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NIH virus lab in Montana with links to Wuhan Institute of Virology found to be carrying out risky virus research

(NaturalNews) Daily Mail has obtained exclusive footage from inside a controversial Montana lab in which risky research is being conducted on animals with funding… Source

Montana CPS abducts teen from family after parents refuse to go along with LGBT “sex change”

(NaturalNews) The father and step-mother of a 14-year-old Montana girl who was groomed into undergoing a “sex change” to become a “male” have lost custody of their… Source

Anthony Fauci-run Lab in Montana Experimented with Coronavirus Strain from Wuhan a Year Before Covid Pandemic Began

US taxpayer money was used to experiment with coronaviruses from the Chinese lab thought to be the source of the Covid pandemic more than a year before the global outbreak, an investigation has found. Source

Montana transgender lawmaker speaks before disciplinary action

Montana transgender lawmaker speaks before disciplinary action lead image Source

Yet another train derailment sees 25 freight cars tumble into a Montana river

Yet another train derailment sees 25 freight cars tumble into a Montana river just weeks after massive crashes in South Dakota and Ohio Date: April 2, 2023Author: Nwo Report   Posted BY: RM | NwoReport At least 25 cars on a train traveling through Montana derailed Sunday morning, spilling out contents into the area and […]

Ryan Zinke: Montana Libertarian, Democrat Having ‘Lovefest’ over Shared Leftist Values

Montana Republican congressional candidate Ryan Zinke told Breitbart News Saturday that Montana Libertarian candidate John Lamb and the Montana Democrat Monica Tranel are having a “lovefest” over their shared leftist values. Zinke, a former Montana congressman and secretary of the Interior, said Lamb is “not really a libertarian,” noting that Big Sky Country has a libertarian streak, […]

Stunning: Montana election integrity organization found more than 120,000 invalid votes cast during 2020 election

(Natural News) More evidence has emerged detailing how massive the Democrat-led fraud was during the 2020 election that was stolen from President Donald Trump and Republicans. While much of the attention post-2020 has focused on battleground states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia, other states appear to have suffered major fraud as well, including […]

Montana District Court relists wolverine under candidate species status under the Endangered Species Act

This decision comes as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services are reconsidering its 2020 decision to deny listing the wolverine as threatened or endangered.

Montana Democrat Suspends Campaign for Congressional Seat

Montana Democrat Caucus Chair, state Rep. Laurie Bishop (D-Livingston), announced Wednesday she is suspending her campaign for the state’s new congressional seat due to redistricting to run for reelection in her seat in the state House. Bishop’s announcement comes roughly one week after the states’ redistricting commission submitted their final congressional map outlining the state’s two U.S. House districts to the secretary […]

‘Montana Man’ Who Confronted Tucker Carlson Worked For CIA-Founded Front Group

Dan Bailey, the “Montana man” who confronted Tucker Carlson in a fly fishing shop in Livingston, formerly worked at an organization that was founded as a front group for the CIA. Tucker Carlson tells a man who confronts him in a fly fishing shop to “settle down, son.” — Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) July 24, 2021 […]

Montana Is First State To Cancel Unemployment Benefits In Response To Unprecedented Worker Shortage

Three weeks ago, when looking at the unprecedented labor shortage that is crippling the US economy (even with some 100 million Americans not in the labor force)… …we said that there is a simple reason for this paradoxical phenomenon: trillions in Biden stimulus are now incentivizing potential workers not to seek gainful employment, but to sit back […]

Montana Gov. Signs Bill Prohibiting Gov’t from ‘Burdening’ Citizens’ Religious Liberty

(Christian Headlines) — Saying he wants to protect the “right to freely exercise their religion,” Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte signed a bill into law Thursday that prohibits the government from “burdening” an individual’s religious liberty and gives citizens the right to sue if they believe their rights have been infringed. The new law, known as […]

Montana Bans ‘Sanctuary Cities’ for Illegal Aliens

Republican governor Greg Gianforte has banned so-called “sanctuary cities” for illegal aliens from the state of Montana. The move is a clear warning shot from state GOP lawmakers to the Biden administration and Congress who are relentlessly pushing forward their progressive agenda. You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing you agree to our Terms of […]

Montana considering series of new bills to expand trapping and killing of wolves, bears

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Montana considering series of new bills to expand trapping and killing of wolves and bears — and activists say it’s “an outright war against wildlife”

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Montana Becomes 18th State to Abolish Concealed Carry Permit Requirement

Montana became the 18th state to end its concealed carry permit requirement when Gov. Greg Gianforte (R) signed House Bill 102 on Thursday. The NRA-ILA reported that Gianforte signed HB102, which means Montanans can “carry a firearm for self-defense throughout the state without a government-mandated permit.” Breitbart News reported that HB102 also removes a number of state […]

This Montana rabbi cites Jewish law in the state legislature

When Ed Stafman was designing the signs he hoped his supporters would plant on their lawns, he debated between two: “Elect Rabbi Ed” or “Elect Ed Stafman.” He settled on the version with his last name. After all, he said, “Everyone knows me as Rabbi Ed.” Until the election in November, “everyone” meant the people […]

Montana ‘Save Women’s Sports Act’ Advances by 11-8 Committee Vote

Photo Credit: Steven Lelham/Unsplash HELENA, Mont. — A Montana bill that seeks to ensure fair competition in school sports by prohibiting biological males from joining women’s teams will now advance to the full state House of Representatives after narrowly being approved by a legislative committee. “[T]he legislature finds that there are ‘inherent differences between men […]

RH – Proof that Covid Is Fake, Plus Montana Lawsuit

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Manhunt Underway In Montana For Vandals Who Warned Locals That Israel Orchestrated 9-11 Attacks

Police in Kalispell, Montana, are calling on the community to help find the people responsible for recent incidents of vandalism in which the culprits attempted to inform the public that Israel was behind the 9-11 attacks, according to a local CBS affiliate KTVQ: Antisemitic vandalism was spotted on a billboard off Highway 93, as well […]

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