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LVMPD Bombshell: Stephen Paddock Had 3 Accomplices

A recent batch of documents released by the LVMPD reveals that Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock had 3 accomplices on the night of the shooting – some of whom had ties to ISIS.  The documents shed light on more discrepancies and abnormalities surrounding the official story of the tragedy as originally given by Sheriff Joe Lombardo and Special […]

Vegas Shooting Police Files Show 3 Women Were In Stephen Paddock’s Room, Wife Had ISIS ‘Friends’

Recent documents released regarding the October 1, 2017 Las Vegas shooting are beginning to shed light on more discrepancies and abnormalities surrounding the official timeline and narrative of the tragedy as originally stated by Sheriff Joe Lombardo and Special Agent Aaron Rouse of the Las Vegas FBI. The documents also indicate three women were found […]

Las Vegas Gunman Stephen Paddock Was ‘Conspiracy Theorist’

US authorities now believe that “conspiracy theories” played a role in motivating Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock into committing the massacre.  According to new documents, Paddock “ranted” about various conspiracies weeks before he killed 58 people at the Mandalay Bay on October 1, 2017. reports: A jailed man who gave a statement to authorities in […]

Surveillance Footage of Las Vegas Shooter Paddock Released by NYT, Brought in 21 Bags to Mandalay Bay Over Several Days

Sometimes we see him as other hotel guests would have seen him: as the tall gambler intent on the video poker machine across the casino floor, or as the customer standing in line in front of you at the gift shop, buying snacks, or as the guy you briefly glance at as he waits for […]

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was on a "sedative-hypnotic" mind-altering psychiatric medication – autopsy report

(Natural News) Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was taking mind-altering psychiatric medications at the time he carried out the Mandalay Bay mass shooting, reveal autopsy records obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “Amounts of nordiazepam, oxazepam and temazepam, which are consistent with the anti-anxiety drug Valium, were found in his urine, a […]

FBI Admits MGM Keeping Paddock Weapons Footage Secret

Las Vegas, NV – Any chance of a successful cover-up in the case of the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay massacre just got exponentially more difficult to successfully pull off, as new information provided by an FBI source with direct knowledge of the investigation has revealed that the FBI has yet to see ANY […]

Mandalay Bay Admits Staff Visited Paddock’s Room 10 TIMES Before Shooting—Noticed Nothing

By Rachel Blevins Three months after the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, yet another crucial change in the narrative has occurred as MGM Resorts International is now claiming that the hotel staff at Mandalay Bay had at least 10 interactions with suspect Stephen Paddock in the days before the shooting. At least two […]

Mad science: Doctors and scientists will dissect Paddock’s brain to find motive for Las Vegas massacre

     Scientists are preparing to do a microscopic study of the Las Vegas gunman’s brain, but whatever they find, if anything, likely won’t be what led him to kill 58 people in the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history, experts said. Comment: Of course it won’t: he didn’t do it. Stephen Paddock’s brain is […]

Brother of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock reportedly detained in child porn case

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FBI: Stephen Paddock Was An ISIS Operative

An FBI insider claims that the government is covering up the fact that Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock worked for ISIS. According to an anonymous tip posted on GLP, the mainstream media, FBI and Las Vegas Police Department are all hiding the truth about what really happened as part of a coordinated cover-up. The post […]

Vegas Cops Change Their Story: Paddock Shot Security Guard BEFORE Mass Shooting

By Jon Rappoport Huge can of new worms… LA Times: “Police said Paddock fired 200 rounds into the hallway” wounding a hotel security guard. LA Times, October 9: “Police have dramatically changed their account of how the Las Vegas massacre began on Oct. 1, revealing Monday that the gunman shot a hotel security […]

The Las Vegas Paddock

Renegade Editor’s Note: Although there are lots of people who are supposedly casualties of this event, we have yet to see any footage of bullets impacting either objects or people. Paddock: A usually enclosed area used especially for pasturing or exercising animals…an enclosure where racehorses are saddled and paraded before a race.” ~ Merriam-Webster Dictionary […]

Marine Marksman says Paddock is not Shooter

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Mass Murderer Paddock was a gambling addict whose father was diagnosed as dangerous and psychopathic

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Is This Video of Stephen Paddock ALIVE In Atlantic City AFTER The Las Vegas Shooting???

VIA HighImpactFlix: I believe that the controllers knew that good independent investigators would be deciphering their material and catch mistakes made by them and therefore, they may have just put some of those mistakes in there on purpose, hence why I am not posting everything I see about this shooting event. However, I could be completely wrong […]

Stephen Paddock’s Brother Opens Up About Vegas Shooter’s Dark Past

Stephen Paddock’s brother, Eric Paddock, has spoken out about the mass murderer’s past. Speaking with The Independent, Eric has described his brother as being ‘the king of microaggression’, who would delibrately puff cigar smoke into the faces of those who were annoyed by it. According to Eric, Paddock was also ‘highly intelligent, highly successful’. He […]

The unknowable Stephen Paddock and the ultimate mystery: Why?

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QUESTION EVERYTHING: Is This Video of Stephen Paddock Alive AFTER Las Vegas Shooting???

VIA HighImpactFlix: So this clip was sent to this videographer and notice how in the beginning of it, the date is shown, 10/6/17. That shows that the person taking this video knew what they were doing in order to document the date to notify anyone viewing it that it was taken AFTER the Las Vegas false flag […]

Valet Entries Prove Paddock Checked In 3 Days Before Date Given by Authorities

Police: Stephen Paddock Was ‘Not Alone’ In Hotel Room

FBI officials have discovered new evidence that shows Stephen Paddock was not acting along during last Sunday’s shooting at the Mandalay Bay hotel. Two key pieces of evidence suggest that the Las Vegas shooter had a second accomplice with him at the time of the attack. reports:  Senior law enforcement officials told NBC News […]

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