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Did Moses Actually Marry A Black African Woman?

Here we will continue with another installment from Charles Weisman’s book Is Universalism Of God? — specifically where Weisman addresses the racial identity of Moses’ wife whom many falsely believe was a Nubian — a black African woman. We cannot look at the Near East today and assume that it looked that way 3,500 years […]

American Moses: Mike Johnson at the National Association of Christian Lawmakers Gala

Christian nationalists gathered Tuesday night at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C, for a National Association of Christian Lawmakers gala at which House Speaker Mike Johnson delivered the keynote address and received the NACL’s American Patriot Award for Christian Honor and Courage. The tenor of the evening was set by far-right anti-LGBTQ pastor […]

Greeks in ancient Egypt

Greeks in ancient Egypt From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Greeks have been present in Egypt since at least the 7th century BC or more. Herodotus visited ancient Egypt in the 5th century BC and claimed that the Greeks were one of the first groups of foreigners that ever lived there.[4] Diodorus Siculus claimed that Rhodian […]

Do Akhenaten’s Links with Yom Kippur Traditions Shed New Light on Moses?

The holiest day of the Jewish year,  Yom Kippur,  means “Day of Atonement”. Marked by confession, repentance, and forgiveness, it takes place ten days after the Jewish New Year. Its origins remain to this day cloaked in mystery. I believe that Yom Kippur traditions connect all the way back to ancient Egypt and the period […]

Bob Moses: Organizer And Civil Rights Pioneer

Above Photo: Bob Moses speaks to volunteers. (Steve Schapiro) At a time when voting rights are under assault, it is important to remember the legacy of Bob Moses, a brilliant community organizer who died on Saturday at age 86. Moses was a key architect of the movement to enlist Southern Black workers and sharecroppers to […]


[embedded content]From:  FREE PALESTINE. Israeli official calls for concentration camps. “We in the West have received a huge wake-up call that our politicians are all completely beneath contempt, bribed and blackmailed by World Jewry to the point of incomprehensible corruption.”  The Plan. The Kosher Nostra is essentially a criminal organisation run by the elite. The Kosher […]

“His Face Was Radiant”: Pulling Back The Veil On The Mystery Of Moses’ Shining Face

One of the Bible’s most enduring exegetical enigmas has to be the strangely shining semblance of Moses. The Book of Exodus relates how after the great Hebrew lawgiver receives the Ten Commandments from the Lord, he descends Mount Sinai, upon which everyone notices his face has become newly ‘radiant’. Fearful, they withdraw from Moses, and […]

Nuweiba Beach Archeology: Moses and the Israelites Cross the Gulf of Aqqaba

The Bible is true and every human is a liar. [embedded content] Documentary of the Nuweiba Beach crossing and Solomon’s pillars. [embedded content] Welcome to the world of Eurofolk Radio, where biblical truth meets (and beats) modern skepticism. Share this: Source

Muse and Moses

“Sing Muse, of Achilles’ wrath,”begins the Iliad, about the grievance of a Greek,whereas the Bible quoth,using an analogous poetical technique,that by the Reed Sea after the Egyptians and their horses drowned,yet Israelites crossed dryshod,Moses sang, and in his Sea Song crownedwith glory not himself, but God.   Leon Kass in Founding God’s Nation: Reading Exodus between […]

Learning from Moses: How to Work for Goals, Not Roles

When Shimon Peres died at the age of 93 in 2016, he was considered to be one of the world’s leading statesmen. This achievement was all the more astonishing, given the fact that Shimon Peres ran for prime minister five times (in 1977, 1981, 1984, 1988 and 1996) and never won a single election! Peres […]

Was Moses high? Was the original Eucharist psychoactive? Studies linking religion and drugs gain traction

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I was there when the man Moses mounted a defense of himself: that he needed no dreams, was never taught to talk out of a trance and refused all drugs, all fumes; he threw no bones, inspected no innards, watched no birds. God spoke to him inside his normal mind and it was brutal, ceaseless, […]

Rabbi: “Dear Joe, You Are Our Moses!”

This rabbi has some big expectations for pedo Joe. Biden is going to free the jews from “slavery” and end racism in America! Bitchute link

‘Our Moses’: Delaware rabbi blesses Biden at ceremony on eve of inauguration

JTA — A Delaware rabbi blessed US President-elect Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, before they left the state for the presidential inauguration, by citing this week’s Torah portion describing the Israelites’ flight from Egypt. Rabbi Michael Beals explained at the farewell ceremony in New Castle the meaning of “bashert,” the Yiddish term for destiny […]

The Tragedy of the Moses connection to Christ.

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Palestinian court releases top DJ on bail after techno rave at Moses’ burial place

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‘Palestinian techno queen’ arrested for holding rave party at Moses’ burial site

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Romulus and Remus, Osiris and Moses: Are the Storytelling Similarities a Mere Coincidence?

The stories of Romulus and Remus, Osiris, and Moses all share a common element. Why is it that the overarching theme surrounding ancient people and the start of their legacy is a male floating down the river to escape harm from another threatening male? Is it a coincidence that the leaders of these people were all […]

YCP – Moses Did NOT Mate with a Black Woman

YCP – Moses Did NOT Mate with a Black WomanYAHWEH’S COVENANT PEOPLE Pastor Eli James reviews the most relevant information concerning Moses’ marriage to the Midianite (Shemitic) woman Zipporah versus the unconsummated previous “marriage” to Adoniah of Ehtiopia.

Passover is a reminder the battle between Moses and the Pharaoh is still raging

Tonight marks the first night of Passover, and so I’d like to ask my Jews reading this to take a few minutes to ponder the meaning of this day, beyond a day of Matzoh and singing with family members around the dinner table. Passover celebrates the resistance and liberation of the Jewish people from the […]

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