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Carbon Neutral Green Finance – China May Take the Lead into a Post-Pandemic World

How the pandemic will be reshaping the world, especially in terms of economic recovery and especially the western world, remains to be seen. So far, western economic, social and health restructuring policies are chaotic, disorganized and totally uncoordinated. Western countries are skipping from lockdowns to “opening up” back to lockdown, from the first covid-wave, to […]

Boris Johnson Urges The World To Be ‘More Gender Neutral, Feminine & Green’

In a bizarre opening speech, British prime minister Boris Johnson urged G7 leaders to aim for a more ‘feminine’ and ‘gender neutral’ world as they build back after the covid pandemic. Officially kicking off the summit in Carbis Bay, Cornwall, Boris Johnson appealed for them to ‘level up’ and not repeat the mistakes of the […]

Google Docs to Autocorrect Books and Documents to Gender Neutral and Politically Correct Language

    Google announced on Tuesday, during its I/O developer conference, that editing capabilities of Google Docs have been expanded to police text and monitor a writer’s level of inclusivity. Thus an update to the app means that Google Docs will start suggesting changing words like “mailman” to “mail carrier” and “chairman” to “chairperson,” it […]

Mr. Potato Head Is Going Gender-Neutral

Mr. Potato Head can no longer be called a mister. The company that makes the potato-shaped plastic toy, Hasbro, is giving Mr Potato Head a new, sort of more gender neutral name: Potato Head. You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing you agree to our Terms of Use. The new branding will be reflected on […]

France considering banning gender neutral words

Politicians in France have proposed a law to ban gender-inclusive language in all official administrative documents. The bill, put forward by François Jolivet, a deputy in president Emmanuel Macron’s La République En Marche (LREM) party, targets a written-style known as “écriture inclusive”, introduced to redress the dominance of masculine words in the language. Mr Jolivet […]

California Bill Requires ‘Gender Neutral’ Stores, Fines Retailers For ‘Boy’ & ‘Girl’ Toy Departments

California’s Assembly is slated to consider a new bill requiring department store childrens’ sections to be largely “gender-neutral” in order to combat “prejudice” and “judgment” against gender non-conforming children. “Large retailers that sell toys, clothes, and other children’s items in California would have to devote floor space to merchandise marketed to both boys and girls […]

Mr. Potato Head to Become “Gender Neutral” to Allow Kids to Create “Same-Sex Families”

Journalist Glenn Greenwald was called “transphobic” for pointing out that although a new Gallup survey shows a surge in the number of Americans identifying as LGBT, almost all of the increase comes from those identifying as trans or bi, not gay or lesbian. The poll found that one in six people under the age of […]

Gabbard on House Gender-Neutral Language: Those Claiming to Champion Women ‘Deny the Very Biological Existence of Women’

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) said that House rules that eliminate gendered language do “the very opposite” of empowering women and it’s the “height of hypocrisy for people who claim to be the champions of rights for women to deny the very biological existence […]

First fully carbon-neutral cargo flight set to take off from Frankfurt airport

For the first time in commercial aviation history, a CO2-neutral cargo flight is set to take off from an airport. Lufthansa Cargo’s Boeing 777F will depart from Frankfurt, Germany on Sunday and head to Shanghai, China, with its fuel requirements using only Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). Peter Gerber, the CEO of Lufthansa Cargo, one of […]

Feel Into Your Body’s New Neutral: Gentle Kinetic Practices to Reverse Stressors, Expand Mobility, and Build Strength and Tone – FREE Online Event

Did you know that the effects of years of stress on the body — or compromising conditions, such as arthritis, and even aging — can be lessened? According to pioneering movement teacher and trainer Judith Aston, the body can be de-compromised and revitalized. For over 50 years, Judith has helped Olympic athletes, professional dancers, corporate moguls, […]

US Navy SEALs becomes gender-neutral, despite team having no Women in its ranks

    US Navy’s commando units may have zero female officers, but they decided to change their creed to meet gender-neutral standards nevertheless, presumably to reflect the fact that women are allowed in their ranks. The US Naval Special Warfare Command (NSWC) has quietly changed the wordings of the guiding principles for its commandos to […]

Report Traces “Neutral” Syria War Observer SOHR Funding to UK Foreign Office

LONDON – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a war monitor that has long been considered the “gold standard” by the corporate and alternative media for information on the Syrian conflict, has received significant funding from the United Kingdom’s Foreign Office, according to information obtained by British journalist Peter Hitchens. Hitchens, writing at the […]

Russian strategic bombers escorted by US F-22 over neutral Arctic waters – MoD

The Tu-95MS planes, together with Tu-142 anti-submarine warfare aircraft, were conducting planned training flights over the neutral waters of the Arctic Ocean, the Bering Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, a Defense Ministry spokesman, said on Saturday. Russian long-range bombers target ISIS positions in Idlib & Deir ez-Zor in Syria – MoD […]

