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How did Iran’s Islamic revolution inspire Nelson Mandela?

TEHRAN- There are very few people in the modern world that are venerated by almost everyone. July 18th is named after one of those figures; a man who devoted his entire life to establishing justice in society and eventually managed to change the course of the 20th century. A man who no matter what he […]

Nelson Mandela’s Granddaughter Calls Meghan Markle a ‘Selfish Lying Narcissist’

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are accused by Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter of taking advantage of her grandfather’s legacy. By collaborating with the Nelson Mandela Foundation to produce the Netflix series “Live to Lead,” Nikola Mandela, 57, said that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are “using” the late South African president’s name for their own […]

Robert Deutsch: Evidence Shows Flooding Of Nelson, New Zealand Man-Made

Originally posted on NORTHLAND NEW ZEALAND CHEMTRAILS WATCH: This report from Robert Deutsch points to the orchestrated weather modification efforts that resulted in mind-boggling flooding damage in Nelson. Nelson is at the top of the South Island of New Zealand. See RNZ‘s images of flood damage here: “this week’s weather bomb”.. States Deutsch, it is… […]

Poisoned Presidents & Poisoned Nelson Rockefeller By a CIA MKUltra Assassin

Join TS, Follow us & share this article! Zachary Taylor / 1850# 1: Harrison / #2: Polk / #3 TaylorComing Soon: 4-7 Poisoned Presidents?By Mike KingCase 3 of 7Zachary Taylor POISONED PRESIDENTS?Case 3 of 7 / Zachary Taylor* Standard Introduction for the Series(skip intro if you’ve already read it) Of the eight American presidents who died in office, there are […]

In support of Rev. J. Herbert Nelson II in his courageous stance on ’21st century slavery’

Editor’s Note: The following statement was issued by Kairos USA, Palestinian Christian Alliance for Peace, and Friends of Sabeel North America. “The continued occupation in Palestine/Israel is 21st century slavery.”  Rev J. Herbert Nelson II, Stated Clerk of the Presbyterian Church USA made this declaration as part of his January 17th message on the occasion of Martin Luther […]

George Bizos, The Lawyer Who Saved Nelson Mandela Honored in Greece

The main square of Vasilitsi, Messinia was named after George A. Bizos, the Greek-South African lawyer who saved Mandela and fought apartheid. Credit: Messinia Press George Bizos, the Greek-South African human rights lawyer who fought apartheid and saved Nelson Mandela from a death sentence during the Rivonia Trial, died on September 9, 2020. In honor […]

POLITICO Pro Q&A: NASA Administrator Bill Nelson

He is also trying to separately secure more money to give the agency a face lift. “I have clearly articulated the need for $5 billion of infrastructure needs for all 10 NASA centers and an additional 10 NASA facilities,” he said. Nelson, who represented Florida in the House and Senate, says he is seeking ways […]

Nelson wins bipartisan praise in bid for top NASA job

President Joe Biden officially announced his plans to nominate Nelson, an ardent supporter of the space program and friend of the president, on Friday morning, citing his work in Congress on the 2010 NASA Authorization Bill and his flight aboard the space shuttle in 1986 as reasons he is qualified for the job. “I am […]

Israeli judoka Timna Nelson Levy wins gold medal at Tel Aviv Grand Slam

Following the controversy surrounding Israel holding an international judo tournament amid the pandemic came the competition itself, and the home team judokas quickly triumphed on Thursday with Timna Nelson Levy winning a gold medal while Gili Cohen took a silver. On the first day of the Tel Aviv Grand Slam, Nelson Levy took on French […]

Barbados Removes Nelson Statue In Break With Colonial Past

BRIDGETOWN, Nov 17 (Reuters) – Barbados removed the statue of British Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson from the capital Bridgetown’s main square on Monday, two months after announcing plans to replace Britain’s Queen Elizabeth as its head of state and move on from its colonial past. The bronze statue was unveiled in 1813 to commemorate Nelson […]

Watching The Hawks – Reconstructing Puerto Rico with Nelson Denis

Watching The Hawks – Reconstructing Puerto Rico with Nelson Denis Watching The Why have recent hurricanes impacted Puerto Rico more than other affected areas in the US? Many of the answers lie in the bizarre legal relationship between Washington DC and its colonial territory, and former NY State Assemblyman Nelson Denis joins Sean Stone […]

George Nelson: Mourning a 9-11 Truth Teller

  June 18, 2017 Source Article from

Palestine’s Nelson Mandela

I have a confession to make: I like Marwan Barghouti. I have visited him at his modest Ramallah home several times. During our conversations, we discussed Israeli-Palestinian peace. Our ideas were the same: to create the State of Palestine next to the State of Israel, and to establish peace between the two states, based on […]

Campaign Nonviolence Week Of Actions 2016

Print Friendly Above Photo: From Campaign Nonviolence is a long-term movement for a culture of peace and nonviolence free from war, poverty, racism, environmental destruction and the epidemic of violence. We invite people and organizations in the U.S. and worldwide to take action during CNV Action Week September 18-25, 2016 including on the International Day […]

Black Judge Rules Mississippi Schools Must be Force-Integrated

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer May 17, 2016 The United States has the worst public school system in the developed world. There is no argument who is responsible for this: the colored folk. Instead of dealing with this problem by segregating the Blacks, the Federal government is doing the opposite: forced integration. The Clarion-Ledger: The Cleveland School […]

3 Current Phenomena Expose 1984 Being Used As Instruction Manual for the State

Assessing current conditions in the United States, it would be next to impossible not to grasp innumerable parallels to George Orwell’s dystopic portent, 1984. by Claire Bernish Though other fictional dystopias could similarly elicit comparisons to the dark turn taken by American empire, aspects of 1984’s creepy authoritarian nightmare ring all-too-true. And Big Brother-like surveillance […]

Zionism’s roots in nationalism

     It was an assessment no one expected from the deputy head of the Israeli military. In his Holocaust Day speech last week, Yair Golan compared current trends in Israel with Germany in the early 1930s. In today’s Israel, he said, could be recognised “the revolting processes that occurred in Europe … There is nothing […]

Ohio Weed Legalization Will Mostly Benefit Nick Lachey and a Couple Other Rich Guys

Legalizing weed is a great idea: fewer arrests and incarcerations, smaller prison population, more tax revenue, less harmful than alcohol and tobacco. Also, in Ohio, it will make Nick Lachey a big fat pile of money. Lachey is one of a small group of investors who stand to benefit if the Buckeye State passes […]

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