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Citizen Scientists Find Over 1,000 Burial Mounds in Dutch Countryside

A throng of more than 6,000 amateur researchers from the heritage organization Erfgoed Gezoeken have spent the last several years examining imagery of the hills, dunes, valleys and forests of the central Netherlands, in search of archaeological and historical anomalies. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

Watch: Buffalo residents dig through mounds of snow after monster storm

The monster storm that killed dozens in the US over the Christmas weekend continues to inflict misery on New York State. Source

Retired Historian Uncovers Native American Effigy Mounds in Wisconsin

In a patch of woods on a homestead in southeastern Wisconsin, a recent aerial survey revealed the presence of a pair of hidden historical gems.  Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Ancient Places Americas Read Later  Source

Burial Mounds in Serbia Reveal Skeletons of 5,000-Year-Old Painted Men

Entombed inside two large barrows (burial mounds) located on an open plain in northern Serbia, a team of scientists from the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IAEPAN) found some highly anomalous skeletons. The men in these burial mounds were of significant height, and the bones of each had been […]

Mohenjo Daro and The Mounds That Hid a Civilization

In 1914, Rakhaldas Banerji, Director of the Western Archaeological District in Bombay (now Mumbai), went to investigate a series of mounds near the town of Dokri in Sindh Province, Pakistan. The site had never been excavated as locals believed the site to be cursed and that anyone who climbed the mounds would turn blue! Previous investigations […]

Secret Stonehenge: Mounds, Artifacts, and Intrigue

Stonehenge stands within a vast ritual landscape. Encircling the towering stones, over 800 round mounds once added to the temple’s splendour. From within these enigmatic mounds some of the finest artifacts have been unearthed. They are the archaeological Holy Grail to understanding the spirituality and daily life of a culture long gone. Monuments like Stonehenge […]

Titans Under the Earth: Evidence for The Tall Ones, and the Mounds of Pennsylvania

This article is dedicated to the memory of John William Dillon, who kept truth and dreams alive. During the Early Woodland Period (1000—200 BC), the Adena people constructed extensive burial mounds and earthworks throughout the Ohio Valley in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Many of the skeletal remains found in these mounds by […]

Auschwitz Concentration Camps in CANADA: Mounds of Mass Murdered Children Discovered-Over 60,000! CIA RUN NAZI OPERATION!

[embedded content] End the Reign of Terror against Children: Stop the Canadian Genocide! Starvation. Torture. Gang rapes. Medical experiments. Sterilizations. These crimes were inflicted on children for generations in the Catholic Indian “residential school” in Kamloops, B.C. But it was only one of over a hundred such death camps across Canada run by the Catholic, […]

Jesus’ crucifixion, a cursed king and mysterious giant mounds: Top biblical archaeology stories of 2020

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The Isle of Pines Mounds: A South Pacific Mystery Solved?

A small, picturesque, island in the French territory of New Caledonia hides a mystery that continues to defy rational explanation. More than 400 grass-covered mounds, averaging two or three meters in height, dot the Isle of Pines. At first glance, these “tumuli,” as they are termed by scholars, look unremarkable. But a handful of excavations […]

Researchers Find Tetrahedral Geometry & Reflections of Pythagoras & Dirac In The Mounds of Cydonia, On Mars

Next Story A new study published in the Journal of Space Exploration titled “The Mounds of Cydonia: Elegant Geology, or Tetrahedral Geometry and Reactions of Pythagoras and Dirac?” has added to the already robust evidence pointing to “artificial surface interventions” on Mars. The main premise of the article is that these structures, if indeed artificial, “provide an elegant […]

French President: ‘Security Services Exaggerate Terror Threat to Justify Security Measures’

     In 2009, before he was President, Francois Hollande appears to have been much more perspicacious about the nature of the ‘terror threat’, including the way in which authorities can and do exaggerate that threat to justify draconian legislation that deprives innocent people of their freedoms and civil liberties. What happened in the interim Mr. […]

‘T.V-Unbelievable’ – Katy Perry Parody

Lyrics by Barbara Finkelsteinberg Video and Performance by Shiksa Goddess Special thanks to Omniphi Media: LYRICS: Media, so hypnotising, never do a fact check no second opinion A spell cast, mesmerizing Numbers Kabbalistic many false statistics We want, you afraid, without the medias cover our power would be over Studied, your DNA to […]

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