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Former RNC chair urges lawmakers in both parties to ‘take the win’ on tentative border deal

Michael Steele, the former chair of the Republican National Committee, urged lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to “take the win” in the tentative border deal as negotiations continue and uncertainty remains on whether it will pass. “Take the win. Take the win. This is a moment that, you know, when you stop and… […]

The VICE Guide to Throwing Sex Parties

Good morning, and yes, before we even get started: You can be a sex party person. Mainstream media wants you to believe that you have to be some kind of gifted sexual wizard to throw or attend a play party, but, as Anna Fitzpatrick explains in this VICE guide to sex parties, there are endless […]

Trump Rocks Iowa-Iowa State Game: Parties with Frat, Flips Burgers, Throws Footballs

Former President Donald Trump was the center of attention in the Hawkeye State on Saturday, as the leading GOP candidate for president in 2024 partied with an Iowa State fraternity, flipped burgers, and even threw footballs into the crowd of those gathered to see him. Source

Mexico Is Likely To Get First Female President After Parties Choose 2 Women As Candidates

Mexico will have for the first time two women from its main political powers competing for the presidency. Source

Blackmail Queens Attending Satanic Sex Parties Are A List Actresses as They Get the CIA What They Want

she had a knack for reeling in other young (usually gay) struggling actresses to work as escorts and make appearances or perform at these events for Musk and his tech cronies.” Heard’s ex, Tasya Van Ree, and supermodel Cara Delevingne were also reportedly early participants at these parties. The article later cited a source calling […]

Police Dept Will Send Drones to Investigate Outdoor Parties When Neighbors Complain

By B.N. Frank Not everybody likes drones.  They’re loud.  They’re privacy invasive.  In addition to their potential for crashing, Source

Atlanta College Bringing Back Mask Mandates, Canceling Parties, Despite Zero “Covid” Cases “Caused” By A “Virus” Not Proved To Exist

A college in Georgia is joining the now-growing chorus of institutions and agencies arbitrarily bringing back mask mandates. Having spent a lot of time in colleges and the military both, I have come to a conclusion. The officer core in the military is a social welfare program to keep thousands of college graduates from standing […]

Secret Sex Parties of the MEGA Rich Which Angie Jolie Discusses in Video

Describes how she films these sex parties and “I have the most AMAZING COMPROMISING VIDEOS on people” works for the CIA.  For Sure MANY of these Sex Parties are sponsored and controlled by the CIA so they can obtain these Amazing Compromising Videos of the Participants.  CIA bring in their Monarch sex slaves to service […]

Trading places: More lawmakers are swapping political parties

For Elliott Pritt, defecting to the GOP was an obvious choice. The West Virginia lawmaker comes from an area of the state that used to be solidly blue — voters sent a Democrat to his seat in the state House for 24 straight years. But attitudes in his district have recently swung towards Republicans, credited […]

Sheikh Qassem: Objections Voiced by Some Lebanese Parties to Hezbollah Maneuvers are Useless

Posted on May 23, 2023 by martyrashrakat  May 22, 2023 Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem indicated the Islamic Resistance military drill is unprecedented and sends a message of deterrence as well as readiness to confront any Zionist aggression and defend Lebanon. Addressing a political seminar in Southern Lebanon […]

Thailand’s opposition parties win big in election on promises of reform

Thailand’s main opposition Move Forward party set to outdo predictions in Sunday’s general election. The vote is seen as a pivotal chance for change nine years after incumbent Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha first came to power in a 2014 coup. Source

Baby showers, icicle music and sauna time: How embassy parties have become the new K Street

The British ambassador’s residence in Washington is an impressive estate known for hosting events with coveted invite lists and well-connected guests. Among other things, it has been the site for the post-advance screening reception of the “Downton Abbey” movie and a garden party celebration of the late Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee. But in January, […]

Greece bans parties with convicted leaders from running in elections

The Greek parliament paved the way for banning political parties whose leaders have been convicted of crimes from running in elections, ahead of national polls in spring. Lawmakers in Athens voted late Wednesday in favour of an amendment aimed at preventing political parties such as the extreme-right Golden Dawn — once Greece’s third-biggest political force […]

Parties’ demands have turned off Greeks abroad from registering to vote in national elections, PASOK-KINAL charges

The limitations that SYRIZA and other opposition parties imposed on voting by Greeks living abroad essentially “practically cancelled the large-scale electoral participation of Greeks residing abroad,” PASOK-Movement for Change (KINAL) said on Tuesday. Its press office said in a statement that “even expensive awareness campaigns failed to mobilize our fellow-Greeks who live abroad and have… […]

The OUN-Russia war (no longer an SMO): What do the parties want and what does the future hold?

November 23, 2022 Source By Eric Arthur Blair During this current relative reduction of hostilities in Ukraine, the calm before the storm so to speak, it may be useful to reflect upon the goals of the various geopolitical players, whether stated overtly or intended covertly. This may enable us to make educated guesses as to […]

Israel Orthodox parties demand gender segregation be legalised

Ultra-Orthodox Israeli parties have demanded Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu agree to pass a law that would permit gender segregation at publicly funded events, Israel Hayom reported yesterday. According to the paper, the far-right Religious Zionism and United Torah Judaism parties made the demand in return for joining Netanyahu's coalition government as negotiations renewed. The legislation […]

Pence commends leaders of both parties for Jan. 6 handling

Former Vice President Mike Pence commended leaders of both parties for working to certify the results of the presidential election on Jan. 6, 2021, in an interview airing Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” “I give credit to the leaders in both political parties that day … There was a unanimous agreement that whatever needed […]

Chasing a Mirage: How Israel Arab Parties Validate Israeli Apartheid

November 2, 2022 By Ramzy Baroud Regardless of the outcome of the latest Israeli elections, Arab parties will not reap meaningful political benefits, even if they collectively achieve their highest representation ever. The reason is not about the parties themselves, but in Israel’s skewed political system which is predicated on racism and marginalization of non-Jews. Israel […]

Swedish Parties Make Deal To Govern With Hard-Right Support

STOCKHOLM (AP) — Three Swedish center-right parties announced on Friday that they have reached a deal to form a coalition government that would not include the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats but would depend on its support in Parliament. The agreement comes after a month of talks following Sept. 11 elections that gave the Sweden Democrats — […]

Parties to Astana dialogue hold informal meeting in New York

TEHRAN — A trilateral meeting was held on Wednesday between foreign ministers of the countries that are parties to the Astana process on the developments in Syria. The meeting took place on the sidelines of the 77th United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York. The meeting, which was attended by the foreign ministers of […]

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