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Now is a great time to donate to Mondoweiss

Mondoweiss is one of the few news organizations that covers the struggle for Palestinian rights in a U.S. context. By publishing news and analysis ignored by mainstream media, we supply critical information that fuels the movement for justice in Palestine and Israel. But this has been a challenging year financially and Mondoweiss is facing a […]

Mondoweiss Podcast: Dissecting ‘progressive except for Palestine’ with Marc Lamont Hill and Mitchell Plitnick

Subscribe: Overcast / Apple / Google / Spotify / Stitcher / TuneIn / Deezer Earlier this year, Mondoweiss contributing writer Sarah Doyal reviewed the new book, Except For Palestine: The Limits of Progressive Politics, from authors Marc Lamont Hill and Mitchell Plitnick. Sarah wrote: “Delving into the phenomenon long-named in leftist circles as “Progressive Except […]

Mondoweiss Podcast: Telling authentic Palestinian stories with Zaina Arafat

Subscribe: Overcast / Apple / Google / Spotify / Stitcher / TuneIn / Deezer Zaina Arafat joined Mondoweiss Associate Editor Allison Deger to discuss her novel, YOU EXIST TOO MUCH. This program was part of the Mondoweiss Book Club, a go-at-your-own-pace program that explores new and contemporary Palestinian fiction. Join for free! Please leave this […]

Mondoweiss Podcast: Building the Palestine solidarity movement with Ahmad Abuznaid

Podcasts Michael Arria and Dave Reed speak with US Campaign for Palestinian Rights Executive Director Ahmad Abuznaid about the future of the Palestine solidarity movement, challenges to expanding BDS work, and how the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights is engaging with Jewish anti-occupation groups. Subscribe: Overcast / Apple / Google / Spotify / Stitcher / […]

Mondoweiss Podcast: “What binds us together is our class politics” – Palestine and the fight for socialism

9. “What binds us together is our class politics” – Palestine and the fight for socialism – The Mondoweiss Podcast In December 2020 Haymarket Books published Palestine: A Socialist Introduction featuring essays from a number of activists and thinkers inside the Palestine solidarity movement. The book was edited by Sumaya Awad and brian bean. Sumaya […]

Mondoweiss Podcast: What Joe Biden needs to do for Palestinians

Podcasts Michael Arria, spoke to Zeina Ashrawi Hutchison about the outcome of the recent U.S. elections, and what it means for Palestinian-Americans engaging with the US political system. Just after the U.S. election in November of last year, our U.S. politics correspondent, Michael Arria, spoke to Zeina Ashrawi Hutchison about the outcome and what it […]

Keep Mondoweiss strong in 2021

I cover hope. It doesn’t always seem that way. As a U.S. reporter for Mondoweiss, much of what I do involves sifting through some dizzying spin to get to the real news about Israel and Palestine. Too often, what I uncover isn’t good news. But this year, as I prepared to file my year-end wrap-up, […]

Mondoweiss Podcast: What Normalization Means to Palestinians + What’s Next in 2021

As part of our wrap-up of 2020 Yumna Patel spoke to Ramallah-based analyst Diana Buttu about one of the biggest stories of 2020 — normalization. Buttu discusses the impact of the normalization deals between Arab countries and Israel, the Palestine Authority’s strategy (or lack thereof) in confronting the threat, and the challenges that lie ahead […]

You move Mondoweiss forward

With activism growing in the United States and a new administration about to take office, this is a critically important time for Mondoweiss’s work. Our stories, analysis and opinions about Palestine and Israel inform and educate the public and fill a void left by mainstream media.I know this year has been difficult, so I don’t […]

Announcing the Mondoweiss Book Club

We’re excited to introduce the Mondoweiss Book Club. It’s a six-month, go at your own pace program, featuring works of fiction by Palestinian and Arab authors. The book club will begin January 4, 2021, just in time to cozy up with a new novel to start the New Year. When you subscribe, each month we […]

Mondoweiss Podcast: Proud Boys and Zionists team up

Subscribe: Overcast / Apple / Google / Spotify / Stitcher / TuneIn / Deezer What is it like when Proud Boys and Zionists attack you online at the same time? Dave Reed speaks with Olivia Katbi Smith, national U.S. organizer for the BDS Movement and co-chair of the Portland chapter of the Democratic Socialists of […]

The Mondoweiss Gift Guide: the best of handmade from Palestine and more

1. Sustainably sourced Christmas decorations from Palestinian artisans Embroidered Christmas StockingSunbula$20 Hang a hand-embroidered Christmas stocking on your mantle. This item is sewn in Gaza by Atfaluna Crafts, a social enterprise from the Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children, the only dedicated institution for Palestinians with hearing disabilities in Gaza. From Sunbula: “Founded in 1992, the […]

Mondoweiss Podcast: Against the Loveless World with Susan Abulhawa + Palestine Writes Literature Festival

Susan Abulhawa Susan Abulhawa is the author of the international bestselling novel, Mornings in Jenin (Bloomsbury, 2010) – – and founder of Playgrounds for Palestine – More by this author 00

Mondoweiss Podcast: Farmers under attack in Palestine + post-election analysis with Michael Arria

Subscribe: Overcast / Apple / Spotify / Stitcher / TuneIn / Deezer / (More to come) Welcome to the Mondoweiss podcast! Subscribe above on the podcast service of your choice. In this episode, Yumna Patel discusses her visit with Palestinian farmers who were attacked by Israeli settlers during the annual olive harvest. Also, Michael Arria, […]

