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Striking Coal Miners Return To New York To Picket Investor

Above Photo: Warrior Met, formed by a group of investors to take over the Brookwood mines when the previous owner went bankrupt in 2016, demanded that the miners work up to seven days a week and take a $6-an-hour pay cut, accept reduced health insurance, and give up most of their overtime pay and paid […]

Striking Alabama Coal Miners Take Protest To Wall Street

By William Thornton, June 23, 2021 Above Photo: Members of the United Mine Workers of America protested in New York City Tuesday, June 22, 2021, showing solidarity with striking miners in Alabama. About 14 striking Alabama mine workers have taken their case to Wall Street this morning. Chanting “no contract, no coal,” the miners […]

Crypto-miners, drought leaving Iranians in the dark

Crypto-miners, drought leaving Iranians in the dark – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – With the early arrival of the hot season across Iran, once again the issue of electricity shortage and systematic power outages has come under the spotlight. These days Iranians are left in the dark for several hours each day based on a pre-planned outage […]

Miners Seek Gold Under the Desert Sands After Egypt Changes Rules

An old abandoned mine is pictured in the eastern desert near the southern province of Luxor, Egypt May 20, 2016. Photo: REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh Mining companies awarded blocks in Egypt’s Eastern Desert are set to start exploring for gold under a legislative overhaul that seeks eventually to unlock vast untapped mineral resources. Despite plentiful reserves […]

Alabama Miners Reject Tentative Agreement, Continue Strike

Above photo: Luigi Morris. “We deserve more.” Striking mine workers at Warrior Met Coal overwhelmingly voted down the tentative agreement. The strike continues! Striking mine workers at Warrior Met Coal overwhelmingly voted down the tentative agreement reached earlier this week between UMWA and the company. Workers will continue the strike until the contract addresses the […]

Rescue underway to free 21 miners trapped in China – watch

Twenty-one miners are trapped in a flooded coalmine in northwest China‘s Xinjiang region, Chinese state news agency Xinhua reported on Sunday, citing a local emergency department. A section of the mine filled with water, leading to power outages just after 6 p.m. (1000 GMT) on Saturday when 29 miners were working at the site in […]

China miners rescued after knocking on pipe

It was neither shouting nor any electronic communication but daily knocks on a drill pipe that helped the miners, trapped hundreds of metres underground in China, tell rescuers that they were still alive. On 10 January, following an unexplained explosion in a mine in Qixia in Shandong province in eastern China, 22 workers were trapped […]

China rescues four miners after 14 days trapped underground – CCTV

Chinese rescuers pulled 11 gold miners to safety on Sunday with most of them in good condition after 14 days trapped underground after an explosion, but 10 colleagues were still unaccounted for, state media reported.Television footage showed the first miner as he was brought to the surface in the morning, a black blindfold shielding his […]

China mine rescue: 11 miners brought to surface after two weeks trapped underground

Eleven gold miners trapped by an explosion in China have been pulled to safety after a fortnight stuck 600m underground,  according to state media. Some 22 people are believed to have become trapped when an explosion blocked the entrance tunnel to Hushan gold mine, in Shandong province, on 10 January. Footage showed rescuers pulling the […]

Islamic State Gunmen Kill Eleven Coal Miners in Pakistan

Gunmen from the Islamic State terror group opened fire on a group of Hazara coal miners in southwestern Pakistan Sunday, killing eleven. The militants blindfolded the miners and tied their hands behind their backs before shooting them, police video revealed. The attack took place near the Machh coal field in Balochistan province, some 30 miles […]

Imran Khan calls Isis slaughter of Shia coal miners ‘inhumane act of terror’

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has condemned the killing of 11 coal miners in the western province of Balochistan as a “cowardly inhumane act of  terrorism,” and assured the families of the victims that the perpetrators would be brought to justice. “Have asked the FC [Fronteir Corps] to use all resources to apprehend these killers […]

Miners Strike Ice Age Gold Finding a Mummified Wolf Cub

A new study has revealed exciting information about a mummified wolf cub that was found in the Canadian permafrost. Scientists say the little creature that was discovered by miners in the Yukon is “the most complete wolf mummy known.” They have been studying this excellent specimen for a few years now and have finally announced […]

The Massive Prize Luring Miners to the Stars

The Massive Prize Luring Miners to the Stars March 11th, 2018 The sci-fi fan in me decided to post this one, but, no, this isn’t going to solve peak cobalt, or peak-whatever anytime soon. Via: Bloomberg: Sending a spacecraft to the far reaches of […]

Off Topic: Start and Stop E-Coin Miners Based on Solar System Power Output

Off Topic: Start and Stop E-Coin Miners Based on Solar System Power Output November 6th, 2017 Watching our solar system export so much power to the grid started to drive me a little bit nuts. Since we don’t yet have a Tesla Powerwall to […]

