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Godlike Power and Monster Malevolence: Mishipizheu of Lake Superior

In Gordon Lightfoot’s 1976 song  The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald , he figuratively blames the sinking of that ship on the “witch” of November. Folks more familiar with Ojibway mythology might, however, have pointed to Mishipizheu, one of the most important of the underground mythological creatures of the Northeastern and Midwestern North American tribes. […]

‘Sea Monster’ Remains Found on Scottish Beach

‘Sea Monster’ Remains Found on Scottish BeachPublished on July 13, 2021Written by The sizeable remains of a mysterious sea creature washed ashore in Scotland in February 2020. The curious carcass reportedly appeared on a beach near the port city of Aberdeen after a powerful storm swept over the area. A picture of the oddity […]

French woman convicted of killing ‘monster’ abuser, set free

A French woman convicted of killing her abusive husband, after decades of sexual, physical and psychological abuse, has walked free from court. Valerie Bacot was given a four-year prison sentence for killing Daniel Polette, three of which were suspended. The symbolic sentence allows her to walk free, having already spent a year in custody. The […]

Monster Mosquito–Why the Technology of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes is Dangerous and Should Be Stopped Worldwide

After sparking controversy in other countries including India, the technology of genetically engineered mosquitoes is now leading to widespread protests in Florida USA. Here the  biotechnology giant company Oxitec in collaboration with local officialdom is moving ahead with a pilot project to release millions of genetically engineered mosquitoes in Monroe County over a period of […]


TRUMP PREPARED US, NOW OUR JOB IS TO SEE THE TRUTH AND EXPOSE IT! THE MARSHALL REPORT / The Marshall Report HOW TO TAKE DOWN THE MONSTER? First we must remember this is a “mis” and “dis” information war. Look at facts first. Then discern what is truth. Once you see the truth – alert […]

Myth of the Minotaur: The Making of a Monster

One of the most intriguing myths of ancient Greece is that of the Minotaur on the island of Crete, the bull-headed human-animal hybrid of Greek mythology. The story of the bestial Minotaur trapped in a labyrinth created for him by his horrified stepfather, King Minos of Crete, dining on human flesh in his underground prison, has […]

#MeToo Monster Gov. Cuomo: ‘I’m NOT Gonna Resign’

Thrice accused sexual assault predator Gov. Andrew Cuomo has defiantly declared that he will not step down as Governor, despite the ongoing scandals surrounding him. “I’m not going to resign,” he proudly told reporters on Wednesday. You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing you agree to our Terms of Use. “I fully support a woman’s […]

A Narcissistic Monster In One’s Life 

Approximately 4% of the population is born with brain anomalies that cause them to be narcissists. In dysfunctional societies, the number of people with this orientation can rise to be as high as around 20%. Partly this increase is due to certain desirable values and norms eroding for some individuals as they advance in age. […]

‘Cookie Monster’ rock takes internet by storm, could fetch $10,000

A lump of volcanic rock discovered in Brazil that bears an uncanny resemblance to Cookie Monster, the cookie-loving Muppet from Sesame Street, has taken the internet by storm and may be worth as much as $10,000, according to the Daily Mail. Geologist Mike Bowers told the Daily Mail that the agate, discovered in November in […]

Titanoboa: The Monster Snake that Ruled Prehistoric Colombia

You may not want to read about this frightening creature if you suffer to any degree from ophidiophobia, or even if you are about to embark on a camping trip. Titanoboa fossils show it was the largest snake in the world. It lived during the Paleocene epoch, about 60 million years ago, so you are […]

The Jew is a Sadistic Bloodthirsty Monster – Zion Wants to Poison & Exterminate Us

THE GENOCIDAL JEW The Jew wants to conquer and annihilate the planet. Will you allow the evil Jew to defile and destroy the World or will You organize with us National Socialists and strike the heart of the vile Hebrew monster and thereby rescue the Universe from the curse of Zion? National Socialism is the […]

John Lennon at 80: One Man Against the Deep State ‘Monster’

By John Whitehead Source “You gotta remember, establishment, it’s just a name for evil. The monster doesn’t care whether it kills all the students or whether there’s a revolution. It’s not thinking logically, it’s out of control.”—John Lennon (1969) John Lennon, born 80 years ago on October 9, 1940, was a musical genius and pop cultural icon. […]

Ancient Sea Monster Discovered in Hull of King’s Ship

During the summer solstice of 1495 AD, the royal flagship Gribshunden of the Danish King Hans, also known as King John of Denmark, sank when sailing from Copenhagen to Kalmar, Sweden, where it was to meet Sten Sture the Elder as part of Hans’s claim to the Swedish throne. The shipwreck was discovered by sport […]

GM nightmare unfolds: Humans have created a MONSTER MOSQUITO that can now RESIST the pesticides meant to kill them

(Natural News) Getting bit by mosquitoes is never fun, and it can be downright deadly if they happen to be carrying diseases like malaria. Mankind’s quest to keep this nuisance under control, however well-meaning it may be, appears to have had the opposite of its intended effect as a new study shows how mosquitoes have […]

What lies beneath: ‘Monster’ plankton discovered in Arctic ice (PHOTO)

