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Artworks by Swiss Painter Auguste Veillon

After obtaining a degree in Reformed theology in Lausanne, he joined François Diday at his studio in Geneva, where he primarily painted seascapes Source

Painter Asadi Jozani dies at 56

TEHRAN- Iranian painter Mohammad Asadi Jozani, who was best known for his works on the Islamic Revolution and the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war, died of heart attack on Monday. He was 56. Source

Shen Yun Presents a ‘Culture That’s Uplifting’ With ‘Transcendent Beauty,’ Says Painter

TORONTO, Canada—Inspired by the “transformative” and “dynamic” performance, Michelle Doran, painter and poet, said Shen Yun Performing Arts was “in touch with the past on a wave to the future.” Mrs. Doran attended the production at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts on April 1. “I cried from joy,” she said. “I just […]

Fikos: Painter of the Largest Mural in Greek and Byzantine Art History

Painter and muralist, Fikos is the creator of the largest mural in the history of Greek and Byzantine art. Entitled ‘Earth&Sky’ the 46-metre high masterpiece covers the side of a seventeen-storey building taking the internationally acclaimed artist just thirteen days to paint. Source

Norwegian Romantic Painter Thomas Fearnley

Thomas Fearnley (27 December 1802 – 16 January 1842) was a Norwegian romantic painter, a pupil of Johan Christian Dahl and a leading representative of Norwegian romantic nationalism in painting. His son Thomas Fearnley (1841–1927) founded the Fearnley dynasty of shipping magnates. (Wikipedia) Share now! Source

German Romanticist Painter Carl Spitzweg

Carl Spitzweg, (born Feb. 5, 1808, Munich—died Sept. 23, 1885, Munich), German painter who is recognized as the most representative of the Biedermeier (early Victorian) artists in Germany. Trained in pharmacy at the University of Vienna, Spitzweg was a pharmacist and newspaper illustrator before becoming a painter in 1833. Though widely travelled in Europe, he […]

Ancient Egyptian Painter Left Behind His Palette and the Paint Has Survived!

When compared to later, more naturalistic Classical art of the Greeks and Romans, ancient Egyptian art has been described as blocky, static, abstract, and formal. But that doesn’t mean that the ancient Egyptians didn’t value artistic creations, their art was just meant to serve different purposes. One of the best examples of this alternative perspective […]

Robot painter sells piece for $688K, now eyes music career

HONG KONG (AP) — Sophia is a robot of many talents — she speaks, jokes, sings and even makes art. In March, she caused a stir in the art world when a digital work she created as part of a collaboration was sold at an auction for $688,888 in the form of a non-fungible token […]

Danish Landscape Painter Vilhelm Kyhn

From Arts & Culture: Peter Vilhelm Carl Kyhn (1819 – 1903) was a Danish landscape painter who belonged to the generation of national romantic painters immediately after the Danish Golden Age and before the Modern Breakthrough. Even though he outlived many of his artistic peers by several decades, he remained a traditionalist and expressed strong […]

Stunning Scenes by Polish Painter Józef Rapacki

Józef Rapacki (1871 – 1929) was a Polish painter, graphic designer, and watercolorist. He came from a family heavily involved in the theater. His artistic studies began in Poland and then led him to Munich. He lived in a painted in different parts of Poland through his life before dying due to complications from influenza […]

Landscapes by Polish Painter Józef Marszewski

There is not much information about Józef Marszewski online, but apparently he was a Pole who was born in Lithuania, who studied and worked in both Warsaw and Vilnius, amongst other locations in Europe. In the second half of the 19th century there were relatively few artists working in Lithuania. The most prominent of them […]

Neoclassic Danish Painter Nicolai Abildgaard

Nicolai Abraham Abildgaard (September 11, 1743 – June 4, 1809) was a Danish neoclassical and royal history painter, sculptor, architect, and professor of painting, mythology, and anatomy at the New Royal Danish Academy of Art in Copenhagen, Denmark. (Wikipedia)

John Atkinson Grimshaw — Painter of Moonlight

From Faces of Ancient Europe Known for his city night-scenes and landscapes, John Atkinson Grimshaw (6 September 1836 – 13 October 1893) was a Victorian artist described by British art historian Christopher Wood as a “remarkable and imaginative painter”. Hailing from Leeds in England, Grimshaw’s first job was as a clerk for Great Northern Railway. […]

Favored Salon Painter Henri Gervex

Henri Gervex (1852 – 1929) was a French painter who became rather popular with the Salon scene of Paris. He is best known for his female nudes, portraits, and society scenes.Although he was a well-respected artist who was entrusted to paintings for public buildings, Gervex was still something of a a controversial painter during his […]

The Wondrous Works of German History Painter Johann Georg Hiltensperger

Johann Georg Hiltensperger (1806 – 1890) was a history painter and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, where he was originally trained in drawing. He also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Düsseldorf, but would return to Munich in 1825. He was commissioned to create paintings and frescoes by King Ludwig I of Bavaria and King Maximilian II […]

Obama Painter Kehinde Wiley Known For Portraying Black Heroines Decapitating White Women

By Chris Menahan Barack Obama unveiled his official portrait as painted by artist Kehinde Wiley at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC on Monday. “Wiley typically portrays people of color posing as famous figures in Western art,” the Portrait Gallery said of his work. “Through this practice, he challenges the visual rhetoric of […]

Aelbert Cuyp – Dutch Painter of the Baroque Period

From Faces of Ancient Europe Aelbert Cuyp, in full Aelbert Jacobszoon Cuyp, Aelbert also spelled Albert, Cuyp also spelled Cuijp, (baptized October 20, 1620, Dordrecht, Netherlands – buried November 15, 1691, Dordrecht), Dutch painter** of the Baroque period** who is known for his peaceful landscapes of the Dutch countryside, distinguished for their poetic use of […]

Freedom and Form: French Impressionist Painter Frédéric Bazille at the National Gallery

Iran files lawsuit against US at IC Justice over seized assets: Rouhani

Iran has filed a lawsuit against the United States at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) demanding compensation over the seizure of USD 2 billion worth of the country’s assets by a top American court. President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday that Iran had filed the lawsuit with the ICJ a day earlier, vowing that his administration […]

Japan: Two Aftershocks One Measuring 5.3 Shake Kumamoto

Two aftershocks, one measuring a magnitude of 5.3 have hit Kumamoto prefecture in Japan, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS) The aftershocks followed just days after two deadly earthquakes struck the region, killing at least 42 and injuring more than 1,000 others. RT reports: A tsunami warning has not been issued, Japanese broadcaster NHK […]

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