Privacy and the GDPR at Mondoweiss

You may have heard about the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law that goes into effect today, May 25, 2018. This law helps safeguard your privacy and the personal information you share with websites like Mondoweiss. While the law specifically covers European citizens, Mondoweiss is committed to protecting the privacy of all […]

‘Mondoweiss Mondays’ has really taken off — and check out the new match to multiply your impact

In the past two weeks, it’s been hard to get accurate information about the horrific violence committed by Israeli troops against Palestinians participating in the Great March of Return. In this dreadful time — which I will always think of as the “Passover massacre” — I’m proud that Mondoweiss has delivered both on-the-ground coverage and […]

New Publication from Mondoweiss in Print: Reading Maimonides in Gaza

“I am not the judge but I am a witness: J’accuse. The war will live, it will be part of a living structure until someone is held accountable. Someone who knew.” We are very excited to announce the second publication in our series Mondoweiss in Print, Reading Maimonides in Gaza, by Marilyn Garson. Between 2011 and 2015, […]

Keep seeing Mondoweiss in your news feed following changes at Facebook

Editor’s Note: Please welcome Dave Reed, the newest member of the Mondoweiss team! Dave is joining us as Manager of Community Engagement and in that role has updates below on the best ways to keep up to date with Mondoweiss. As most of you by now know, Facebook has recently made big changes to how users […]

Smart, sophisticated and strategic: less than 60 hours left to join Mondoweiss’s Thousand Voices for Truth

We have less than 60 hours left to claim $60,000 for essential journalism on Palestine. As you know, Mondoweiss has been issued a challenge: raise $100,000 by the end of 2017 in order to receive an additional $60,000 from four visionary supporters. As of right now, we have less than $23,000  left to raise—but only […]

Video: What would we do without Mondoweiss?

I was delighted when Mondoweiss asked me to share a few words about why I cherish the site. For many years now, I’ve been reading the site and writing for it, and I hate to imagine where our movement would be without it. As I said in the video below: Mondoweiss is a treasure. Mondoweiss […]

Beyond clickbait: Mondoweiss delivers critical analysis from leading experts

Today, in A Thousand Voices for Truth, I want to highlight the ways Mondoweiss coverage of Palestine goes beyond the surface to provide analytical depth from leading experts. I’m proud that among the voices we have published regularly are researchers at the leading edge of scholarship. Their critical analyses help reveal the reality beyond the […]

Voices of the Thousand: Mondoweiss authors tell why they write for us

Mondoweiss has been delivering independent news and commentary on developments in Palestine for almost twelve years. The site began by publishing one person’s thoughts—Phil Weiss’s challenges to conventional wisdom about the Middle East. Today, more than a thousand people have published their ideas and information about Palestine/Israel via Mondoweiss. And now, we are seeking your […]

Smashing results for Mondoweiss’s October fundraising campaign

Last month we asked you and other Mondoweiss readers to help build our capacity to deliver independent news by increasing our community of regular monthly donors. We aimed to gain one new or increased donor a day in October. I’m thrilled to report our campaign was a smashing success. Not only did we meet the […]

They fear the truth. Mondoweiss reports it. And thanks to a dedicated supporter, you can double your investment in truth from Palestine.

This summer, we have been working to show Mondoweiss readers what it takes on the ground in Palestine—what reporters, photographers and activists face daily—to gather and publish the news you can’t find in mainstream media. We’ve shared stories from several brave journalists about the threats they face, including experiences with violence, legal barriers, detention and […]

‘Dissidents like me depend on Mondoweiss’: an Israeli describes challenging apartheid from within

HERE’S A GLIMPSE of life inside Israeli society—a culture that tolerates no dissent. A few years ago I taught a course at an engineering college in central Israel. The content was entirely technical, so of course politics never came up. But one week, I noticed that very few students showed up. And one who did […]

‘It’s a privilege to report through Mondoweiss’: risks of working as a foreign-based journalist in Palestine

MEET “ALAA,” A JOURNALIST who has covered events in Israel/Palestine for Mondoweiss. Alaa is of Palestinian descent, but she herself is an American citizen and, as she puts it, doesn’t “look Arab.” This gives her a particular perspective on Israel’s treatment of Palestinian journalists. Alaa agreed to answer my questions about her experiences reporting in […]

Mondoweiss is necessary—so Israel can’t silence me and other Palestinian journalists

NOVEMBER 2004. I was 23, waiting at Rafah to get my passport back from Israeli officials so I could enter Egypt and fly from Cairo to Abu Dhabi for my new job. I heard my name in a Hebrew accent, coming from a dark-tinted window. The voice directed me to a back office to meet […]

Support Mondoweiss to keep brave journalists reporting news

Recently a Mondoweiss writer based in Palestine—we’ll call her “Alaa”—described to us her firsthand knowledge of Israel’s efforts to suppress reporting from Palestine. She reports on the daily atrocities of the Israeli occupation under her own byline, but when we asked to share her own personal experiences with our readers, she told us, “I don’t […]

‘Everyone’s a vet’ in Israel, says Junger. Well not really

Sebastian Junger has a new book out called Tribe, about the tribal pull inside human societies, the need to belong to a subgroup to derive meaning in life. Much of his book involves the bonding and closeness that soldiers experience by being together in armies, in which people are equal, and everyone suffers the same […]

Censorship in Brooklyn: Food Coop bars ‘any events related to BDS or Israel’ from meeting room

This is disturbing. The Park Slope Food Coop staff is trying to shut down discussion of the Israel/Palestine issue with a strict censorship policy of discussions in its members’ meeting room on the subjects of Israel or BDS, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. It’s bad enough that the Brooklyn institution’s board is opposing boycott; though it […]

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