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B’nai B’rith Mocked Freemasons for ‘Joining Jewish Plot’

left. Pope Benedict and the future Pope Francis in Masonic (thumb on knuckle) grip. Jewish Masonry has now completely subverted the Catholic Church.In 1936, two Catholic newspapers published excerpts from speeches given at a B’nai Brith conclave in Paris. The speeches expressed contempt for Freemasons’  gullibility, cravenness, and venality.  “And the Gentiles, in their stupidity, have proved easier […]

Doctor and Trauma Surgeon Who Mocked ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ In Viral Posts Dies Suddenly

A doctor and trauma surgeon who mocked the unvaccinated on social media, attempting to frame anyone who rejected the vaccine as a conspiracy theorist, had died suddenly. Dr. Vicky Jennings died after suffering a heart […] The post Doctor and Trauma Surgeon Who Mocked ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ In Viral Posts Dies Suddenly appeared first on The People's […]

Swedish TV’s film portraying Vikings as Africans Gets Mocked in International Media

SVT’s giant investment in Swedish history – where the original Swedes look like Arabs and Africans – has prompted a series of negative articles in foreign mainstream media. Some wonder if Swedes believe their state propaganda or take it with a grain of salt – like in the Soviet Union. Historien om Sverige is broadcast […]

Florida “Booty Patrol” Driver Busted, Cops Mocked

Sheriffs in central Florida are being mocked online after an 18-year-old man accused of “impersonating law enforcement” was ticketed for plastering “Booty Patrol” on his truck, which he styled to look similar to a Border Patrol vehicle. The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office warned the public about the Florida Teen, Gabriel Luviano, who they slapped with […]

Philadelphia Journalist Who Mocked Concern Over Violent Crime In Democrat Cities Shot Dead In Home

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Biden Mocked As Capitol Police Reinstall Metal Fencing For His State of Confusion Speech

Walls Work? Biden Mocked As Capitol Police Reinstall Metal Fencing For His SOTU Speech By Rusty Weiss February 7, 2023 Capitol Police have reinstalled metal fencing around the U.S. Capitol this week ahead of President Biden’s upcoming State of the Union Address on Tuesday. CBS News is reporting that the Capitol fencing, originally installed following […]

Miami mocked for Africa-themed Ford Police interceptor for Black History Month: ‘THIS CANNOT BE’


Man Everyone Mocked For Raising Chickens Gets Last Laugh

ST. PAUL, MN — Sources are reporting that local man Verp Winston, who was mocked by friends for raising chickens in his backyard, is having the last laugh as egg prices have skyrocketed across the country. Source

Hillary Clinton Mocked over Venice Film Festival Attire: ‘Lock Her Up for This Outfit Alone’

Former First Lady and twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was roasted on social media over the attire she was seen wearing on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival. “Lock her up for this outfit alone,” one Twitter user proclaimed. Clinton attended the world premiere of White Noise on Wednesday at the 79th Venice International […]

Actor Sean Penn Mocked for Attending January 6 Hearing: ‘It’s All a Show’ Complete with Hollywood Actors

None other than left-wing activist Hollywood actor Sean Penn was seen at the show trial that is the January 6 committee hearings this week.

Matt Damon Mocked for Starring in Crypto Commercial as Market Crashes

As cryptocurrency continues to crash in value, Matt Damon is being mocked for starring in a commercial for less than a year ago.

Kaepernick Mocked Thoroughly for Comparing NFL Combine to Slave Auction

Netflix gave Colin Kaepernick appearances and speaking roles in their documentary series about his life, Colin In Black & White. They’re probably regretting that decision. Former NFL quarterback and original anthem protester Colin Kaepernick compared the NFL Combine process to a slave auction in Netflix documentary series chronicling his life experiences. In the series, which […]

Terry McAuliffe Mocked over Viral Picture of ‘Youngkin Supporters’ with Tiki Torches

Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe (D) is experiencing a wave of mockery on social media over a viral photo showing five individuals claiming to be supporters of his Republican challenger Glenn Youngkin, holding tiki torches outside of a campaign bus — an obvious nod to Charlottesville and white supremacy — as many surmise it is nothing […]

Journalists Who Mocked Assange Say Nothing About CIA Plans To Kill Him

Yahoo! News (9/26/21) published a bombshell report detailing the US Central Intelligence Agency’s “secret war plans against WikiLeaks,” including clandestine plots to kill or kidnap publisher Julian Assange while he took refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Following WikiLeaks‘ publication of the Vault 7 files in 2017—the largest leak in CIA history, which exposed how US and UK intelligence agencies could hack into […]

Bernie Sanders Mocked for Claiming 48 Senators Should Overrule 52 — Same ‘Democrat Math’ that Turns $3.5 Trillion into $0

Senate Budget Committee chairman Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was mocked online Friday after suggesting that only two senators — rather than a current total of 52 — are seeking to defeat 48 others, some ridiculing the 80-year-old’s poor math skills while others blasting his determination to “destroy America” to achieve his socialist aim. In the tweet, […]

Antisemitism Watchdog Derided And Mocked For Demanding Firing Of Spanish TV Host

The so-called Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM) is calling for disciplinary action against a reporter from a television station in Spain who made anti-Israel remarks during a broadcast about Israeli athletes: TV3’s commentator Clara Basiana made the offensive remarks while reporting live on air on June 10 about Israeli artistic duet swimmers Eden Blecher and Shelly […]

