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The Memo: How Murdoch changed American politics

Rupert Murdoch, who announced Wednesday he was stepping back from his role as chair of Fox and News Corp, leaves a bigger imprint on American politics than the vast majority of people who have held elected office. Whether that impact has been for the good or for bad depends on the politics of the person… […]

How Murdoch’s Rogue News Corp Operates

The way News Corp operates must be traced to Rupert Murdoch himself for he has told us that ‘for better or worse (News Corp) is a reflection of my own thinking, my character and my values’. Let me give some examples of how News Corp operates. Ken Cowley was a very senior and loyal executive […]

Australian Government tracking you less than Rupert Murdoch?

Well not quite. The statement is technically false but factually true in the ‘news’ sense. The Australian Government’s Pravda or Xinhua News Agency equivalents for Russia and China respectively is the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). Corporations vie for your data, where ultimately it’s all about control, with an entrepreneurial mix of surveillance capitalism, a much […]

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp a data collection corporation!

Corporations w̶a̶n̶t̶ need you to use their apps on portable devices rather than a browser on a personal computer/laptop, as more data is ‘hoovered’ up that way. When opening up the site on a browser and reading 10 native articles, meaning not being directed elsewhere, Murdoch tries to obtain a whopping over 17,360 pieces […]

Rupert Murdoch Becomes Latest Rich Elitist to Buy Huge Property in Remote Area

While the Biden administration has attempted to dismiss inflation and food supply issues, China is now urging its citizens to prepare for the winter by stockpiling food. “A statement from China’s government urging local authorities to ensure there was adequate food supply during the winter and encouraging people to stock up on some essentials prompted […]

Murdoch’s papers didn’t report on Ghislane Maxwell’s arrest

Murdoch’s papers didn’t report on Ghislane Maxwell’s arrest Now you know why zionist Murdoch’s papers didn’t report on Ghislane Maxwell’s arrest. And people buy his papers and believe the crap they read. Give me a break!  

Rupert Murdoch’s “Deadpool 2” Has a Hidden Karl Marx Easter Egg & a Cut Scene of Baby Hitler Being Murdered

Warning, Spoiler Alert! Deadpool 2 is a movie based on an antihero named Deadpool from the Marvel comic book universe. The film is a sequel and was released on May 18, 2018 (United States). There are 600 Easter Eggs, references & cameos in this movie. There is even a hidden Easter Egg of the hack […]

UK COLUMN: US-UK-France’s Nonexistent Case on Syrian WMDs and More Murdoch Fake News

Going over the Friday night’s post-mortem in Syria, and pondering the Tripartite powers’ apparent decimation of international law. It seems that the US, Britain and France have a lot to answer for now. Meanwhile, the BBC offers a platform to a Syrian terrorist moonlighting as a White Helmet-terrorist, and Rupert Murdoch continues pumping out fake […]

Murdoch’s Minions: They Lied About Donald Trump

By JOHN NOLTEBreitbart News One of the secrets of pulling a successful con, most especially a long con, is finding a willing mark, an eager sucker, someone who is just dishonest enough not to ask any serious questions about all this easy money. For Claude Taylor, a former staffer in Bill Clinton’s White House, and […]

U.K. reconsidering Rupert Murdoch’s acquisition of Sky News following Seth Rich conspiracy on Fox News

NPR’s David Folkenflik reported on Tuesday that the United Kingdom’s culture minister advised a government regulator to review the acquisition amid outrage over Fox News’ coverage of Seth Rich’s murder. Members of Britain’s Parliament have cited the Rich story as cause for a full review of the media buy. Former Labour leader Ed Miliband called […]

Going Underground – BURIED NEWS: Murdoch Sky News leak, Baltimore Slumlord & Pentagon’s Civilian deaths

Going Underground – BURIED NEWS: Murdoch Sky News leak, Baltimore Slumlord & Pentagon’s Civilian deaths Going Underground with Afshin Senior Producer Pete Bennett looks at what news has been buried this week. View the original video for Going Underground – BURIED NEWS: Murdoch Sky News leak, Baltimore Slumlord & Pentagon’s Civilian deaths at […]

Murdoch Threatened Sean Hannity Into Dropping Seth Rich Story

One of Rupert Murdoch’s sons threatened Fox News host Sean Hannity into dropping his coverage of the Seth Rich murder investigation. The murdered DNC whistleblower has been linked to a plot involving top Democrats who allegedly wished to reprimand him for leaking damaging emails about the party to WikiLeaks. reports: One of the more prominent people to investigate […]

Murdoch Murdoch: Nice Guy National Socialist

ZeigerDaily Stormer May 4, 2017 Finally, Murdoch Murdoch give Andrew Anglin a named cameo. The balance of the universe is restored. Source Article from

Giving NY’s Governor A $783,000 Bribe Is Business As Usual For Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch attends the WSJ. Magazine 2014 Innovator Awards at MoMA on Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2014, in New York. (Photo: Andy Kropa/Invision/AP) A Buffalo News headline (4/18/17) asked a pointed question about New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo: “How Did Cuomo Make $783,000 on Memoir That Sold 3,200 Copies?” The accompanying article did not delve particularly […]

SS Auschwitz Guard Convicted For Role In Mass Murder During Holocaust

Former SS-Unterscharführer Reinhold Hanning has been sentenced to five years in prison for his part in the mass murder of at least 170,000 people at the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland during the second world war. On Friday a court in Germany sentenced the 94-year-old to five years in prison in what is likely to […]

"How America’s Afghan crusade came home to Orlando"

Orlando ISIS gunman was embedded in expatriate US-backed Afghan jihad network This exclusive is published by INSURGE INTELLIGENCE, a crowd-funded investigative journalism project for the global commons The US-Afghan military industrial complex surrounding Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen’s father stretches from Blackwater to Donald Trump. […]

‘Flip It’…Primary Preview!

‘Flip It’…Primary Preview! Click To Flip, Elections 2016 ‘Flip It’…Primary Preview!By Brother Nathanael Kapner February 7, 2016 ©___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ For More See: Why The Jews Love Hillary Click Here And: ‘Flip It’ Adviser…Elections 2016 Click Here And: World News Wrap Up Click Here And: How Bernie Sanders Lost His Hair […]

Pacifica, California residents on edge as 2nd sinkhole opens along seawall

     Pacifica residents are feeling on edge Friday morning now that a second sinkhole opened up along the seawall. They say the huge waves that pounded them Thursday night and Friday morning aren’t very comforting. The Pacifica seawall is taking a beating this winter, with El Nino giving the waves here an intensity that surprises […]

Google Robot Has ‘Cracked’ World’s Most Complex Game

Google researchers have announced a big step forward for Artificial intelligence (AI) as one of its machines mastered the ancient Chinese game, Go, outclassing the current European champion of the game.  The 2,500 year old game as proved a difficult one for computers to beat over the years due to its near infinite number of […]

Iran’s Ski Police To Enforce Morality On Damavand Slopes

Iran is to deploy ski police to enforce segregation between men and women and to prevent immoral offences by the skiers, according to a police commander. The slopes to the north of the capital Tehran and part of the Elburz mountain range are segregated and women are not allowed to ski in the absence of a […]

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