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Study Shows School Gardens Help to Prevent Nutritional Deficiencies in Children

Phillip Schneider, Staff Writer Waking Times It’s no secret that kids in America don’t eat as many vegetables as they should. As non-processed fruit and vegetable intake have been linked to a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity, and hypertension in adulthood, the importance of childhood vegetable consumption is becoming increasingly relevant. According […]

Mental health issues are often the result of a nutritional deficiency; treating them with prescription drugs can further compromise your well-being

(Natural News) Are you or someone you know experiencing a mental health issue? With one out of every four Americans expected to experience a mental health condition during their lifetime, there is a good chance your life will be touched by mental illness. Why are so many people experiencing serious mental problems […]

How do you like your mushrooms? Researchers find that grilled is the best way to preserve the nutritional benefits

(Natural News) Spanish researchers have been able to show that grilling is the best way to preserve mushrooms’ nutritional benefits. Scientists from Mushroom Technological Research Center of La Rioja (CTICH) sought to measure the influence of different cooking methods (boiling, frying, grilling) of betaglucans content, antioxidant activity, and proximate composition of four cultivated mushroom species. […]

Do you know HOW to change your diet? Nutritional coaching found to be effective at helping type-2 diabetes patients improve dietary habits

(Natural News) Following an online nutritional coaching intervention may help improve dietary habits and blood glucose control in patients with type-2 diabetes and abdominal obesity, recent research shows. French scientists examined up to 120 overweight type-2 diabetes patients aged 17 to 75 years old as part of the study. The volunteers were divided into two groups: one following an […]

Solutions for diabetes: A LIVE, plant-based nutritional program that effectively balances blood sugar

(Natural News) Over 30 million people – almost 10 percent of the United States population – currently suffer from diabetes, with type 2 diabetes accounting for up to 95 percent of the cases. And, let’s not forget the millions of people in a prediabetic condition – which leads to all sorts of health issues, as […]

Nutrition bombshell as medical establishment FINALLY admits food is more than the sum of its nutritional parts

(Natural News) Some people live and die by the nutritional labels on their food, relying on them to guide their eating choices and laboriously counting every last gram of fat. Many people have long known that this is not the best way to compare two foods – for example, a processed snack might be lower […]

Nutritional Ketosis Diet May Be Key for Optimal Health

Metabolic dysfunction has gained a lot of attention in recent years, as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and Alzeimer’s continue to wreak havoc on human health. But what is the connection? An unhealthy diet — one rooted in excess sugars from processed foods and grains — is creating insulin and leptin resistance. Once such resistances […]

Cop Gets 30 Years After Helping Mexican Drug Cartel Smuggle Cocaine and Guns

Cameron Langford | Courthouse News Service A former Houston policeman convicted of supplying guns, vehicles and intelligence to Zetas cartel members, who trafficked thousands of kilos of cocaine in the United States, was sentenced to 30 years behind bars. Noe Juarez, of Houston, is a former U.S. Marine who […]

#AusExit? Aussies ponder their future in Commonwealth after Brexit

The “AusExit” campaign, led by Australia’s republican movement, has surged in popularity since the UK’s decision to leave the EU in last week’s referendum. The republican movement calls for the removal of the British monarch as Australia’s head of state and elimination of the Union Jack from the Australian flag. The benefits of remaining part […]

Saudi Arabia ‘not ready’ to let women drive because of culture, not religion – prince

“So far the society is not persuaded [by women driving] – and it has negative influence – but we stress that it is up to the Saudi society,” said Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has been granted unprecedented powers under the rule of his father. The prince added that it is not “a […]

‘All occupiers accuse the resistant of terror’: Palestine envoy’s ‘Nazi comparison’ enrages Israel

The comments were made during a press conference held by Riyad Mansour, the Permanent Observer of Palestine to the United Nations, which occurred 10 days after he and Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, exchanged heated verbal accusations with regards to the wider definition and condemnation of terror. During a UN Security Council meeting […]

Mystery Brussels Bomber In White. Is He Illuminati?

New pictures of one of the Brussels bombers have been released, revealing a “mysterious” man wearing white shirt.  According to reports, the fugitive’s shirt appears to be bright blue with dark patches on the elbows. He was also wearing dark trousers with large white soles. The elbows on his jackets have patches, and according to the following […]

Two Iranian films to vie at FIFF

Directed by Karim Lakzadeh, the short film The Gambler will experience its first international screening at the 30th edition of Germany’s Fribourg International Film Festival. Produced by Iranian Youth Cinema Society, The Gambler is set in a misty village on the top of a mountain where two gamblers hijack an old man to his own […]

RED ALERT: FDA Set to Ban Nutritional Supplements

  Dr Joseph September 14, 2011 The FDA has issued a proposed mandate that represents the greatest threat to dietary supplements since 1994. Back in the early 1990s, consumers were so alarmed by FDA bullying that they staged a massive revolt. The result was that Congress passed a law prohibiting the FDA from banning popular nutrients (as the […]

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