Brazil: Tribe Defy Miners

Above Photo: The Waiãpi have organized protests against projects on their land. © Survival Google is blocking our site. Please use the social media sharing buttons (upper left) to share this on your social media and help us break through. The Waiãpi tribe in Brazil have defied a hostile government to defend their land rights. The […]

Displaced Coal Miners Turn To Beekeeping

Above Photo: Appalachians learn beekeeping skills. John Farrell  Google is blocking our site. Please use the social media sharing buttons (upper left) to share this on your social media and help us break through. Mark Lilly, 59, grew up and still lives in West Virginia. He spent three decades as an insurance adjuster, often talking to […]

Striking Miners Remain Resilient And Strong

Above photo: From The Stand. Google is blocking our site. Please use the social media sharing buttons (upper left) to share this on your social media and help us break through. Idaho – After six months on strike, 250 miners at the Lucky Friday silver mine in Mullan, Idaho remain determined to continue their fight […]

Alrosa diamond mine flooded in Russian Far East, 9 miners missing

Alrosa confirmed the incident, saying that the water breakthrough took place at 4:30pm local time. According to company head Sergey Ivanov,  142 miners were inside the mine when the incident took place. “Currently 133 people have been taken to the surface,” he said in a statement, adding that rescuers are still searching for nine people. […]

Baghdad’s envoy demands Turkish troops out as Iraqi forces vow to free Fallujah ‘in a week’

“We have recently had our ambassador, new ambassador, sent to Ankara about last week, so we have given another sign to Turkey that we are serious about discussions and dialogue,” Ambassador Faily said. The move comes as Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov described the Turkish troops’ presence in Iraq as unacceptable. Lavrov: Russia demands that […]

Florida Officials Seek Exoneration of Black Men Falsely Accused of 1949 Rape

Attempt underway to clear four black men of rape Officials in both the Florida city and the Florida county where a rape allegedly occurred 67 years ago are now seeking exoneration for the four black men convicted of the crime. Commissioners for the city of Groveland and the Lake County Commissioners […]

‘No safe havens’: Terrorism should be countered through teamwork, ambitions set aside – Lavrov

In an interview with Algerian newspaper L’Expression, Lavrov said that progress in the fight against terrorism can only be made through the joint efforts of the international community coordinated by the United Nations. “Fighting terrorism can be efficient only if we work together, based on the solid ground of international law, with the UN in the […]

German Chancellor Merkel and Turkish PM Davotoglu Discuss Refugee Pipelines

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : German Chancellor Angela Merkel headed for Turkey where she is meeting Prime Minister Ahmed Davotoglu and other Turkish officials for talks about the influx of refugees via Turkey into the European Union. Discussing the root causes for stream of refugees in “the pipeline” is “the great Taboo”.   Courtesy Ian Langsdon/EPA Chancellor […]

Incendiary Radio: Spiro & Dr. Fetzer – Discussing Despotism & Deception Download Robert Reyvolt speaks to Spiro in the first hour about events unfolding in Oregon and how it relates to the bigger picture, and then has Jim Fetzer on in the second hour to discuss the exposing of Rebekah Roth and more, then takes calls. Source Article from 00

Thinking is an Addiction


Thinking is an Addiction


Newsletter – Democracy, Not Corporatocracy

Print Friendly Above: The Rolling Rebellion for Real Democracy protest in Ohio 2015. The World Economic Forum ends today in Davos, Switzerland. This is where the richest of the richest corporate executives, politicians and celebrities meet to discuss the future of the world. Since 2010, they’ve been working on a plan, the Global Redesign Initiative, […]

Striking Port Truck Drivers Dig In Against Wage Theft

Print Friendly Above Photo: “I want this message to be loud and clear: Until Pacific 9 reclassifies its workers, until they return our wages, until they obey the law, we will not stop the fight.”                                          […]

Britain: “Submissions to Theresa May’s Child Sex Abuse Inquiry Accidentally Deleted”

Britain: “Submissions to Theresa May’s Child Sex Abuse Inquiry Accidentally Deleted” October 20th, 2015 Via: The Guardian: Information provided by alleged child abuse victims to the overarching inquiry set up by Theresa May has been deleted due to a blunder, it has emerged. Submissions […]

Can Star Trek’s world with no money work?

Through its many iterations — including TV series and films like Enterprise, the Next Generation, and Deep Space Nine — one thing is constant in the “Star Trek” franchise: It’s set in a future world where accumulating wealth does not carry the same value as in the present day. In this world, characters […]

Insurers and miners in flood spotlight

The Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry is to hear from Brisbane residents concerned about the way in which their insurers handled their flood claims. The inquiry will also hear on Thursday from Rio Tinto Coal Australia environmental services manager Stuart Ritchie about the process of discharging water from tailings dams. More than two million people […]

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