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Old vs New Normal: From 1980s Neoliberalism to the ‘Great Reset’

Sold under the pretence of a quest for optimising well-being and ‘happiness’, capitalism thrives on the exploitation of peoples and the environment. What really matters is the strive to maintain viable profit margins. The prevailing economic system demands ever-increasing levels of extraction, production and consumption and needs a certain level of annual GDP growth for […]

China Isn’t the Problem, Neoliberalism Is

APRIL 2, 2021 BY ROB URIE The ascendance of Wall Street, and of a managerial bureaucracy (PMC) more generally, largely explains the political realignments that have been playing out in the U.S. Beginning in the 1970s, the American political class made decisions at the behest of business interests and oligarchs to restructure the U.S. economy in […]

Neoliberalism Was Born In Chile; Neoliberalism Will Die In Chile

Above photo: Daniel Jadue speaks to Vijay Prashad. Daniel Jadue is the mayor of Recoleta, a commune that is part of the expanding city of Santiago, Chile. His office is on the sixth floor of a municipal building in whose lower reaches one can find a pharmacy, an optical shop, and a bookstore run by […]

Understanding Hindutva Neoliberalism in India

Hindutva neoliberalism in India is a specific variant of capitalism that enforces economic and political oligarchy in the name of ethnic and majoritarian nationalism. It liberalises market for few to establish dominant corporate monopoly. It does not allow complete free market competition as a distributive mechanism. It allows few crony corporations to control the production […]

President Assad Slaughtered Neoliberalism’s Four Sacred Cows

By Andrew Korybko Source Syrian President Assad just slaughtered neoliberalism’s four sacred cows of gay marriage, radical secularism, marijuana legalization, and gender theory in a short video of his latest speech that recently went viral on social media where he condemned these examples of “total moral degeneracy” that he very passionately believes “target our humanity”. […]

Radical Neoliberalism Was Born And Will Die In Chile

Above photo: Pressenza News Agency. A wave of Indigenous peoples supporting the Luis Arce-David Choquehuanca presidential ticket defeated the main right-wing candidate, Carlos Mesa by 20 points, restoring democracy to Bolivia. Just days later around 80% of Chilean voters decided by referendum to re-found their nation with a new constitution. These momentous events represent twin […]

What will Happen to Neoliberalism after the COVID-19 Crisis? Will it survive?

Neoliberalism has prevented the governments from controlling effectively the initial outbreak of the corona virus.  Neoliberalism has made the wave of virus propagation higher and wider, especially in the U.S. Neoliberalism can shake the foundations of the U.S. economy. Neoliberalism may not survive the corona virus crisis in the U.S.  To save democracy and the global economy, […]

Striking Teachers Beat Back Neoliberalism’s War On Public Schools

Striking Teachers Beat Back Neoliberalism’s War On Public Schools Above Photo: Teachers and supporters strike outside East High School on May 7, 2018, in Pueblo, Colorado. (Photo: RJ Sangosti / The Denver Post via Getty Images) Thousands of teachers and students are walking out of schools, marching in the streets, and raising their hands and signs […]

The Death Of Neoliberalism Is An Opportunity To Birth A New System

The Death Of Neoliberalism Is An Opportunity To Birth A New System Today in the US, as well as globally, we find ourselves in multiple reinforcing crises. There is a crisis of legitimacy in established institutions ranging from Congress, the presidency and the Supreme Court, to the media, the criminal legal system, organized religion, Wall Street banks […]

Going Underground – Legendary Broadcaster Noel Edmonds blasts Neoliberalism & the Bristish Banking System

Going Underground – Legendary Broadcaster Noel Edmonds blasts Neoliberalism & the Bristish Banking System Going Underground with Afshin We speak to legendary broadcaster Noel Edmonds about corruption and fighting the British banking system. LIKE Going Underground Going Underground Afshin Rattansi on Instagram… View the original video for Going Underground – […]

Forging a New Frontline in the War Against Neoliberalism

If there is a founding document of social democracy it is Eduard Bernstein’s ‘Evolutionary Socialism’. Written in 1899, it taught the leaders of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) that capitalism had permanently stabilised; that socialism would be achieved through parliament – not the industrial class struggle – and that the working class of the […]

Honduras Elections: Turning the Tide of US-Backed Violence and Neoliberalism?

