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52nd National Day Of Mourning To Be Observed In Plymouth

Above photo: Mass Peace Action. United American Indians of New England (UAINE) has called for the 52nd National Day of Mourning in Plymouth, Massachusetts on Thursday, November 25, 2021 at 12 o’clock noon. Participants will gather by the statue of Massasoit on Cole’s Hill above the Plymouth waterfront. Since 1970, hundreds of Native people and non-Native […]

30-day mourning period for Israeli Esther Horgen to be observed online

Browse > Home / News / 30-day mourning period for Israeli Esther Horgen to be observed online January 20, 2021 by Josh Hasten – JNS Read on for article Family and friends of Esther Horgen, the 52-year-old Israeli mother of six who was murdered by an Arab terrorist last month, are organizing a Zoom event […]

Cool science: Researchers have successfully observed how fish and amphibians regenerate tissue into their perfect original shape

(Natural News) Wouldn’t it be neat to regrow a lost limb without any trace of scar or trauma? Researchers have successfully observed how the skin cells of some fish and amphibians are capable of advanced tissue regeneration without scarring, retaining its perfect original form. The findings, published in the journal The Company of […]

Fragmenting meteor fireball observed over Tucumán, Argentina (VIDEOS)

     On 9th March 2018 at 02.30 thousands of people in Tucumán, a small province in northwest Argentina, witnessed a fragmenting meteor fireball overhead according to La Gaceta Tucumán. The phenomenon was captured on video. Source Article from

Scientists Just Observed Epigenetic Memories Being Passed Down For 14 Generations

Scientists have made some incredible new discoveries on how our minds can literally affect our biology, especially through the study of epigenetics, the brach of science that looks at how inherited changes of phenotype (appearance) or gene expression are caused by mechanisms other than changes in the underlying DNA sequence. Instead of looking at DNA as the […]

Astronomers find the first ‘wind nebula’ around a magnetar

© ESA/XMM-Newton/Younes et al. 2016This X-ray image shows extended emission around a source known as Swift J1834.9-0846, a rare ultra-magnetic neutron star called a magnetar. The glow arises from a cloud of fast-moving particles produced by the neutron star and corralled around it. Color indicates X-ray energies, with 2,000-3,000 electron volts (eV) in red, 3,000-4,500 […]

Oregano may help save the planet by reducing methane emissions from cow farts… Yeah, really

(NaturalNews) Those who dare to raise questions regarding the current climate change narrative are often labeled as “anti-science” lunatics, but anyone who pays attention to the contradictions and absurdities being published on the subject by the mainstream scientific community has plenty of reason to become a bit “skeptical” themselves. Take for instance the […]

Swiss Pres. heralds new chapter in Tehran-Bern ties

TEHRAN, Feb. 28 (MNA) – Swiss President Johann Schneider-Amman in a Sun. meeting with Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani in Tehran assured a new chapter has begun in Tehran-Bern relations, following three days of intensive bilateral talks.Visiting Swiss President Johann Schneider-Amman held talks with Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani on Sunday, hailing the 140 years of […]

Rare eruption of Great Geysir, Iceland’s most famous hot spring

     The Great Geysir, Iceland’s most famous hot spring, which has given the name to geysers all over the world, erupted yesterday. This rare event was captured on camera. Halldóra Eldon, who works at Hótel Geysir was at work when she noticed an unusual amount of steam rising from Geysir. “It was just by chance […]

Russian daredevil skis at 130kph down icy Siberian road (VIDEO)

Stuntman Vitaly Slobodenyuk risked life and limb to take his skiing to the max, while friend Dmitry Koval pulled him along a snowy road in the Novosibirsk region. The two say they are experienced skiers and had practiced the risky ride many times. “Last time we did this, we managed to accelerate up to 140 […]

Germany Admits Haji Invasion is Not an Economic Miracle

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer January 9, 2016 Future German STEM sector employees. I’m not exactly sure who thought it made sense when Merkel was claiming that bringing in millions of illiterate terrorist/rapists would be good for the economy. But I guess a big part of the German idea is just accepting the statements of authority figures […]

7 Reasons To Never Hold Back Your Opinion

Giving your opinion can be a frightening thing. This is especially true when your opinion is likely to be in contrast with the majority. If you are expressing disagreement with a superior, things can be downright terrifying. In spite of all of this, there are many benefits to voicing your opinion. So much so, that […]

Living near fracking wells found to increase risk of premature and high-risk births

     Expectant women living near active natural-gas wells operated by the fracking industry in Pennsylvania are at an increased risk of giving birth prematurely and having high-risk births, according to a new study by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Dr. Brian S. Schwartz, a professor of environmental science at the Bloomberg School, and […]

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