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Pre-Dawn Shooting at Ohio Nightclub Leaves 2 Dead, 4 Wounded

Columbus, Ohio—A predawn shooting at a Columbus night club left two people dead and four wounded, Ohio authorities said. Officers responded shortly after 5 a.m. Saturday to an after-hours club called Tha Plug on the city’s south side, emergency dispatchers said. One person died at the scene and another was dropped off at Nationwide Children’s […]

LGBTQ+ nightclub shooting in Colorado Springs probed as possible hate crime

“We know the toxic combination of hate and access to guns in this country leads to deadly results,” said Rep. David Cicilline. Source

Patron in Gay Nightclub Grabbed Shooter’s Handgun and ‘Hit Him with It’

As more details are being released about how the Club Q shooting suspect was subdued, numerous outlets have indicated that a patron took away the suspect’s handgun and then “hit him with it.”  Source

SALT BAE: Nusret builds a nightclub in Mykonos and dreams of a 20 million euro turnover

To turn his already profitable business in Mykonos into a multipurpose entertainment venue to make even more money, Nusret Gökçe, commonly known as Salt Bae, has become even more ambitious. With the turnover of the restaurant exceeding 11 million euros per season, the forecast for the club that he is preparing right next to it… […]

Maskless San Fran Mayor Caught Partying in Nightclub With BLM Founder While Mandating Masks for Everyone Else

Residents and visitors in San Fransisco, CA, are forced to wear a mask in all public indoor settings. No exceptions. Unless, of course, you are part of the ‘woke’ elite. Then the rules do not apply to you. “Everyone, including people who are fully vaccinated, must wear a well-fitted mask in indoor public settings at […]

Nightclub Owners Say They’ll Refuse to Enforce Vaccine Passports as a Condition of Entry

A local family restaurant has been forced to close its doors after 20 years due to the COVID lockdown, highlighting again how while the pandemic helped make the rich far richer, ordinary people continue to suffer. Julios, a Mexican/Italian restaurant in the village of Oughtibridge, Sheffield, announced the closure on its Facebook page. “Julio’s Restaurant […]

UK Nightclub Owners Say They’re Prepared to Break the Law to Defy Lockdown Restrictions

Stanford University professor of medicine Jay Bhattacharya says that in years to come lockdowns will be looked back upon as the most catastrophically harmful policy in “all of history”. Speaking on The London Telegraph podcast ‘Planet Normal’, Bhattacharya noted that government scientific advisors “remain attached” to the policy of lockdown in spite of the total “failure of […]

LA Nightclub Promotes Drag Queen Grooming Two Blonde Children To Be Strippers

While many activities in California are still forbidden, having a couple of young blonde children act like strippers during a drag queen celebration is perfectly acceptable. Bitchute link Share now! Source

Chinese Revelers Party in Wuhan Nightclub While Rest of Europe Enters Second Lockdown

A police chief in the UK has warned that lockdown is a “time bomb” that could eventually explode into riots and mass civil unrest. The United Kingdom has placed its citizens under different ‘tiers’ of lockdowns depending where they are in the country, although anecdotal evidence suggests there is now mass non-compliance with the rules. […]

Forced confession expert called in after wife of Orlando nightclub gunman said she knew of attack during 18-hour interview with FBI

     The wife of the Pulse nightclub shooter, on trial for aiding and abetting a terrorist, says she knew the attack was going to happen but failed to warn authorities beforehand, according to newly released statements. “I knew when he left the house he was going to Orlando to attack the Pulse Night Club,” Noor […]

Nightclub dancefloor collapses in Spain injuring 22 (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

The floor of the Butterfly gay club gave away at around 2.30am Sunday. Revellers plunged one storey and crashed into the basement below. The island’s fire brigade released photos and videos showing the extent of the damage. The footage shows that the floor caved in entirely, leaving pulverized concrete and rubble piled up on the […]

Germany: Iraqi Gunman Shoots-Up Nightclub Before Getting Shot Himself

Joe JonesDaily Stormer July 31, 2017 I’m torn on this one. On the one hand I hate Moslems being violent in our society more than almost anything else, on the other hand I also hate the feminism-derived club scene more than almost anything else. I’m not sure I can find a bad […]

Little Rock Police: Several injured after nightclub shooting

AP — Little Rock Police say they are investigating a shooting at an Arkansas nightclub that left at least 17 people injured. Little Rock police chief Kenton Buckner told reporters that the shooting early Saturday morning at the Power Ultra Lounge appears to have happened following “some sort of dispute broke out between people inside.” […]

Judge Napolitano On Orlando Nightclub: “Nobody Died Until 5:13 In The Morning”

The judge is more than aware that the US government orchestrates false flag events! Let’s not forget that he already lost his show on Fox because of saying things he wasn’t supposed to say on TV. “According to the FBI, the supposed Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, entered the club around 02:00 AM and began his […]

Legendary women’s basketball coach Pat Summitt dies five years after early-onset Alzheimer’s diagnosis

