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How Did Remdesivir Obtain Approval for Kidney Disease?

Remdesivir may be the most despised drug in American history, earning the nickname Run Death Is Near for its lethal record during COVID. Experts claimed that it would stop COVID; instead, it stopped kidney function, then blasted the liver and other organs. Now this reviled destroyer of kidneys has been approved by the FDA for COVID treatment of kidney patients. Does […]

Iranian nationals to obtain simplified e-visas to enter Russia

TEHRAN – Passport holders from Iran and some other countries will be offered electronic visas to enter the Russian Federation under President Vladimir Putin’s new orders. Source

FLIRTING WITH DISASTER: Biden clears way for Ukraine to obtain F-16 fighter jets

(Natural News) President Joe Biden has announced that the U.S. will support an international effort to train Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighter jets, another clear escalation of military activity against Russia. A senior Biden administration official confirmed the move to the Messenger, but clarified that the announcement does not mean Washington will send its own F-16s […]

Leonard Leo used Federalist Society contact to obtain $1.6B donation

Leonard Leo, who helped to choose judicial nominees for former President Donald Trump, obtained a historic $1.6 billion gift for his conservative legal network via an introduction through the Federalist Society, whose tax status forbids political activism. Leo first met Barre Seid, the now 91-year-old manufacturing magnate turned donor, through an introduction arranged by Eugene […]

Citizens of Turkiye can now obtain visa on arrival in Egypt

Turkish citizens will now be able to obtain a visa for Egypt on arrival, according to an announcement on Saturday by Turkiye's charge d'affaires in Cairo. "Our citizens will be able to enter Egypt without obtaining a visa in advance," Salih Mutlu Sen said on Twitter, adding the following day that it will be "the […]

Ionosphere heaters being used to obtain $billions by fabricating climate change

This is what the night sky looks like after Germany’s EISCAT ionosphere heater in Norway manipulates the Earth’s magnetic field to fabricate climate change Germany has 2 ionosphere heaters in Norway. EISCAT Svalbard Radar 78°09’11″N 16°01’44″E Norway and EISCAT Tromsø 69°35’11″N 19° 13’38″E Norway Since the 1990s ionosphere heaters have been developed for weather modification […]

Polish Activist Convicted For Helping Woman Obtain Abortion Pills

Justyna Wydrzyńska, whose case has been closely followed by human rights groups, has been sentenced her to eight months of community service. Source

Schenker: Hezbollah Threats Enabled Lebanon to Obtain 100% of Maritime Requests

October 14, 2022 Former US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, David Schenker, indicated in an article published by WSJ that the final version of the US-brokered maritime border demarcation between Lebanon and the Zionist entity reflects that ‘Israel’ fell to Lebanon’s Bait-and-Switch game. Schenker explained that the Lebanese negotiators won the day […]

Australia’s largest criminal organisations will now obtain your Optus data, gov decides?

At law, Australia is a colony where (penal) colony mentality of the authorities is practised across the land, e.g. the Andrews government in Victoria proposal to fine Victorian for enjoying nature too much, that being diverting from a track or VLAD law in Queensland. Australia is not a democratic place but rather a totalitarian state. […]

Italy election: Millions stuck in limbo trying to obtain Italian citizenship

Khaby Lame obtained it thanks to his record on Tik Tok, but Italian citizenship, for those who were born there or have lived there since they were children, remains a mirage. Despite Italy giving the right to citizenship to those born in the country (ius soli), pitfalls remain. It boils down to one’s birthright and […]

Oz says he does not support criminal penalties for those who obtain abortions

Oz says he does not support criminal penalties for those who obtain abortions lead image

NY Governor To Require 3 Years Of Social Media History To Obtain Concealed Carry Permit

Within an hour of the US Supreme Court striking down a law which required New York residents to show “proper cause” to obtain a concealed carry license, Governor Kathy Hochul (D) promised legislation to counter the ruling. Source

Six Migrants All Claim To Be Father of Same Child To Obtain French Residency

Six migrant men from the Ivory Coast have all claimed to be the father of one child in the northern French department of Manche in order that they would each be able to claim residency in France. The court of

