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Boris Johnson’s Mummified Ancestor Died from Pathogen, Not the STD Syphilis

New research reveals Boris Johnson’s mummified Swiss ancestor did not die of syphilis, as has long been believed, but of an unknown pathogen. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

3,500-Year-Old Mummified Bear Found in Siberian Permafrost

As the permafrost in Siberia melts, it has revealed a mummified brown bear that lived more than three millennia ago. Scientists are now planning to conduct an autopsy on the bear, with the hope of making a breakthrough in the study of ancient animals. The bear’s remains were found by deer herders on Bolshoi Lyakhovsky […]

Mummified Crocodiles Sacrificed to the Gods Uncovered in Egypt

While performing excavations at a site known as Qubbat al-Hawā in southern Egypt in 2019, archaeologists from the University of Jaén in Spain made a strange and startling discovery. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

Headless Mummified Falcons Found in Egyptian Temple Suggests Ancient Ritual

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient Egyptian temple with 15 mummified falcons, many of them headless and buried around a pedestal.  Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

Humans Were Mummified into Honey Candy in Arabian Medical Practice

While ancient history boasts a host of grisly medical recipes, one of the most intriguing and elaborate was the mellified man, a human being mummified into honey candy. Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later  Source

Buddhist Monks Self-Mummified Their Bodies While Still Alive

Over 1,000 years ago, an esoteric sect known as Shingon – which combined elements from Buddhism, Old Shinto, Taoism, and other religions – developed a horrifying practice of self-mummification of the living body.  Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later 

Mummified “Mermaid” is CT Scanned by Japanese Scientists

The origins of a bizarre creature that resides in a Japanese temple are being studied. While the so-called mermaid is worshipped as such, a folklorist suspects this is another  P. T. Barnum  special. Mermaids: The Body Found  was a wildly successful 2012 mockumentary television program presented as a factual documentary on American TV channels  Animal […]

Fetus Found Mummified Inside the Womb of a 2,000-Year-Old Egyptian Mummy

A mummified fetus identified within the leathery womb of an ancient Egyptian pregnant mummy was preserved for more than 2,000 years. Now, scientists have described the unusual processes that led to its preservation. The Warsaw Mummy Project was launched in 2015 by a team of bio-archaeologists from the University of Warsaw. Their website says they […]

Mummified Remains Of A Former Slave Discovered At Pompeii

The mummified remains of a prominent man who was remembered for having commissioned artistic performances that were performed in Greek have been retrieved from a tomb in Pompeii. The burial is remarkable in several ways, not least for how well it helped preserve the man’s remains, which include hair and part of an ear. Pompeii’s […]

‘Love Has Won’ Cult: Seven Charged After ‘Mother God’ Leader Found Mummified in Glitter and Fairy Lights

(Independent) — Seven people are facing charges related to abusing a corpse, as well as child abuse, after a cult leader’s mummified body was found decorated with Christmas lights and glitter in what appeared to be a shrine in southern Colorado in the US. Amy Carlson, 45, who was known as “Mother God” by her followers, was found […]

Love Has Won cult: Seven charged after leader found mummified in glitter and fairy lights

Seven people are facing charges related to abusing a corpse as well as child abuse after a cult leader’s mummified body was found decorated with Christmas lights and glitter in what appeared to be a shrine in a southern Colorado in the US. Amy Carlson, 45, who was known as “Mother God” by her followers, […]

Love Has Won: What we know about the cult whose leader was found mummified in Colorado

What began as a wellness check on a member of a religious group in Colorado turned into a bizarre horror story after the corpse of the group’s leader was found wrapped in a sleeping bag, covered in Christmas lights and whose eyeless sockets were decorated with glitter. The search of the home by Saguache County […]

Love Has Won: Son of cult leader found mummified in glitter says group must be brought to an end

The son of a religious cult leader whose body was found decorated with Christmas lights and glitter as part of a “shrine” inside a Colorado house, has called for her movement to be brought to an end. Cole Carlson told a Denver broadcaster, KDVR-TV, on Tuesday that his mother, Amy Carlson – whose adherents called […]

The Mummified Miner: Fet Mats Israelsson and His Unfortunate Demise

Mining is an industry that really doesn’t sound all that entertaining or enigmatic. Rocks, drills, and pickaxes – not much happens in the world of a miner. But when it  does – it tends to be spectacular! When a group of Swedish miners got to work in a mine in 1719, they quickly discovered that mining […]

Pharaoh’s Parade: Mummified Display of Egypt’s Glorious Past

When you utter the name “Egypt,” the first thing that comes to the mind is the storied past hidden in the deep recesses of fantastical pyramids. Not to forget, unending expanses of beautiful, golden desert. To commemorate this rich history, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is organizing a Pharaoh’s parade on Saturday, April 3, […]

Miners Strike Ice Age Gold Finding a Mummified Wolf Cub

A new study has revealed exciting information about a mummified wolf cub that was found in the Canadian permafrost. Scientists say the little creature that was discovered by miners in the Yukon is “the most complete wolf mummy known.” They have been studying this excellent specimen for a few years now and have finally announced […]

First Naturally Mummified Inka Llama Sacrifices Found!

Archaeologists working in Peru have unearthed the first known naturally mummified remains of Inka llama sacrifices. The animals are exceptionally well-preserved and still bear the decorations that were placed upon them in preparation for the ritual sacrifice to appease Inka deities over 500 years ago. The Inka (Inca) people worshipped many deities and those beings […]

Mummified Bishop Reveals the Ancient Origins Of Tuberculosis

The ancient origins of tuberculosis have finally been identified after a team of scientists followed a trail of molecular breadcrumbs through the lung of a Danish mummified bishop. Peder Pedersen Winstrup (1605-1679 AD) was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, and this larger than life man became an accomplished architect, scientist and book-printer. He was then appointed […]

Discover Made….Mummified Hunting Dog Found Inside Hollow Tree

Nestled inside the Southern Forest World museum in Waycross, Georgia, is a tree stump that contains the mummified remains of a 4-year-old hound dog that’s been dubbed “Stuckie.” According to Roadside America, a blog whose owners travel the country in search of interesting roadside attractions, a lumber crew found the mummified carcass in the trunk of a […]

New Mummified Alien Discovered In Peru

A new unexpected discovery has been unearthed in Peru with scientists claiming to have found a mummified 3-fingered alien buried in Nazca. A video of the body went viral on YouTube this week, after filmmakers at Gaia joined researchers and independent scientists unearthing a 5’6″ tall extraterrestrial with an elongated skull. In the video, Professor Konstantin Korotkov of Saint Petersburg University […]

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