Germany’s National Anthem About To Go Gender Neutral

Germany won’t be the “Fatherland” for much longer. The country’s equality czar wants to tweak the national anthem to make it more gender-neutral – by removing any male-specific language including reference to “the Fatherland.” The official said the word “Vaterland”, which means fatherland, should be replaced with “Heimatland,” or homeland. RT reports: The equality commissioner […]

SWEDEN – Swedish church defends gender neutral pronoun for Jesus

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Swedish Church Declares Both God and Jesus Christ are Now ‘Gender Neutral’

It was only a matter of time before cultural marxists would eventually target Christianity, as part of their long march through each and every western institution. Back in November, the radical progressive activists finally managed to change clergy instructions for a Swedish Church, which will now advise officials to avoid terms like ‘Lord’ and ‘He’ […]

Church Of Sweden Declares Jesus ‘Gender Neutral’

The Church of Sweden has decided that Jesus Christ was gender neutral and any depictions of him being a man are entirely “false.” The Church has also demanded that clergy use gender-neutral terms when referring to God in a desperate attempt to modernize church services. reports: According to The Telegraph, the decision was made earlier […]

Sadiq Khan Bringing ‘Gender Neutral’ Toilets to London to ‘Reflect the Incredible Diversity of the City’

Sadiq Khan Bringing ‘Gender Neutral’ Toilets to London to ‘Reflect the Incredible Diversity of the City’ Breitbart November 30, 2017 Londons left-liberal mayor is issuing detailed guidance to developers calling for gender neutral toilets to reflect the incredible diversity of the capital. Labour politician Sadiq Khan declared he had vowed to be a mayor for […]

New York Subway Adopts Gender Neutral Announcements

New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority is scrapping all announcements referring to “ladies and gentleman” and replacing them with gender-neutral phrases. New York’s subway and bus passengers will now be called “passengers,”“everyone,” and “riders” in all announcements and pre-recorded messages. MTA spokesperson Jon Weinstein said :“We’re fundamentally changing the way we talk with riders to […]

VIDEO: Alex Jones – “I’ve Been Neutral With Israel!”

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Boy Scouts become gender neutral – female scouts & others not impressed

     The Boy Scouts of America have announced plans to accept girls into their ranks, much to the chagrin of the Girl Scouts of the USA. Tweeters also reacted feverishly to the news. The Boy Scouts released a statement Wednesday, outlining their vision for implementing the changes and for the scouts movement to become gender […]



Gender ‘X’: Canada introduces gender-neutral passports

Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s immigration minister, announced that the new gender designation ‘X’ would come into effect from August 31. “By introducing an ‘X’ gender designation in our government-issued documents, we are taking an important step towards advancing equality for all Canadians regardless of gender identity or expression,” Hussen said in a statement Thursday. Immigration, Refugees and […]

Canada Aims To Issue Gender Neutral Birth Certificates By 2018

The province of Ontario, Canada is aiming to issue “gender neutral” birth certificates as early as next year, with the government working to ensure the birth certificates will be legally recognized in other jurisdictions. Ontario’s minister of government and consumer services Tracey MacCharles said the province is determined to push the legislation through and consultations […]

‘Religiously neutral’: German parliament approves partial ban on full-face veil

The legislation was passed by the Bundestag, Germany’s parliament, on Thursday evening. “The state has a duty to present itself in an ideologically and religiously neutral manner,” the text of the law states, as cited by AFP.  The ban applies to public servants, including election officials, as well as military personnel and staff working in […]

US sailor in Okinawa arrested after drunk driving crash injures 2

READ MORE: No alcohol & fireworks: US military restricts troops in Okinawa after murder, rape Aimee Mejia, stationed at the Kadena Air Base, was driving in the opposite lane to the two vehicles, her blood alcohol level six times the limit, the Asahi Shimbun quoted the police as saying. Two individuals in the other vehicles sustained […]

Shell Oil Spill Dumps Nearly 90,000 Gallons Of Crude In Gulf Of Mexico

An oil spill from Royal Dutch Shell’s offshore Brutus platform released 2,100 barrels of crude off Louisiana’s coast in the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday. All  drilling activities at Shell’s Brutus platform have been suspended. According to the U.S. Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, the leak which was approximately 88,200 gallons,created a visible 2 mile […]

Climate Scientists Are Now Grading Climate Journalism

Print Friendly Above Photo:  F grade and a sad smilie, written in red letters in a spiral pad. Photograph: Alamy Climate Feedback provides a venue for climate scientists to evaluate the accuracy of climate news stories The internet represents an extraordinary opportunity for democracy. Never before has it been possible for people from all over the […]

On World Water Day, Palestinians in West Bank refugee camps struggle with scarce resources

As the world celebrates World Water Day this week, Palestinians in refugee camps across the occupied West Bank are preparing for the summer, when water becomes scarce. While the World Health Organization recommends 100 liters of water per person per day, Palestinians in the occupied West Bank use less than 73 liters, with those in refugee […]

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