The fortuitous discovery of the eight-legged creature – which freakishly only has one eye, no mouth and two hairy antennae – was made by a University of Manitoba student in 2014. READ MORE: Jellyfish invasions caused by human construction at sea – study Aurelie Delaforge was working at an ice camp in the wilds of Cambridge […]

5 Stories You’re Missing While Monster Hurricanes Cause A Media Frenzy

Since the end of August, calamitous hurricanes have dominated the news cycle. From Harvey to Irma to Maria, which grew from a Category 1 to a Category 5 storm in just half a day, many people want to stay informed about the struggle and damage these natural disasters are leaving in their wake. Unsurprisingly, the media’s obsessive […]

Scientists Reveal Identity Of Mysterious ‘Sea Monster’ Found On Mexican Beach

From the Kraken and Moby Dick to Nessie the Loch Ness Monster, people have been telling tales about sea monsters for centuries. While these famous sea creatures may be a work of fiction, they are often inspired by very real and mysterious creatures that roam the seas. In December, scientists found one such creature on […]

Sun Unleashes MASSIVE Monster Solar Flare Earth Facing, Multiple Explosions/EMP/QUAKES, HUGE CME Headed Toward Earth [Videos]

An X9.3 class solar flare flashes in the middle of the Sun on Sept. 6, 2017. Credit:NASA/GSFC/SDO Via BPEarthWatch: FULL CORONAL MASS EJECTION NOW SHOWING ON SATELLITES Stereo A has picked up a Massive CME that is headed toward Earth. Via BPEarthWatch: Source Article from 00

The Sun Just Unleashed A Monster Solar Flare, The Strongest In A Decade

Next Story Have you ever seen the Northern and Southern Lights? The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) predict that with the recent solar flares, the Auroras will be visible and can extend southward into the continental United States, from Washington and Idaho in the West to Indiana and Ohio in the […]

Hezbollah co-leader Kassam: US nurtured ISIS monster against Syrian govt, now has to fight them

     The US had to step back from its policy of regime change in Syria after multiple failures, as the jihadists they allegedly hoped to use as a proxy began posing a threat, Hezbollah’s Deputy Secretary General, Sheikh Naim Kassem, argued in an interview to RT. For an exclusive interview with RT’s Eisa Ali, one […]

Hezbollah co-leader: US nurtured ISIS monster against Syrian govt, now has to fight them

For an exclusive interview with RT’s Eisa Ali, one of the most senior Hezbollah leaders agreed to meet –with the toughest security precautions in place – in a clandestine location in Beirut. Kassem told RT he believes US President Donald Trump has opted for a less confrontational approach in Syria of late after previous attempts […]

People Say They Can’t Sleep After Seeing This Terrifying Deep Sea Monster

The vast, confounding, and beautiful oceans of Earth remain largely unexplored by mankind. In fact, the deepest parts of the sea are considered by many to be the real final frontier: they’re as mysterious as outer space, but accessible enough that we rarely stop to think about just how fascinating the world underwater really is. The immense pressure at the bottom […]

Monster storm batters the city of Chengdu, China

     A heavy rainstorm yesterday ravaged the Chinese city of Chengdu during evening rush hours, causing traffic chaos. Terrifying video clips circulating on social media show high wind gusts pushing cars on the road like toys and smashing down the glass doors of an office building. The extreme weather also caused a huge explosion in […]

Diane Ravitch: Betsy DeVos Is A Monster The Democrats Helped Create

Above Photo: Getty The policy analyst argues school reform has brought public education to the brink of destruction. $9.2 billion—that’s the amount the Trump administration plans to slice from the Department of Education, according to its latest budget proposal. The carnage includes deep cuts to teacher training, mental health, school arts, anti-bullying initiatives and countless other services, as well […]

The Monster in the Mirror: Washington’s Blind Ambition

     In the agitated August of 1968, the myopic Soviet Union rolled its drab tank platoons into Czechoslovakia, crushing a spontaneous outbreak of free speech and self-determination known as the Prague Spring. Far away, perhaps cloistered in some poet’s atelier, W.H. Auden scripted his impressions from a distance: The Ogre does what ogres can, Deeds […]

Democrats and GOP in bidding war to out-Israel one another

Maybe if Trump wins, the Democrats will suddenly start caring about issues such as war and Palestinian rights and the sheer hell that the West, Israel, and the Sunni states have made of Syria. The current obsession with identity politics keeps the Democratic base from caring about the fact that their leaders are warmongers and […]

Fourth Position Radio: The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan

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China to ‘eavesdrop’ on alien life with giant, multimillion dollar radio telescope (VIDEO)

The Single-Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST), as it is known, is an enormous dish made up of 4,450 reflector panels with a diameter of half a kilometer and an area the size of around 30 football pitches, according to the Xinhua news agency. It was completed in southwestern China’s Guizhou Province on Sunday, when the last […]

Germany Calls Out US For Warmongering & Saber Rattling With Russia

Print Friendly Above Photo: Soldiers demonstrate their skills during a military police exercise before the NATO summit in July in Warsaw, at the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw, Poland May 24, 2016. REUTERS/KACPER PEMPEL/FILE PHOTO Last week marked the official launch of NATO’s Anakonda-16 war games, calling for the largest assembly of foreign forces in Poland […]

Rabbi Rabinovich’s 1952 Speech Resonates Today

  June 12, 2016 Source Article from 00

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