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Mleeta National Monument of Resistance – the “Miracle of Lebanon”

International Editor of the Morning Star newspaper in Britain. 11 Jul 2021 Steve Sweeney Source: Al Mayadeen “the National Monument is not about war, it is about peace.” “We are blessed” Mohammad tells me, a sentence he would repeat a number of times during our gatherings. He is referring to the so-called “Miracle of Lebanon,” […]

Watch ‘Injured’ Soccer Star Make ‘Miracle’ Recovery When His Team Scores

Twitter users mockingly suggested a “miracle” occurred during Italy’s Euro 2020 quarterfinal game against Belgium on Friday. Italy’s Ciro Immobile rolled around on the field in apparent agony after a seemingly innocuous penalty box moment with Belgium’s Jan Vertonghen. But when Immobile’s teammate Nicolo Barella scored a goal to give Italy the lead just seconds […]

The Chinese Miracle, Revisited

June 30, 2021 Western exceptionalists may continue to throw a fit 24/7 ad infinitum: that will not change the course of history. By Pepe Escobar with permission and widely distributed The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) centennial takes place this week at the heart of an incandescent geopolitical equation. China, the emerging superpower, is back to […]

The Mysterious Veil of Veronica: Masterpiece or Miracle?

According to the Catholic Stations of the Cross, there was once a woman who wiped the sweat and blood from the face of Jesus Christ with a cloth as he endured the torturous walk carrying his own cross to Calvary. This woman is portrayed in the Sixth Station out of the complete Fourteen, which is entitled […]

Jobless Rate Called an ‘Economic Miracle’ as Australian Unemployment Falls to 5.5 Percent

The Australian unemployment rate has fallen for the sixth consecutive month, down to 5.5 percent between March and April, after the JobKeeper wage subsidy ended. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures show that the jobless rate is now just 0.2 percent above the unemployment figures from start of the pandemic and 2 percent lower […]

Miracle find or hoax? Scientists investigating whether message in bottle was thrown from Titanic hours before it sank

A message in a bottle, purportedly written hours before the fateful Titanic sank on its maiden voyage, is being investigated by scientists to know if it’s a hoax or an artifact of the historic tragedy. A letter dated 13 April, 1912, bearing the name of 12-year-old French schoolgirl Mathilde Lefebvre was found washed up in […]

The Floating Wonder of Reynard Beck: Hoax or Miracle of Nature?

This world is full of mysteries – that much is true. The story of Reynard Beck is little known, but once heard it never stops to tickle the fancy. It is a story that trickled through time, from the late 19th century to the present day, and stood on the very border between the real […]

Medical Miracle: Israeli Military Claims It Has Achieved ‘Herd Immunity’ To COVID

The Israeli military announced another medical miracle — that it has achieved herd immunity to COVID-19 after 80% of its personnel had either been vaccinated, had the disease — or both: The announcement makes the Israel Defense Forces perhaps the first military in the world to achieve immunity to the disease. “Things look a lot […]


‘Joann, a mother of five and a successful businesswoman, collapsed quite suddenly and was diagnosed with an advanced form of multiple sclerosis. ‘Joann’s condition went downhill quickly, and she was eventually unable to move her legs. ‘When she first came to my workshops, she made only small changes, until one day, the woman who hadn’t […]

Medical Miracle! Experts Claim COVID Vaccines May Cure Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Eczema, and Chronic Pain

Medical experts are now claiming that the mRNA COVID vaccines may actually be curing people’s cancer, Alzheimer’s, Lyme Disease, and even reducing chronic pain — just in case the “vaccine hesitant” need an added incentive to get over their “irrational” fear of these untested and experimental vaccines and roll up their sleeves: Joan Wakefield has […]

The Miracle Typist: a book review by Rabbi Jeffrey Cohen

February 24, 2021 by Rabbi Jeffrey Cohen Read on for article Leon Silver’s The Miracle Typist is a powerful true story of one soldier’s long journey home. One of the results of reviewing this book is that one should not be influenced by the Author’s Note [some would call it either the Foreword or the […]

Stop Cancer: Bicarbonate Miracle and Cancer – Part 1

Stop Cancer: Bicarbonate Miracle and Cancer – Part 1 Prepare For Change / Edward Morgan By Dr. Mark Sircus, Sodium bicarbonate is a surprisingly useful tool for treating and preventing cancer. The basic reason that sodium bicarbonate is such a wonderful cancer treatment is that it directly increases CO2 levels in the body. Cancer tumors […]

A Vaccine Miracle Rises from the Ashes of Salonica

Before World War II, there were about 50,000 Jews living in Salonica (or Thessaloniki), the largest Jewish community in Greece. Between March and August 1943, the Germans deported more than 45,000 Jews to the Auschwitz-Birkenau killing camp. Most of the deportees were gassed on arrival. Because this represented the decimation of a community, it would […]

Medical Miracle: Not One Single Case Of Seasonal Flu Has Been Reported In Israel This Year

There are zero cases of influenza or respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in Israel, according to Dr. Galia Barkai, director of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Unit at Sheba Medical Center: “It is not just that we have much less influenza, we don’t see it at all,” Barkai told The Jerusalem Post. “We have zero positive tests […]

Far-Right Rally MC Eric Metaxas Still Praying for Miracle to Stop Biden Inauguration, Says of Capitol Assault, ‘So What?’

