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Ron Armstrong: The WHO wants MORE AUTHORITY in all future pandemics

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Ron Armstrong of the American Sovereignty Coalition (ASC) pointed out that the globalist World Health Organization (WHO) wants more authority in all future pandemics.”The WHO has been meeting behind closed doors for the last two months,” he told Kristen Meghan during a May 8 appearance on her “Vets & Visionaries” … [Read […]

Bill Gates wants global ‘fire department’ for pandemics

READ HERE: The software tycoon has called for funding for the WHO’s Global Health Emergency Corps   Source

Biden To Sign Accord Giving WHO Authority to Control US Response to Pandemics

Joe Biden is set to sign global health treaty that will erode US sovereignty by giving the World Health Organization the authority to control how the U.S. responds to pandemics. In the name of preventing and fighting pandemics, the Biden administration and international entities are negotiating an agreement with the WHO that would establish a […]

German health minister says ‘new pandemics are certain’ after meeting with Bill Gates, WHO director – LifeSite

The Microsoft founder is said to have significant influence on the WHO, as his foundation is the second largest financial contributor to the organization after the U.S. government. Gates is a strong proponent of vaccine development and distribution (including the ineffective and dangerous Covid injections), as well as population control and abortion.  Germany’s health minister Karl Lauterbach is known as an ardent supporter of draconian Covid measures, […]

Interview 1786 – WHO’s Sordid History of So-Called Pandemics

via CHD.TV: James Corbett and Meryl Nass continue their efforts to unpack the WHO’s vast bureaucratic overreach toward a global biosecurity state. Interpreting recently drafted amendments to the International Health Regulations for future pandemics, Nass and Corbett remind us of the sordid history of so-called pandemics, from Smallpox, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Zika, Ebola, Monkeypox […]

World Needs To Prepare For Future Pandemics Says UK Govt’s Chief Scientific Adviser

A covid variant which is able to evade vaccine immunity could take the world by surprise, according to Britain’s Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance. Speaking at a virtual Royal Society conference, Vallance also warned that the “world needs to be ready” for inevitable future pandemics which will look very different to the current one. […]

Ancient Norse Teeth Plaque Helps Explain Pandemics

A team of Norwegian scientists have been tracking the evolution of diseases in medieval bodies. Not only have they added to the understanding of how diseases become pandemics, but they’ve revealed new insights into the long-term effects of ‘elite breeding’ patterns. Ready for a mouthful? Salmonella enterica serovar Paratyphi C causes what’s known as ‘enteric […]

 Tale of two pandemics: Follow the science and do not forget one at the cost of the other

Covid-19 has posed innumerable health, economic, and social challenges for all, including people living with HIV. It has exposed the fragility of health systems around the globe and has diverted political attention and funding from other infectious diseases like TB and HIV. The opening session of the 11th International IAS Conference on HIV Science (#IAS2021) […]

US has Unleashed Two Pandemics Upon the World: the COVID and the Mass Shootings

No matter how hard the Washington propaganda machine tries to make the US look like an “innocent little bunny,” all the new revelations officially break this obviously unreflective artificial image. So, according to a US National Institutes of Health (NIH) press release distributed the other day, the COVID-19 coronavirus infection appeared in the United States […]

UN Wants a Global Government (NWO) to ‘Prevent Future Pandemics’

Global surveillance, “financial independence” and power to override national governments headline WHO’s recommended “reforms”. by Kit Knightly A new report, published by the United Nations, has claimed the covid19 “pandemic” would have been prevented had the UN – and specifically the World Health Organizaion – been given more global authority. The report is titled Covid19: […]

UN report pushes global government to “prevent future pandemics”

UN report pushes global government to “prevent future pandemics” Tap News / Weaver Global surveillance, “financial independence” and power to override national governments headline WHO’s recommended “reforms”. Kit Knightly Anew report, published by the United Nations, has claimed the covid19 “pandemic” would have been prevented had the UN – and specifically the World Health Organizaion […]

Workers’ Wages Rebound From Pandemics But Not For Blacks

Unemployment Rate Declined in March as Work Returns. While wages for many Americans have rebounded to pre-pandemic levels, earnings for Black workers declined in the first quarter of 2021, growing the wage gap to its highest level since before the pandemic, according to a new analysis. In a report of earnings data by the Ludwig […]

‘Global Reset’ Needed To Fight Future Pandemics Germany’s Health Minister Tells WHO

‘Global Reset’ Needed To Fight Future Pandemics Germany’s Health Minister Tells WHODate: May 7, 2021Author: Nwo Report   Source: RTGermany’s Health Minister Jens Spahn told a World Health Organization (WHO) briefing on Wednesday that a “global reset” is needed to fight future pandemics.His comments came as the UN agency announced the creation of a new pandemic […]

UK To Host International Summit To Speed Up Vaccine Development For Future Pandemics

Britain has announced that it plans to host a 2022 summit to prepare for future pandemics and raise money for vaccine research. The UK government will host the global summit next year in partnership with the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI). You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing you agree to our Terms of […]

We Need Gun Control, Not Pandemics To ‘Slow Mass Shootings In This Country’ Says Obama

Barack Obama has demanded that lawmakers combat what he described as an “epidemic of gun violence” in the United States. Obama made his remarks Tuesday after a gunman fatally shot multiple people at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado. You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing you agree to our Terms of Use. Breitbart reports: […]


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The World’s Deadliest Pandemics by Population Impact – COVID’s Placement Will Surprise You

After a year of the Wuhan Virus and the mayhem it caused across the globe we now have a better picture of just how deadly the coronavirus was compared to other great pandemics in the past. And, it’s not even close. Via Carmen Ang, Visual Capitalist: Even if we accept the official numbers, which are […]

Video: Fauci And Chuck Todd Say More Pandemics Coming Because Of Climate Change

Stanford’s Dr. Jay Bhattacharya told Newsweek that COVID-19 lockdowns are “the single worst public health mistake in the last 100 years.” The medical professor warned that lockdowns are disproportionately impacting the poor and making wealth inequality worse. He also explained how the areas that imposed the most draconian lockdowns didn’t see the most success in […]

Four Intersecting Pandemics Threaten Continuation of Life

AN OVER-HEATED PLANET, UNCONTROLLED HUMAN POPULATION & COVID-19 A triad of intersecting world-wide pandemics simultaneously threatening humanity today are the end results of its own insatiable greedy human desire for endless, unchecked growth. Ugly, profit-based, commercial development, unimaginative high-rise towers or mega-social housing projects continue to destroy everything in their wake in an impossible attempt […]

Is policing pandemics different than maintaining law and order?

Among the first responders in times of emergencies or crises is often expected to be the police. This was no different when Covid-19 pandemic brought the world to a grinding halt. The public health emergency arising due to the pandemic, as well as cascading humanitarian crises in several countries and communities, only made the job […]

Still eating meat? Don’t be shocked if we face a future of pandemics

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REPORT: New WHO Data Reveals Coronavirus Less Lethal than Last Three Major US Pandemics — And they Destroyed the Economy for This — Evans News Report

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Fake Pandemics Created by Fake Doctors Financed by Fake Economists

The democratic party is run be pedophiles, banksters and communists.   Does anybody see a problem here? “The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of Conservatives is to prevent mistakes from being corrected. Even when the revolutionist might himself repent […]

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