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US interests in Mongolia: the official myth and the secret reality

In the official statements by senior representatives of the United States Mongolia is generally presented as a friendly nation and US partner. Ever since 1991, when US Secretary of State James A. Baker described the US as “Mongolia’s third neighbor”, official statements about Mongolia have been impressively consistent and unambiguous. For example, during his 2011 […]

Mongolia and India – an unusual but ambitious partnership

Mongolia is currently putting the finishing touches to its preparations for a visit by the Speaker of the House of the People, the lower house of India’s Parliament, which will take place from July 6-9 this year. The visit was announced in a meeting between India’s ambassador to Mongolia and the speaker of the State […]

The Ukrainian Crisis: Mongolia as a Mediator?

The Ukrainian situation is still being actively debated in Mongolia. However, a trend has emerged in Mongolian writings on this topic from the beginning of 2023: the Mongolian media and experts are increasingly talking about the prospects for resolving the crisis rather than the current crisis situation itself. Simultaneously, the ideas of Mongolia mediating a […]

Mongolia, South Korea, Rare-Earth Metals: “Bridging the Gap” or “Opening Pandora’s Box”?

Mongolian Prime Minister Luvsannamsrain Oyun- Erdene’s visit to South Korea was marked by a number of important bilateral meetings and agreements. Especially notable among them is the memorandum of understanding signed on February 15, 2023, on the establishment of a network for supply of rare earth metals from Mongolia to Korea. The agreement calls for […]

Britain to Mongolia: more than just a partner?

The United Kingdom is one of Mongolia’s main “third neighbors,” according to Mongolia’s current foreign policy concept. Neither its limited participation in global political and economic processes, nor its extreme geographical distance from Mongolia in comparison to Japan and South Korea, removes it from the list of Mongolia’s key “third neighbor” partners. The United Kingdom […]

Mongolia against SCO membership: Saying “No” to Russia and China does not mean saying “Yes” to the West

In recent years, Mongolia’s repeated rejection of SCO membership has been used by a number of political experts as an argument in favor of that country’s priority orientation toward Western conceptual and organizational structures. Some analysts trace in such a decision of the Mongolian authorities the desire to distance themselves from their immediate neighbors – […]

Western Missionaries in Mongolia: Faith Today, Socio-Political Agenda Tomorrow

In the 1990s, Mongolia created a new legal basis for the activities of foreign religious organizations: The law allowed free missionary and religious education activities of foreign organizations in the country. This step was not simply a decision to ensure genuine religious freedom for the citizens of a democratic state. It was a decision made […]

A Parliamentary Republic in Mongolia: Why Russia isn’t Losing Anything

In the last months of 2022 and now in the first decades of 2023, political and civil society discourse in Mongolia has resumed with calls for constitutional change. Calls for legislative change became especially loud when the largest corruption scandal in the country’s recent history was uncovered, involving the theft of coal from Mongolia’s strategic […]

The Priority of National Interests and Subtle Wording in Mongolia’s Official Position on the Ukrainian Crisis

The events in Ukraine in 2022, as well as the international and political fallout from them, necessitated cstating its position on the rapidly escalating crisis. The position of this country is sensitive for both Russia and the opposing forces in Ukraine. The opinion of Mongolians is particularly important to Russia because Russia values their partnership […]

Why are the values of “Western democracy” not supplanting pro-Russian sentiment in Mongolia?

Most Western countries consider Mongolia as a state that shares liberal-democratic political and ideological values. Mongolia ranks very high each year in various indices and rankings assessing the “democracy” and “freedom” of political regimes around the world. For example, the international Freedom House rating considers Mongolia a “free country” and ranks it 57th out of […]

The Mysterious Deer Stones of Mongolia

Mongolia is steeped in rich, ancient culture. One of the most fascinating discoveries made in Mongolia is that of their mysterious deer stones. Read more Section:  News History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

Relations between Russia, China and Mongolia develop despite global instability

Relations between Mongolia, Russia and China continue to develop successfully. The focal point of this process lies in the rational and considered decisions of national leaders. Mongolia, a landlocked country with a population of 3.4 million, interacts primarily with its neighbors along its land border, the PRC and the Russian Federation. During the Soviet era, […]

South Korea Strengthens Cooperation With Mongolia on Key Minerals

South Korea is seeking to strengthen cooperation with mineral-rich Mongolia, to lessen its reliance on China. South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin visited Mongolia Aug. 28-30, and met his Mongolian counterpart Batmunkh Battsetseg. The South Korean visit comes amid rising international tensions that include U.S.-China frictions and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. During Park’s visit, the […]

Mongolia is Among Russia’s Key Partners in Asia

Russia and Mongolia are close neighbors, and their immediate geographic proximity has determined the mutual geopolitical pull of Russia and Mongolia, an objective contributing to political, military, trade and economics, cultural, and other bilateral ties. Russian-Mongolian relations, characterized by traditional good-neighborliness, are comprehensive, oriented to further development in the spirit of strategic partnership, based on […]

Over 120 Child Remains Found in Jars in Inner Mongolia

In the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, in northern China, archaeologists have unearthed tombs with urn burials – of 128 children! The remains of these 128 children have been found near the ruins of an ancient city in Liangcheng County, Ulanqab, which date to the Han Dynasty (202 BC – 220 AD), as per a statement […]

Is Mongolia Refusing a Non-Permanent Seat in the UN Security Council?

On September 23, the President of Mongolia, Ukhnaagiin Khürelsükh took part in a full session of the UN General Assembly, in which he set out Mongolia’s position on various current issues in international relations. In his speech, he focused particularly on the topic of cooperation between Mongolia and the United Nations. He pointed out that, “by […]

How Strong are Russia’s Ties with Mongolia?

2021 will mark the centenary of Russia’s diplomatic relations with Mongolia. How have links between these two countries developed over the past century? And what is the present status of the partnership between the two nations? What future is there for cooperation between Russia and Mongolia? For many centuries, Mongolia was part of China. In […]

China, Japan, Mongolia: Ongoing Cooperation and Russia’s Stabilizing Role

China’s growing capabilities and ambitions have alarmed all the states which border with this giant. However, among these countries, there are those with which the PRC has a particularly complicated relationship. For example, Japan is one of them. On the one hand, China and Japan, as the two most economically developed states in Asia, cannot […]

The US Strengthens Its Presence in Mongolia

In recent years, Mongolia has received increasing attention in a comprehensive and multifaceted US strategy aimed at dominating the Eurasian continent. To a certain extent, this is due to the colossal amounts of natural resources and economic opportunities the country has, which are of undoubted interest for American industrial and business circles.  However, this is […]

The Haunted Ruins of Khara Khoto, The Black City of Mongolia

Khara Khoto is an ancient city located in the western part of Inner Mongolia. It was once a thriving city, thanks to its location on the famous Silk Road. But a devastating massacre left the city in ruins and, until recently, many locals refused to approach the ruins of Khara Khoto, for fear of its […]

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