Amazon Mocked For Providing Employees Dystopian ‘Mindful Pods’ To Take Mental Breaks In

The New York Times has published a lengthy article revealing how the world is undergoing a “paradigm shift” of rapidly declining fertility rates, but fails to mention the possibility that environmental pollutants such as plastic chemicals are playing any role in the decline. In an article entitled ‘Long Slide Looms for World Population, With Sweeping […]

Eric Trump mocked for claiming teary strangers hug him and say they miss his father

Eric Trump faced mockery after he claimed on Fox News that teary strangers hug him and say they miss his father. “People have come up to me in the last week and given me hugs saying ‘we miss him so much’,” he told host Sean Hannity. “I mean literally sometimes Sean, with tears in their […]

‘Who are you?’ Scottish MP mocked for photo-shoot of his phone call to Israeli Embassy to de-escalate Hamas conflict

Alyn Smith may not be a big name on the world stage, but the Scottish MP has made waves after he called the Israeli Embassy, in an apparent bid to de-escalate the latest deadly conflict with Hamas, drawing ridicule in the process. On Wednesday, Smith, the Scottish National Party (SNP) MP for Stirling, tweeted a […]

Caitlyn Jenner mocked for rambling interview insisting ‘a guy called Lee’ and other ‘budget people’ helped her understand California’s $3 trillion economy

Caitlyn Jenner is facing ridicule following an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash where she mentioned how “a guy called Lee” and other “budget people” helped her understand California’s huge economy. When Bash asked the 71-year-old reality TV show star, who is running for governor of California, if she feels “qualified” to take on the fifth-largest […]

CIA mocked from all sides over new ‘woke’ recruitment video

The CIA has been mocked from all sides for posting a recruitment video which has been accused of being “full of woke propaganda”. The two-minute video, posted on Twitter on 28 April, features a 36-year-old Latina CIA officer who uses words like “intersectional”, “cisgender”, and “millennial.” Critics said the CIA was trying to get “woke” […]

“You Still Aren’t Vaxxed, Debra!” City of Baltimore Mocked Over Public Information Campaign

The Communist Chinese government is punishing citizens in some areas of the country who commit COVID-related transgressions such as not wearing a mask in public by deducting 10 points from their social credit score and in some cases putting them on no fly blacklists. A lengthy article in the London Times explains how the CCP […]

Tucker Carlson Says People Who Wear Masks Outside Should be Mocked

The Communist Chinese government is punishing citizens in some areas of the country who commit COVID-related transgressions such as not wearing a mask in public by deducting 10 points from their social credit score and in some cases putting them on no fly blacklists. A lengthy article in the London Times explains how the CCP […]

ACH (1497) Bishop Richard Williamson – God Is Not Mocked!

EURO FOLK RADIO ACH (1497) Bishop Richard Williamson – God Is Not Mocked! Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share In today’s show originally broadcast on April 20 2021, Andy is joined by Bishop Richard Williamson, for a show entitled, “God Is Not Mocked!” We discussed: […]

MSNBC Analyst Mocked For Saying Vaccine Felt Like a “Wave of Euphoria”

Appearing on Fox Business Tuesday, Senator Rand Paul made an impassioned plea for Anthony Fauci to be taken off the airwaves for continually ‘fear mongering’. Paul claimed that Fauci has ceaselessly made claims that are not “matched by the science of his own institute.” “I so much think Dr. Fauci should be voluntarily removed from […]

Pelosi mocked AOC in ‘childlike voice’ while hitting out at The Squad for attention grabbing, new book claims

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi once mocked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by talking to her in a child-like voice and hit out at “The Squad” of progressive women representatives, according to a soon-to-be-out book. Ms Pelosi gave blunt advice to New York representative Ocasio-Cortez by adopting the child-like voice and saying: “You’re not a one-person show. This is […]

‘Just following orders?’ Calgary police mocked for ‘weak damage control’ as pastor’s fiery standoff with ‘Gestapo cops’ goes viral

Calgary Police were ridiculed for their response to a scandalous incident in which a conservative pastor chased health and law enforcement officials out, calling them ‘Nazis’ for trying to disrupt his Easter service. In a statement on Sunday night, authorities said that only “one uniformed officer of the Calgary Police Service attended a call to assist […]

Biden news – live: North Korea silent on US approaches, as Trump fans mocked for praising his ‘dreadful’ appearance

Key moments from Biden’s first national address The Biden administration is struggling to find ground with North Korea with the country failing to respond to outreach from a behind-the-scenes diplomatic push, according to a new report. A senior Biden official told Reuters that Mr Biden has so far yielded no response from Pyongyang, raising questions […]

Trump Impeachment Lawyer Mocked Over Orthodox Ritual

Several Twitter users mocked one of former President Donald Trump’s impeachment lawyers after he did an Orthodox Jewish ritual during his speech on the floor of the Senate. The lawyer, David Schoen, paused and took a sip of water while holding the back of his head as he delivered his arguments. Trump attorney David Schoen, […]

On Eve of Insurrection, InfoWars Host Mocked Members of Congress ‘Scurrying Around in Secret Tunnels’ Like ‘Rats’ to ‘Avoid We The People’

The day before Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol in a deadly effort to stop Congress from affirming Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory, InfoWars host Owen Shroyer told a crowd of Trump loyalists that members of Congress were afraid and “scurrying around like the little rats that they are to try to avoid you.” Thousands […]

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