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Rep. Devin Nunes Calls for Ashli Babbit’s Murderer to Be Named & 14,000 Hours of Capitol Security Footage to Be Released

Speaking with Newsmax TV‘s Greg Kelly on Tuesday, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) discussed the unsettled death of January 6th protester Ashli Babbit, who was shot and killed by an unknown assailant inside the U.S. Capitol Building. Kelly asked Nunes to elaborate on a current lawsuit filed by Babbit’s family, saying Ashli’s death “was not nearly […]

Nunes: Democrats Will Further Weaponize Intel Community Against ‘Domestic Extremists’

House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-CA) said Republicans expect Democrats to further weaponize the intelligence community against “domestic extremists,” much as how they used it to further the Russia collusion hoax against former President Donald Trump. Nunes said in his opening statement at Thursday’s committee hearing on worldwide threats: The Democrats see political […]

Democrats Attempt to Purge Civil Servant from Job over Prior Work for Nunes, Trump Administration

Democrats are attempting a politically-motivated purge of a highly-qualified intelligence professional from a non-partisan career civil service position at the Pentagon’s National Security Agency over his prior work for Republicans, according to two former Trump administration officials. Michael Ellis, who last served as the former senior director for intelligence on the National Security Council during […]

Rep. Devin Nunes: It’s Time to Arrest Big Tech Executives

Rep. Devin Nunes has called for the criminal prosecutions of Big Tech executives who have hijacked American democracy. Rep. Nunes joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday to discuss Big Tech’s digital ‘war on terror‘ against half […] The post Rep. Devin Nunes: It’s Time to Arrest Big Tech Executives appeared first on News Punch. 00

President Trump to Award Devin Nunes the Presidential Medal of Freedom

President Donald Trump is expected to award Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Monday, according to a Republican source. The award is the nation’s highest civilian honor. Nunes, 47, as the former chairman and the current ranking member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, fought to uncover the origins […]

DNI John Ratcliffe Refers Nunes Report on ICA to Intelligence Community Inspector General

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on Thursday sent a letter referring to the intelligence community inspector general a report by Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-CA) on the Obama intelligence community’s 2017 assessment that Russia intervened in the 2016 election to help Trump. In a letter to Acting IC Inspector General Thomas Monheim, […]

Nunes: Shut Down Intel Agencies Until They Declassify ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence Against Hillary Clinton

Kanye West declared this week that Planned Parenthood is engaged in deliberately killing black people, and that its founder Margaret Sanger was a white supremacist. “In 50 years, there’s been 22 million — over 22,500,000 — black people aborted strategically and on purpose. Planned Parenthood was set up and placed in minority communities to kill […]

Nunes: Obama, Biden Knew About Spying on the Trump Campaign

On Thursday, Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo interviewed President Trump. Trump told Bartiromo that the Obama administration “spied on my campaign, which is treason.” “President Obama knew everything. Vice President Biden, as dumb as he may be, he knew everything. And everybody else knew everything, Maria, and you know it. And Comey and Brennan and […]

Rep. Nunes: If politicized FBI under Obama PAID someone to spy on Trump campaign, “it’s an absolute red line”

(Natural News) In a stunning report last week The New York Times admitted what more and more Americans had come to suspect: That the Obama administration launched a counterintelligence operation against the 2016 Trump campaign that included the cultivation of ‘spies’ within the organization. The report, which claimed in its headline that […]

HUGE: House Intel chair Devin Nunes says Trump spying was NOT based on any evidence; “all political"

(Natural News) The head of the House Intelligence Committee dropped a rather large bombshell on Sunday that the American Pravda media is doing its level best to ignore, and that is this: His panel has found no evidence whatsoever to justify the Obama FBI and Justice Department spying on Team Trump during […]

Nunes Duels the Deep State

That memo worked up in the Intel Committee of Chairman Devin Nunes may not have sunk the Mueller investigation, but from the sound of the secondary explosions, this torpedo was no dud. The critical charge: To persuade a FISA court to issue a warrant to spy on Trump aide Carter Page, the FBI relied on […]

Nunes Memo Proves Conspiracy, Followed By Media Meltdown

IMAGE: Ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, Democrat Adam Schiff, looked nervous while panicking over the release of the Memo authored by committee chair Devin Nunes. At long last, yesterday saw the public declassified release of the infamous Memo, authored by the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA). As […]

Nunes Memo Reports Crimes at Top of FBI and DOJ

Nunes Memo Reports Crimes at Top of FBI and DOJ By By Ray McGovern, a 27-year CIA veteran, who chaired National Intelligence Estimates and personally delivered intelligence briefings to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, their Vice Presidents, Secretaries of State, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and many other senior government officials. McGovern […]

Nunes: House panel looking at State Dept. involvement in Russia probe

Nunes: House panel looking at State Dept. involvement in Russia probe The Hill February 3, 2018 Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) revealed Friday that Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee would examine other agencies, including the State Department, after releasing a controversial memo alleging surveillance abuses. Watch the latest video at Speaking on Fox News […]

Unhinged: Nancy Pelosi Now Campaigning to Have Devin Nunes Removed

As 21WIRE predicted in the New Year, 2018 would see the complete implosion of the establishment’s Russiagate conspiracy theory. What we didn’t realise is how quickly this prediction would come to pass. As zero hour approaches with the imminent release of the infamous Memo, Democrats and the mainstream media have descended into a collective fit […]

The Biggest Nunes Memo Revelations Have Little To Do With Its Content

I think its very fitting that the ever-tightening repetitive loops of Americas increasingly schizophrenic partisan warfare have finally hit peak shrillness and skyrocketed into a white noise singularity on Groundhog Day. Right about now I feel like were at the part of the movie where Bill Murray is driving over a cliff in a pickup […]

House intelligence panel votes to release classified Nunes memo about FBI eavesdropping

Remember when Democrats were making fun of us for talking about the deep state? Now it’s an accepted fact. — /pol/ News Network (@PolNewsupdates) January 24, 2018 The House Intelligence Committee voted along party lines Monday to to make public a classified memo about some of the government’s most sensitive secrets, prompting Democrats to accuse the […]

House Intelligence will get ‘all’ documents and witnesses it sought from DOJ, says Nunes

     Rep. Devin Nunes announced late Wednesday that his panel, the House Intelligence Committee, appears to have reached an agreement with the Justice Department to gain access to “all” documents and witnesses it sought by a deadline at the end of the day. “After speaking to Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein this evening, I believe the […]

WaPo says "some" are concerned Nunes is planning corruption exposé on the FBI

     Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., is now allowed to serve a leadership role in the Russian investigation, a fact that concerns some as he directs it toward the potential impropriety in FBI special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, according to The Washington Post. Most of the fears lie in dangers […]

Nunes Calls for End to Gay Witch Hunt, Russian Kookspiracy

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer June 19, 2017 This is a pretty high level figure coming out with this. He has seen all the documents. RT: House Intelligence Committee chair Devin Nunes has urged Washington to stop pursuing false accusations of US President Donald Trump’s ties with Russia and concentrate on solving more pressing […]

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