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Unlock the Power of 10 Key Nutrients for Optimal Health

Check out our sister site for other news From Story at-a-glance While I do not recommend relying on supplements for your daily nutrition, depending on your state of health, there may be instances where you need one or more supplements to address a nutritional deficiency or ailment. Some nutritional deficiencies are so widespread, […]

Sleep Syncing: The Latest Health Trend For Optimal Well-being

In an era where health-conscious individuals seek innovative ways to enhance their well-being, a new trend has emerged that promises to revolutionize our approach to sleep and overall health: Sleep Syncing. This cutting-edge practice combines technology, mindfulness, and personalized sleep strategies to help individuals achieve better sleep, improved mental clarity, and enhanced physical performance. In […]

Optimal cultivation key to preserve water resources

Optimal cultivation key to preserve water resources – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Iran has been grappling with water stress since 2006 and the situation is forecast to be exacerbated by the next 15 years while reforming the irrigation method from traditional to modern will reduce water consumption and waste at least by half. Last week, President […]

Air force chief: UAE F-35 sale could be ‘less optimal’ for Israel in long term

The proposed United States sale of F-35 stealth fighter jets to the United Arab Emirates could have a long-term negative strategic impact for Israel, Air Force Chief Amikam Norkin said in an interview aired Wednesday. Though not formally a part of a recently signed US-brokered normalization agreement between Israel and the UAE, the sale of […]

Be sure to get your B vitamins: Essential to optimal health, they make your diet delicious as well

(Natural News) B vitamins are water-soluble vitamins, which means that they cannot be stored in the body. These vitamins must be taken daily. Listed below are the eight B vitamins with their uses and dietary sources. (Related: B Vitamins : Energy, Heart Health, Strong Hair and So Much More.) Vitamin B1 – Vitamin B1, also […]

Nutritional Ketosis Diet May Be Key for Optimal Health

Metabolic dysfunction has gained a lot of attention in recent years, as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and Alzeimer’s continue to wreak havoc on human health. But what is the connection? An unhealthy diet — one rooted in excess sugars from processed foods and grains — is creating insulin and leptin resistance. Once such resistances […]

Zika PAYDAY! Obama wants to funnel $1.8 billion for vaccine research and more

(NaturalNews) Until 2016, Zika wasn’t taken very seriously by American authorities. The relaxed attitude suggested that it was just another mundane disease in third-world countries. This much was clear from the CDC’s attitude and lack of recommendations regarding the virus. Soon enough, however, a concerning percentage of pregnant women that contracted the virus […]

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