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Sewing needles discovered in Halloween candy in Ohio, What sick person does this?

Dystopian by each passing day. And the children are the main target for this madness. With public schools now openly teaching porn and LGBT ideology and labeling parents who protest as terrorists to FDA approval of Covid vaccines for children as young as 5. Nothing surprises me anymore. An observant child in Ohio made a […]

‘The swamp won’: Lincoln Project needles Trump with new attack ad

The election is over, but the Lincoln Project is still taunting Donald Trump. “The swamp won, Donald,” the anti-Trump group says in a new attack ad. “Mitch McConnell’s Washington consultants are making big money using your name.” The new ad, titled “Swamp Thing,” is set to hit airwaves on Fox News and local stations in […]

Hubble Telescope finds 2 ‘needles’ in separate galactic haystacks with double-quasar discovery

Researchers wielding the almost all-seeing eye on board NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope have detected not one, but two astronomical needles in two galactic haystacks; merging pairs of quasars that may reveal how galaxies form. By leveraging the wealth of information collected by the European Space Agency’s Gaia satellite and the ground-based Sloan Digital Sky Survey, […]

Estonian distillery infuses its tonic with Christmas pine needles

Traditionally tonics have been concocted from all kinds of health affirming ingredients. The tonic in a gin and tonic for instance was once laced with quinine; it acted as a treatment against malaria in colonial times when Europeans were stationed in faraway regions where they had no natural resistance to the parasite. And now there’s […]

New York: Heroin Junkies Infest Broadway, Litter With Needles – Police Do Nothing


This policy of allowing homeless people to shoot up opiates and leave needles everywhere started in San Francisco. Now that all the Democrat cities are neutering the police, I guess this will just start happening everywhere. For reference, the homosexual identity movement, and the agenda of infinity Mexicans, also came out of […]

No more needles: Diabetics can now monitor blood sugar levels through tears or sweat with a new biosensor

(Natural News) The first step in fighting back against diabetes is checking to see if a patient does indeed have it in the first place. In most cases, this is done through tracking a person’s glucose levels through their blood, which means going with the conventional prick method. This entails performing a […]

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