How To Obtain Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) & Ivermectin

How To Obtain Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) & IvermectinPublished on September 7, 2021Written by John O’Sullivan At Principia Scientific International (PSI) we get many requests asking where readers can legally obtain Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) & Ivermectin. Below is our free, helpful guide. Please note: we are NOT medical practitioners.  PSI does NOT personally provide or prescribe HCQ or […]

How Pfizer Manipulated COVID Vaccine Trial Protocols To Obtain Emergency FDA Authorisation For Children

July 5, 2021 Analysis and comparison of the review document submitted by Pfizer to the US Food and Drug Administration, on the basis of which the FDA gave the green light to expand the emergency permit for vaccination also for children aged 12-15 (1), as opposed to the study protocol in children (2, 3), reveal […]

Some foreigners in Israel are finally able to obtain COVID vaccine pass

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved Source

Satanic Temple Sues City of Boston to Obtain ‘Equal Opportunity’ to ‘Invoke Satan’ at Council Meetings

BOSTON — The Satanic Temple (TST) has filed suit against the City of Boston to challenge its practice of allowing council members to choose those who present the invocation during public meetings rather than accepting requests from community members. The group’s legal challenge comes after it was denied requests to participate in 2016 and 2017. […]

The CIA Hired Remote Viewers To Obtain Information About Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth

The Facts: Norway has registered a total of 29 deaths among people over the age of 75 who’ve had their first Covid-19 vaccination shot, raising questions over which groups to target in national inoculation programs. Reflect On: Should freedom of choice always remain here? Should governments and private institutions not be allowed to mandate this […]

Ohio Bill Would Require Parental Permission for Students to Obtain Sex Ed Other Than Abstinence Teaching

Photo Credit: Wokandapix/Pixabay COLUMBUS, Ohio — A proposed bill in Ohio would require schools to obtain parental permission for student participation if they plan to present sexual education that is not solely abstinence-based. Ron Hood, R-Ashville, recently filed House Bill 790, also known as the “Parents Right to Know Act,” which would amend existing law […]

US Supreme Court Temporarily Allows Mothers to Obtain Abortion Pills Without In-Person Visits

Photo Credit: Joe Ravi WASHINGTON (USA Today) – The Supreme Court ruled on a temporary basis Thursday night that women seeking to end their pregnancies with medication do not need to visit a [physical facility], given the COVID-19 pandemic. The action was a setback for the Trump administration, which had sought to reinstate a 20-year-old […]

Google will soon obtain private genetic data on hundreds of thousands of medical patients… without their consent

(Natural News) The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) recently ruled that the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust broke the law, as it failed to comply with the Data Protection Act when it transferred 1.6 million patient records to DeepMind, an artificial intelligence research group owned by Google. In response to the ruling, NHS signed an […]

Australian Police illegally obtain journalist’s phone records

The Australian Federal Police have admitted to illegally obtaining a journalist’s phone record earlier this year – because the officers “did not know” that they needed a warrant. On Friday, AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin claimed that officers who were investigating a leak of confidential police material did not know that they needed […]

Picatrix: An Ancient Manuscript That Teaches How To Obtain ENERGY From The COSMOS

“Through this ancient manuscript…the reader could attract and channel the energy of the cosmos so that a certain event develops according to the will of the practitioner, zodiacal magic; which is said to help master and dominate with accuracy—through the force of the universe—nature and its surroundings.” Picatrix explains not only how to create and […]

Navy Told To Treat U.S. Public As Enemies Amid January War Games

U.S. Navy SEALs have been told to regard members of the American public as potential “enemies” amid war games planned for the state of Washing this month.  The war games will be conducted in residential areas, state parks, and national parks without public consent. The war games are to treat U.S. citizens as pawns due […]

Russian UN envoy – US-led strikes on Syrian Army ‘possibly’ not accidental

     The US-led anti-terrorist coalition’s airstrikes on the Syrian Army may not have been an accident and could be repeated, Russia’s envoy to the UN Vitaly Churkin said. The Syrian Army confirmed earlier in December an airstrike on Syrian Army positions by US-led coalition aircraft in the Deir ez-Zor area that killed three and wounded […]

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