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Palermo sighs in relief after Mafia boss arrest but prosecutors warn fight is not over

An outpouring of relief in Palermo after the arrest of Italy’s most wanted alleged Mafia boss. But Italian prosecutors are warning that the fight against organised crime is far from over. Source

Foot of ancient Greek goddess makes its way to Athens museum from Palermo

It’s only the size of a shoebox, carved with the broken-off foot of an ancient Greek goddess. But Greece hopes the 2,500-year-old marble fragment, which arrived Monday on loan from an Italian museum, may help resolve one of the world’s thorniest cultural heritage disputes and lead to the reunification in Athens of all surviving Parthenon […]

Child Mummies in the Palermo Catacombs Cause of Death Investigation

The Palermo catacombs is a huge crypt full of mummified monks, professionals, and children. The child mummies in the Palermo catacombs literally look as if they are asleep in time. Now, 41 of these child mummies are being comprehensively investigated by a team of scientists who aim to understand their lifestyles and the circumstances of […]

The Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo and Their Most Famous Mummy

Human beings have always had a fascination with death. In some cultures, the dead are never left alone, but continue to interact with the living. For instance, some set up ancestor cults to memorialize their dead forebears. Others believe that the living can communicate with the dead via mediums. While these forms of interaction deal […]

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