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Alexei Navalny: US sanctions Russian officials over nerve-agent attack

The Biden administration sanctioned seven mid-level and senior Russian officials on Tuesday, along with more than a dozen government entities, over a nearly fatal nerve-agent attack on opposition leader Alexei Navalny and his subsequent jailing. The Kremlin has described the sanctions as “absolutely unacceptable” and accused the West of interference in its internal affairs. Washington’s […]

Large haredi funeral processions in Jerusalem hit raw nerve after recent violent clashes

Browse > Home / Featured Articles / Large haredi funeral processions in Jerusalem hit raw nerve after recent violent clashes February 2, 2021 by   Read on for article Thousands of people packed the streets Sunday in Jerusalem to participate in the funeral processions of two prominent haredi rabbis, both of whom passed away due […]

Made in USA Chemical Weapons, Containing Nerve Agent, Are Still Being Tested on Gaza Civilians

Made in USA Chemical Weapons Are Still Being Tested on Gaza Civilians Text by Ariyana Love The Israeli Occupation Forces carried out their most brutal massacre in Gaza yesterday, since the beginning of the Great Return March demonstration, beginning March 30th. Once again, Israel tested a new kind of chemical weapon on civilians, according to The […]

Mix up over suspected dose of nerve agent used in Salisbury against Skripal

Mix up over suspected dose of nerve agent used in Salisbury against Skripal The OPCW has published a statement clarifying comments from its own Director-General, who claimed that up to 100 grams of nerve agent were used to poison Sergey Skripal and his wife in March. There still are no official investigation results from […]

Syrian ‘Rebels’ (TERRORISTS) Used Sarin Nerve Gas Sold By Britain

Syrian ‘Rebels’ Used Sarin Nerve Gas Sold By Britain By TruePublica: The British government, like many others around the world, have been developing chemical weapons since the First World War – and continue to do so from Porton Down. However, unlike others, the Conservative government were complicit in the sale of these deadly banned weapons […]

Graphene can drastically enhance nerve cell signaling in the human brain, say researchers

(Natural News) Graphene has been the subject of a number of breakthrough discoveries over the past two decades. Now, a group of researchers from Vanderbilt University has found yet another one to add to the ever-growing list. Graphene is said to be an effective material to help boost nerve cell signaling in […]

Russian MoD Says A234 Nerve Agent Allegedly Used Against #Skripal Developed in US

“The fact is that back in 1998 when we looked through another version of the spectral library, which was published by the National Bureau of Standards of the United States (NBS), we found a substance there that we found interesting since it was an organophosphorus substance. And we realized that it must have a strong lethal effect. Now it turns out that, judging […]

Russia Suggests UK Possessed Nerve Agent That Is “Quite Artificially” Being Linked to Moscow

LONDON – Russian officials are voicing a full-throated dismissal of British accusations that Russia used a nerve agent referred to as “Novichok” in an attack on former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia. The Russian Ambassador to the U.K., Alexander Yakovenko, is further charging London with making accusations in poor faith, while raising questions […]

Court Documents Cast Doubt On Boris Johnson’s Claim That Nerve Agent Was Novichok

Court documents have cast doubts on claims made by Boris Johnson that the nerve gas used in the Salisbury spy attack was Novichok The UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson categorically insisted that the British chemical lab Porton Down told him the nerve agent used to attack the Skripals was definitely Novichok. but according to court […]

Skripals’ Mental Capacity May Be Compromised After Nerve Agent Attack

The mental capacity of two Russians poisoned by a ‘nerve agent’ attack in Salisbury may be compromised, a UK court has said. Judge David Williams gave permission for doctors to take blood samples from Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia for testing by chemical weapons experts at the Porton Down laboratories near Salisbury. In a […]

Russia Says UK Lab Could Br Source Of Nerve Agent Used In Spy Attack

A Russian official has suggested that the nerve agent used in the Salisbury spy poisoning could have come from a research laboratory in the UK. Porton Down could be the source of Novichok, the nerve agent used in the attack on ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, according to Russia’s EU ambassador Vladimir Chizhov. Chizhov said […]

Russian Ambassador: UK Lab Responsible For Releasing Nerve Agent

Russia’s EU ambassador has accused a UK research laboratory of secretly launching the nerve agent attack on an ex-spy and his daughter last week. Vladimir Chizhov told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show that Russia had “nothing to do” with the poisoning in Salisbury of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia. BBC News reports: He said Russia did […]

UK Scientists Refused Government Pressure To Say Nerve Agent Was Made By Russia

By Craig Murray Boris Johnson Attempt to Refute My Sources on Porton Down the Most Hilarious Fail By Craig Murray March 18, 2018 “Information Clearing House” – The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has issued a statement to refute my report from well-placed FCO sources that the British government continually re-uses the phrase “of a type developed by Russia” […]

Of a Type Developed by Liars: The Evolving “#Novichok” Nerve Agent Saga

Of a Type Developed by Liars: The Evolving “Novichok” Nerve Agent Saga By Craig Murray, I have now received confirmation from a well placed FCO source that Porton Down scientists are not able to identify the nerve gas as being of Russian manufacture, and have been resentful of the pressure being placed on them to […]

