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HHS sued over rule that forces medical professionals to perform genital mutilations

(NaturalNews) McComb Children’s Clinic in Mississippi has filed a federal lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for adopting a rule… Source

Nike launches 2023 Pride Month with “doctor” who performs transgender mutilations on CHILDREN

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) A leaked email has revealed that the Nike corporation is promoting a surgeon for this year’s “pride” month who says he has performed many “gender affirming mastectomies” on minors – and is apparently proud of it.The email starts off by stating that “This year’s theme is Together We Are Undeniable,” adding that […]

Target circulates memo that claims those who don’t support trans mutilations of children are “extremists”

(Natural News) Target – once a popular retail chain – is facing backlash from its customer base after launching a “pride collection” that is aimed at sexualizing kids, spreading perversion, and normalizing the delusion of transgenderism in youth. Target has also ramped up its promotion of trans activists and the perverted merchandise they create. This […]

Madison County Authorities Investigating Mysterious Cattle Mutilations In Texas

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death and mutilation of cattle in Texas. In a public notice released on Wednesday this week they informed locals that six different cows in “different locations, pastures, […] The post Madison County Authorities Investigating Mysterious Cattle Mutilations In Texas appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Biden administration promotes child mutilations during roundtable with gender-confused kids

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) President Joe Biden’s administration recently hosted a roundtable to “affirm” gender dysphoric children and signify his regime’s unwavering support of life-altering chemical and surgical gender reassignment procedures.According to the White House, the “Roundtable on Affirming Transgender Kids” was held on March 31 to … [Read More…] Source

Child mutilators say their mutilations are “evidence-based care,” but where’s the evidence?

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Are you a male interested in science-backed “gender affirming” surgery? That’s where surgeons create a vagina from a section of your bowels, and use tissues from your amputated penis to create a clitoris. Seattle Children’s Hospital wants everyone to know that it is their “mission” to do this to little boys who […]

New Horizons photo of Pluto may reveal one of the largest ‘ice volcanoes’ in the solar system

     A new photograph, released by NASA, may reveal one of the largest ‘ice volcanoes’ in the solar system on far-flung Pluto. The latest image of Pluto was taken by the New Horizons space probe during its flyby of the mysterious dwarf planet in July 2015, and its impressive level of detail has left mission […]

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