HONDURAS (Analysis) — As Hondurans went to the polls to elect a new government Sunday, the country was looking both forward to the future and backward to a recent and tragic past. With the contest primarily between current right-wing President Juan Orlando Hernández (running for re-election despite being forbidden by the country’s constitution) and opposition […]

We Need New Political Story To Replace Neoliberalism

George Monbiot ardently believes in the “politics of belonging.” In this interview with Truthout, he explains the argument put forward in his book Out of the Wreckage: Humans are altruistic, but we need a new story of empathy and shared development to overcome the propaganda of the neoliberal story. Mark Karlin: You begin your book with […]

Going Underground – Has neoliberalism robbed the working class of its sense of purpose? – Lemn Sissay

Going Underground – Has neoliberalism robbed the working class of its sense of purpose? – Lemn Sissay Going Underground with Afshin We speak to award-winning poet and playwright Lemn Sissay about how Thatcherite policies have made people feel invisible. ‘Road’ is on at the Royal Court until the 9th of September. LIKE Going Underground […]

Building Red-Green Alternatives: Can Commons Challenge Neoliberalism From Below?

Above Photo: Inger. V. Johansen, Tom Kucharz, Satoko Kishimoto / Photo: Bettina Gram   The sixth Transform!Danmark Conference, focusing on the development of left economic and ecological alternatives, took place in Copenhagen on 18 March. Once again, it focused on sustainable and fair transformation, as well as a changing society in Europe and around the world. […]

The Big Picture – Is Neoliberalism On It’s Deathbed Around the World?

The Big Picture – Is Neoliberalism On It’s Deathbed Around the World? By The Big Alan Tonelson, RealityChek/The Race to the Bottom. In the American media – the 2017 French presidential has been portrayed as a rehash of the 2016 US presidential election – with far-right populist Marine Le Pen playing the role of […]

Video: Another Europe is Possible. “Beyond Neoliberalism, Mass Unemployment and Fortress Europe”

The Reich’s Most Outstanding Fighter Pilot

Austrian choirboy Walter Nowotny was destined to become the Reich’s top gun in aerial combat. The Reich’s Luftwaffe fighters were renowned for their courage and kill ability, yet Nowotny was in a class of his own. Nowotny was just nineteen-years old when on hearing the English and French declarations of war he volunteered for service […]

It’s started already, UK business relocating or planning to relocate to the EU

Carnival cruise firm Southampton jobs ‘at risk’ Brexit is a ‘huge negative’ for Japanese companies in the UK Leave vote a disaster for City and business Brexit raises doubts over Tata Steel’s UK operations Britain’s biggest car firms warn Brexit could put thousands of jobs at … Global banks eye Frankfurt offices in Brexit contingency […]

Nigel Farage On Brexit: "We Had Momentum Until This Terrible Tragedy" – Here Are The Latest Odds

Those hoping that some dramatic change in UK public sentiment as manifested through polling for or against Brexit would emerge in the aftermath of Jo Cox’ killing, will be disappointed. As the two most recent polls, one from YouGov/ITV and another from Survation, show opinions remains split right down the middle even as […]

Cop’s False Testimony Sent Teen to Prison for 9 Years, Despite Real Killer’s Confession Weeks After Sentencing

On Tuesday, a Detroit man who had been in prison since the age of fourteen, due to false testimony by a Detroit police deputy, had his conviction overturned. Davontae Sanford had received a sentence of 37 to 90 years in prison after being advised by the attorney that originally represented him to plead guilty to […]

Orlando Gun Store Owner Tells Media: Do Some Truthful Reporting

Ed Henson, the owner of the gun store that sold firearms to the Orlando shooter, held a press conference yesterday and made a request of the media. “I just hope that you do some truthful reporting and get to the facts and stay focused, at least for the incident and say your prayers for the victims. […]

Statecraft: A Timeline of CIA Atrocities

The following article was initially published in 1997. It is in part based on the work of William Blum. Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions since World War II, 1995 (GR Ed. M. Ch.) The following timeline describes just a few of the hundreds of atrocities and crimes committed by the CIA. […]

Documenti USA/Nord Corea: Rumsfeld ha fornito nucleare a Pyongyang

Il  «segreto» Usa Il ministro Donald Rumsfeld allerta i  bombardieri atomici contro la Corea del nord a cui lui stesso  – quando era a capo dell’Abb – ha fornito tecnologie  nucleari «Donald H. Rumsfeld  diffida della Corea del nord», così dice la didascalia della  foto pubblicata ieri da The New York Times con  l’articolo in […]

Europe Sees it as an Invasion – Veterans Today

. <!– –> Home Health Agent Orange Coping Gulf War Illness (GWI) Medical Disability Benefits PTSD Investigations 9/11 Holocaust JFK Assassination Paris Attacks 2015 Sandy Hook Life Art, Books, & Entertainment Economy & Business Education Environment Food, Wine & Travel History Civil War (1861-1865) Cold War (1947-1991) Gulf War (1990-1991) Iraq War (2003-2011) Korean War […]

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