Eric Metaxas, the right-wing pundit who praised Oath Keepers’ Stewart Rhodes for “keepin’ it real” after after Rhodes threatened “bloody war if Trump didn’t stay in power, told readers of his newsletter Thursday evening that he is “still praying” for the miracle it would take to keep Joe Biden from being inaugurated. Metaxas served as […]

Trump pulls off another miracle in the Middle East

January 5, 2021 by David Singer Read on for article President Trump appears to have been instrumental in pulling off yet another miracle in the Middle East with the announcement that Saudi Arabia would be reopening its airspace and land and sea border with Qatar. U.S. President Donald Trump with Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia […]

The arrival of the Bnei Menashe is a Hanukkah miracle

After a long and tiring flight throughout the night, the band of new immigrants emerged from the El Al plane and made their way slowly down the stairs, their senses heightened by the early-morning chill as well as the knowledge that their cherished dream was coming true. As they reached the tarmac, setting foot on […]

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Gonna Do a Miracle

ALL donations 3X-MATCHED by 12/31 to save our democracy! Every day, the reporters and researchers of Right Wing Watch expose the hateful words and deeds of right-wing leaders and the far-right players who fueled Trump’s rise to power and aim to keep him there. Our work is read daily and used by major media outlets, […]

Another Hanukkah Miracle: Morocco and Israel

There’s a special place in my heart for Morocco. It’s not just that every scene of the movie “Casablanca” is like an old friend. I grew up there. Memory can play tricks on us — and I confess that my nostalgia for Casablanca may be idealized. But it’s there. I remember the beaches where my […]

Our Worst Year Ends in a Hanukkah Miracle

The COVID-19 vaccine is on its way. Instead of waiting years and years, as we normally do with vaccines, we waited eight months. Can you believe it? It’s a modern twist on the ancient Hanukkah miracle, when oil for one night lasted for eight. Here, scientists burned the midnight oil for eight long months to […]

The Forgotten Miracle: Nov. 29, 1947

Originally published on December 18, 2008. I originally planned to write a column about the flood of condemnations that Muslim leaders issued following the massacre in Mumbai, and how disappointed I was not to find a single fatwa in those texts, nor a mention of any religious offense: no “sin,” no “hell,” nor “apostasy.” I was […]

Holding Australia at MCG was miracle: Khodadad Azizi

TEHRAN – Nov. 29, 1997 is an unforgettable day in the history of Iranian football and is etched in every Iranian football fan’s memory. On that day, millions of Iranian fans poured onto the streets of Tehran to celebrate securing a place at their first FIFA World Cup Finals in 20 years. At the Melbourne […]

Europe Bets On COVID-19 Christmas Miracle As Third Wave Looms

LONDON — From behind his Downing Street desk, a self-isolating U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson proclaimed on Monday that an “escape route” from COVID-19 was now finally in sight. “We must hold out against the virus until testing and vaccines come to our rescue and reduce the need for restrictions,” Johnson said. ”‘Tis the season […]

Biden’s first presidential miracle: Palestinian resumption of coordination with Israel

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Lost Church Marking Jesus’ Miracle Uncovered

Archaeologists believe that they have uncovered a long-lost Church in the Golan Heights. They found it in the ancient city of Banias, that was known as Caesarea Philippi in the time of Jesus Christ. It is believed to be the site of one of the most famous Jesus miracles in the Bible, that of the […]

Miracle! Two Swedish Girls Who Aren’t Shitlibs

The only two Swedish females who aren’t radical shitlibs. Sub my Bitchute. Sub my Telegram. Sub me on World Truth. Sub me on Gab. 00

The Blood of Saint Januarius and The Miracle of Liquefaction

Saint Januarius is a saint venerated in the Roman Catholic Church . He is the patron saint of Naples but is best-known for a miracle that happens several times each year – the liquefaction of what is alleged to be the saint’s blood. According to popular belief, the liquefaction of the blood of Saint Januarius […]

No miracle in Beirut rubble after three-day search for blast survivors

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It’s a Festivus Miracle!

Dark Politricks is a site dedicated to investigating the dark side of politics including corruption, propaganda, the police state, war on terror, the intelligence services and their misdeeds, false flag attacks and much more. The site also promotes free speech, internet freedom and justice for all people. For an overview of my beliefs and political […]

Tannins from the miracle tree, a hybrid of the mimosa tree, found to be an effective treatment for many chronic diseases, including cancer

(Natural News) Though it’s known as the “miracle tree,” Leucaena leucocephala hybrid-Rendang is sadly underutilized. This Malaysian amalgam was created by crossing L. leucocephala with L. diversifolia, two plants known for their poor digestibility but impressive condensed tannin content. Also known as proanthocyanidins, condensed tannins are known for their wide array of health […]

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