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Jordan MP: ‘Arab normalisation encouraged Israel’s aggression on Al-Aqsa Mosque’

Head of the Reform Bloc in the Jordanian Parliament, Saleh Al-Armouti, asserted on Friday that Arab normalisation with Israel has encouraged its aggression on Al-Aqsa Mosque. Speaking to Felesteen newspaper, Al-Armouti also stated that the security cooperation between the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Israeli occupation encouraged the Israeli occupation's aggression on Al-Aqsa Mosque. "Israeli […]

Pakistan, Indonesia delegations visit Israel in apparent normalisation efforts

Pakistani and Indonesian delegations are currently on a visit to Israel to deepen ties, amid a seeming increase in the possibility of the countries’ normalisation with the occupation state. According to a report by the Pakistani news site, ProPakistani, the delegation began their visit to Israel today and is being headed by Pakistani-American, Nasim Ashraf, […]

Morocco groups reiterate rejection of normalisation deal with Israel

The Moroccan Front in Support of Palestine and Against Normalisation has reiterated its rejection of all forms of normalisation with Israel, calling to immediately revoke the agreements signed with the Israeli government, despite the passage of a year since their announcement. The group, which includes a number of civil society organisations, noted the great response […]

Hamas applauds Malaysia’s anti-normalisation stance

Hamas yesterday welcomed Malaysia’s anti-normalisation stance, a statement posted on the movement’s website said. “Hamas hails Malaysia’s genuine stance of rejecting all forms of normalisation with the Zionist enemy, and the latest was refusing the entry of a Zionist sports team to its land,” the statement said. An Israeli team who intended to participate in […]

Israeli, Bahraini premiers meet for first time since normalisation of ties

On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, met Bahraini Crown Prince and Prime Minister, Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa for the first time since the two countries normalised their ties last year. The “historic” meeting took place in Glasgow, Scotland, on the sidelines of the ongoing UN Climate Change conference, or COP26, the Israeli Prime Minister’s […]

US will help Israel strike further normalisation pacts: Blinken

Secretary of State Antony Blinken vowed today to help Israel normalize relations with additional countries in the Muslim and Arab worlds as he commemorated the one-year anniversary of former President Donald Trump’s Abraham Accords. Blinken said the Biden administration would “continue to build on the successful efforts of the last administration to keep normalisation marching […]

Palestine scholars criticise talks, reject normalisation with Israel

The Palestine Scholars Association yesterday criticised holding talks with Israel and rejected the normalisation of ties with the occupation state, stressing that “resistance is the best choice”. During a conference entitled “Resistance Liberates and Oslo Devastates” held in Gaza, the body’s chief Dr Nasim Yassin said: “This wide-scale participation of nobles and elites is proof that […]

Israel FM: Trump’s normalisation deals were to prove no need for political process with Palestinians

Israeli Foreign Minister and Alternate-Prime Minister Yair Lapid said yesterday that former US President Donald Trump pushed for normalisation between Israel and Arabs to prove that there was no need for a political process with Palestinians. During his visit to Abu Dhabi, where he attended the inauguration of the Israeli embassy, Lapid said: “There [under […]

How a US-led Un-Holly Alliance is Preventing Syria’s Normalisation

If there is major stumbling block to Syrian unification and normalisation back to the pre-war years, it is the continuing presence of foreign forces inside Syria and the support they continue to provide to jihadi elements and militias that continue to seek to overthrow Assad’s government. Their presence, therefore, not only dovetails pretty closely with […]

Israeli ‘Sex Tourism’ is the Fruit of Normalisation with the UAE

According to an Israeli resident in Dubai, the increasing number of fellow Israelis visiting the UAE in general, and Dubai in particular, has made them think that they’re at home and can do whatever they want.

Normalisation of “Hindutva Shock Therapy” for the Consolidation of Capitalism in India

The rise of neoliberal marginalisation combined with social and economic marginalisation under a Brahminical structure and its caste based hierarchical social order has laid the foundation for ‘Hindutva’ political, social, cultural and economic projects. The resurgence of neoliberalism from 1980s led to the acceleration of further marginalisation of the masses and consolidation of capitalist class’s […]

Will the accelerated “normalisation” actually end the Palestine issue? «التطبيع» المتسارع هل يُصفّي قضيّة فلسطين فعليّاً؟

**Please scroll down for the English Machine translation** العميد د. أمين محمد حطيط* يبدي البعض استغراباً لشدة الوقاحة التي يتصرف بها كثير من الأنظمة العربية الرسمية في مسار الذلة والإذعان والاستسلام للمشروع الصهيوني الاستعماري، وتزاحمهم على ركوب قطار الاستسلام المسمّى تطبيعاً مع العدو «الإسرائيلي». بيد أنّ عودة الى التاريخ العربي اللصيق أو القريب يجد انّ […]

Tunisia’s PM: Normalisation with Israel ‘Not on Agenda’

December 15, 2020 Tunisia has no plans to match Morocco’s decision to recognize Israel, Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi said, insisting that establishing relations with the Jewish state was “not on the agenda”. Last week, Morocco became the fourth country in the Arab League to recognise Israel since August, in a flurry of diplomatic deals brokered […]

Statement on Israeli-Moroccan normalisation announcement

11 December 2020 The Zionist Federation of Australia congratulated the leaders and people of Israel and Morocco on Friday, after the announcement of normalisation between the two countries. ZFA President Jeremy Leibler said, “This remarkable period of history has seen yet another country make the decision not to hold back its own people in servitude […]

Morocco/Israel normalisation welcomed

Browse > Home / News / Morocco/Israel normalisation welcomed December 11, 2020 by J-Wire Newsdesk Read on for article Pro-Israel groups have reacted positively to Morocco’s announcement on Thursday of its intention to normalize ties with Israel. Beth-El Synagogue in Casablanca in 2017. Credit: Wikimedia Commons It’s the fourth normalization deal in the past four […]

Scholars of Resistance Unite behind Palestine, Denounce Normalisation as Betrayal

December 8, 2020 Source: Al-Manar English Website The International Union of Resistance Scholars assembled Tuesday in Beirut, expressing ultimate support to Palestine and voicing firm rejections to all forms of normalization with Zionist entity. Entitled “The Uprising of the Ummah (nation) in Face of Normalization Conspiracies”, the Sixth Conference of the International Union of Resistance Scholars […]

Kushner: Gulf States’ Normalisation With Israel ‘a Matter of Time’

(MEMO) Jared Kushner, a senior adviser to the US President Donald Trump and his son-in- law, said the Gulf countries including Saudi Arabia are looking forward to normalising their relations with Israel, however the question is “the time frame”. “A lot of the countries are watching this very closely. They are going to see how […]

Normalisation with Israel: Where do Middle Eastern countries stand?

Source Since the UAE-Israel deal was announced last week, states in the region have felt pressured to declare their stance on establishing diplomatic ties with Israel An Algerian demonstrator holds a Palestinian flag during a protest against the 2014 Israeli military offensive in the besieged Gaza Strip and in solidarity with Palestinians, on 25 July […]

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