have been hiding their data breach not only from the public but also from their ‘stakeholders’ in attempts to give the false impression that the data held on their computer systems is safe, so that they would not suffer financial loss […]

The Doges of Venice: Venetian Rulers for More than a Millennium

The Doge of Venice was the highest office in the Republic of Venice. This office existed for about a millennium, from the 8th century AD till the 18th century. The title of this office traces its origin back to the time when Venice was nominally subjected to the Byzantine Empire. Subsequently, when Venice became a […]

Atlantic Ocean Current At Weakest State In ‘Over A Millennium’

Above photo: Clear evidence: Atlantic currents carry the Gulf Stream. Getty Images/iStockphoto. New research paints a ‘consistent picture’ of change to the Atlantic’s ‘conveyer belt’, which plays a major role in world’s weather. The Atlantic Ocean current that plays a major role in the world’s weather is at its weakest state in “over a millennium”, researchers have […]

Millennium Seed Bank celebrates 20 years of preserving plant heritage

The Millennium Seed bank is celebrating 20 years of saving rare and threatened plants. It’s been dubbed the Noah’s Ark for plants and has a collection of more than 2.4 billion seeds. Scientists there have collected and stored seeds of more than 39,000 plant species. Michael Way, the Conservation Partnership Co-ordinator at Kew Millennium Seed […]

TOTALITARIANISM in the Third Millennium

Totalitarianism, the most radical denial of freedom is the goal Our Greater Destiny Ascendancy to power means primarily the establishment of officially recognised headquarters for the movement and acquisition of a kind of laboratory in which to carry out the experiment with or rather against reality, the experiment in organising a people for ultimate purposes […]

Varna Man and the Wealthiest Grave of the 5th Millennium BC

In the 1970s, archaeologists in Bulgaria stumbled upon a vast Copper Age necropolis from the 5th millennium BC containing the oldest golden artifacts ever discovered near the modern-day city of Varna. But it was not until they reached grave 43 that they realized the real significance of the finding. Inside burial 43 they unearthed the remains […]


King Tut’s DNA is a 99.6% match with Western European The questions of the Millennium: What Happened to Egypt’s Pharaohs? Where did they travel from Egypt? Source: What Happened to Egypt’s Pharaohs? by Brad Macdonald Source: Pharaohs Did Not Die They Multiplied by Michael Erevna The questions of the Millennium: What happened to the Pharaonic […]

Why the Russian diplomatic corps continuously shows up its US counterpart

     All too often, US diplomats are little more than campaign finance hustlers, totally ill-equipped to handle their Russian colleagues I was reading a post on RI today written by the Saker entitled Russia Inflicts Another Massive Defeat on the USA in which he analyzed the dramatic loss US diplomats suffered at the hands of […]

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