Framing Putin – Saga of the Spy and the Nerve Agent

By Chris Kanthan How dumb are the masses of the world? One just has to look at the brazen, obvious false flag incidents that the elites keep piling on. Trained to be consumers of sensational news, the idiotic population of the West simply accepts allegations without thinking or analysis. Let’s take a brief […]

Russia: UK Nerve Agent Attack Was ‘Inside Job’

Russia has accused the British government of committing Sunday’s nerve agent attack against its own people in order to frame Moscow. Russia’s response comes after Theresa May’s ultimatum on Monday – in which the Prime Minister said that unless Russia provides a ‘credible response’ to Britain’s enquiry about Russia’s custody of Novichok chemicals within 24 hours, […]

The UK government is manufacturing its nerve agent case for ‘action’ on Russia

By Nafeez Ahmed Military personnel investigate the Novichok poisoning in Salisbury Published by INSURGE intelligence, a crowdfunded investigative journalism platform for people and planet. Support us to report where others fear to tread. On Monday, Prime Minister Theresa May announced that former Russian spy, Sergey Skripal and his daughter Yulia, were poisoned with “a military-grade nerve agent of […]

#Skripal :The UK government is manufacturing its nerve agent case for ‘action’ on Russia

Official claim that ‘Novichok’ points solely to Russia discredited Military personnel investigate the Novichok poisoning in Salisbury By Nafeez Ahmed Published by INSURGE intelligence, a crowdfunded investigative journalism platform for people and planet. Support us to report where others fear to tread. On Monday, Prime Minister Theresa May announced that former Russian spy, Sergey Skripal and […]

Deadly Nerve Agent Attack In UK Was ‘Inside Job’

The deadly nerve agent attack in the UK that contaminated over 500 residents was an inside job designed to frame Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to reports. On Sunday afternoon, emergency services were called to a man in his 60’s with a woman in her 30’s, slumped against each other on a public bench, in […]

Former British Ambassador: Nerve Agent Sarin Made By UK Government

Former British ambassador Craig John Murray claims that deadly nerve agents including Sarin and VX are manufactured by the British Government in Porton Down – just 8 miles from where Sergei Skripal was attacked. The official British government story is that these nerve agents are innocently manufactured “to help develop effective medical countermeasures and to test […]

Nerve Agents, Anna Chapman and Frosty The Edward Snowden

A nerve agent was used to poison former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in the southern English city of Salisbury, Britain’s top counter-terrorism officer said.” – Reuters Skripal was until 1999 a colonel in GRU, Russia’s military intelligence branch, and later worked at the Foreign Ministry in Moscow. He was arrested […]

US sanctions North Korea over dubious Kim Jong-nam VX nerve agent murder

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : The United States has imposed additional sanctions against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) a.k.a. North Korea, alleging Pyongyang’s […]

The Importance of the Vagus Nerve in Health and Well-Being

Anna Hunt, Staff WriterWaking Times At the center of our bodies resides a long, wiry nerve called the vagus nerve. It extends all the way from the brain down through the chest and beyond the stomach. In addition, it connects to all major organs, including ears, eyes, tongue, kidneys, bladder, reproductive organs, and the […]

The Bizarre Case of Bashar: The Syrian regime’s questionable use of nerve gas in Khan Sheikhoun

By Uri Avnery Canon Doyle, the creator of the legendary Sherlock Holmes, would have titled his story about this incident “The Bizarre Case of Bashar al-Assad”. And bizarre it is. It concerns the evil deeds of Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian dictator, who bombed his own people with Sarin, a nerve gas, causing gruesome deaths of […]

IMPORTANT CORRECTION TO The Nerve Agent Attack that Did Not Occur

IMPORTANT CORRECTION TO The Nerve Agent Attack that Did Not Occur By By Theodore A. Postol, professor emeritus of science, technology, and national security policy at MIT. Postols main expertise is in ballistic missiles. He has a substantial background in air dispersal, including how toxic plumes move in the air. Postol has taught courses […]

Shark killed After Lifeguards Drag It Out Of Water To Take Pictures

A shark was killed after it was dragged out of the water off the coast of the Dominican Republic for a photo shoot. Tourists and lifeguards near the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana captured the helpless creature and dragged it to shore so that they could take pictures with it. The animal […]

Alchemy and Kabbalah Universal Alien Font

Emerald Tablets of the Rosicrucian works “Secret figures Rosicrucians” from XVI. A XVII. Century: Interpretation of Rozikruciánského works “Secret figures Rosicrucians” For millenia, it is believed that our cosmic neighbors in the Universe have sent messages for us to decode. We have struggled to understand the symbols sent to us. But now, for the first time […]

A true human being: Remembering the life and legacy of John Trudell

     John Trudell, noted activist, poet and Native thinker, walked on this morning after a lengthy bout with cancer. His family included some of his last messages to Indian country in a press release. Among them: “I want people to remember me as they remember me.” John Trudell was a Santee Dakota activist, artist, actor, […]

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