(NaturalNews) Coaching legend Pat Summitt has died at age 64, after being diagnosed with early-onset dementia just five years ago. The loss of the beloved University of Tennessee women’s basketball coach at such an early age has highlighted the importance of Alzheimer’s research, as well as of events such as the upcoming online […]

Somalian Attacker of White Women Won’t Face Hate Crimes Charges

It’s been two weeks since an Atlanta-area mother and her daughter were attacked at their home by a burqa-clad Muslim woman who stole the American flag from their front yard and charged at them, swinging the flagpole at the mother’s head. The family says their lives have been turned upside down by the attack, and […]

"Je Suis Homo" – Guide to Gay Solidarity Sex

  June 14, 2016 Source Article from

House Attacks Net Neutrality, Cable Box Reform With Sneaky Budget Rider

As we’ve noted a few times, there’s really only two ways the telecom sector can successfully destroy U.S. net neutrality rules. Broadband providers could prevail on part or all of their multi-headed lawsuit against the FCC, a decision on which is expected any day now. Or the rules could be dismantled by the […]

Rabbi Lerner: Chutzpah at the Muhammad Ali Funeral

On June 10th, 2016, at the funeral of boxer Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) the Jewish Rabbi Michael Lerner (of Byet Tikkun Synagogue and the infamous Tikkun Magazine) gave an impassioned speech in the style of Ossie Davis’ Malcolm X eulogy. Lerner’s speech was breathtaking in its cynicism and (to use a Yiddish expression) chutzpah. We […]

Predictable, but is it true? ISIS reportedly claims responsibility for Orlando shooting

     Amaq News, a Syrian news agency with close ties to the Islamic State, says the group is responsible for the attack on an Orlando gay club, which has killed 50 people, and left 53 injured. “The armed attack that targeted a gay night club in the city of Orlando in the American state of […]

Today’s Orlando Killer Was NYPD Fan – This Tells Us What?

WNYC is spending the afternoon talking about what is known, what might be known, what is possible, yada, yada. Rule One — Almost everything reported initially will be wrong and will change. It seems to me that by the time all the knowable (and releasable) facts come out, the media has moved […]

DOJ: ‘Laws that Keeps Men out of Women’s Bathrooms Are Directly Contrary to American Values’

by Piper McGowin of The Daily Sheeple Well, this should tell you a whole lot about what modern “American values” are. According to assistant attorney general Vanita Gupta, head of the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, “to guarantee all people ‘equal dignity in the eyes of the law’” means men who dress like women should be allowed in […]

Immigration to save Europe from ‘degenerating into inbreeding’ – German finance minister

Immigration from neighboring Middle Eastern and North African countries would make Europe more solid, otherwise its population would have been left with no choice other than to fornicate with each another, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble claimed in an interview with Die Zeit. Germany to spend €93.6bn on refugees until 2020 – report “It is […]

Surveillance Video Goes VIRAL After It Shows What Cop Did With Little Girl…

You can tell that Officer Norris is a father first and police officer second! Last week, Officer Norris was waiting to testify in a hearing when he saw a very rambunctious two year old waiting with her father (Who also had a court case) in the lobby. The father had a court case scheduled and […]

Deceptive Practices of Those Around Us

The question of deception within the movement is of the utmost importance, as we who have chosen to carry this burden and fight the good fight must always be aware that those around us may be agents of the government (this may include police, police informants, co-workers, family members etc.). This creates an enforced situational […]

Germany: Pegida Leader Charged Over T-Shirt Protesting Gang-Rape

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer January 11, 2016 On Saturday, the German government assaulted gang-rape protesters in Cologne with water cannons, declaring their opposition to gang-rape unlawful. Now, the leader of Pegida is being sought by police for wearing a t-shirt against rape which might hurt a rapist’s feelings. This comes after a German official said that […]

Israel Retaliates over EU’s Directive on Labeling Goods from Occupied Arab Territories

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : The administration of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the recently adopted EU directive on labeling goods from occupied Arab territories by suspending the Israeli – European Union dialog over the Israeli – Palestinian peace process.  Photo courtesy The Cairo Post/Youm7 In November the EU adopted a directive that prescribes the […]

Croc shock: US sanctions mean 11,000 crocodiles in Honduras facing death

The wealthy Rosenthal family owns the 30-hectare crocodile farm called Cocodrilos Continental in San Manuel, near the city of San Pedro Sula. However, their funds have dried up because they have been accused by the US of laundering money for drug traffickers.  Unfortunately, the 11,000 crocodiles and seven lions on site are feeling the brunt […]

NASA satellite images show 8000-year old patterns in Kazakhstan

     New satellite images from NASA have revealed unusual, massive patterns on the Earth’s surface. The geometric shapes are located in Kazakhstan, and are estimated to be up to 8,000 years old. The massive earthwork patterns called the Steppe Geoglyphs were originally discovered by a Kazakh economist when he was browsing Google Earth in 2007. […]

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