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Pentagon’s passive reaction to observation of carrier in Hormuz Strait 

In a note, Kayhan discussed the observation of the American helicopter carrier by the IRGG Navy in the Strait of Hormuz. Source

Kim Iversen: WEF Is Marching Us Toward a Life of Passive Obedience

09/22/22 Political commentator Kim Iversen, on a recent episode of “The Kim Iversen Show,” dissected “Welcome To 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better,” an article written in 2016 by World Economic Forum contributor Ida Auken. By  Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D. Miss a day, miss a lot. Subscribe to The Defender’s […]

“Stop Medical Apartheid!” — Police Passive As Huge Crowd Protests Australia’s Draconian Pandemic Powers Bill

“Stop Medical Apartheid!” — Police Passive As Huge Crowd Protests Australia’s Draconian Pandemic Powers Bill October 30, 2021 By Tyler DurdenThousands of protesters gathered in Melbourne’s CBD on Saturday calling on Premier Daniel Andrews to resign as they rallied against the Victorian government’s new pandemic legislation.Chants erupting from the crowd included: “End the mandates,” “Stop […]

Homemade shofars and ‘passive’ Zooming: How some British synagogues are adapting this High Holiday season

(JTA) — As night falls on the second night of Rosh Hashanah this year, Rabbi Adam Zagoria-Moffet and two shofar blowers will ascend the 144-foot tower of St. Albans Cathedral, the 11th-century church that dominates the skyline of this city of the same name 20 miles northwest of London.  As members of Zagoria-Moffet’s 200-family synagogue […]

Passive media whitewash Israel’s massacre in Gaza

Ali Abunimah Media Watch 16 May 2018 As Israel slaughtered dozens of unarmed Palestinians in Gaza this week, prominent media outlets employed innocuous headlines to obscure the horrific reality. In the video above, RT correspondent Anya Parampil points to some examples of what she calls “an almost across the board obfuscation of Israel’s responsibility for […]

‘Touch of Homophobia’: Hollande’s joke on Macron’s ‘passive’ role with Trump angers govt spokesman

Hollande’s remark was in response to the rather tactile relationship between the two leaders, displayed during Macron’s visit to the White House. The French centrist president seemed to enjoy a cozy atmosphere in the company of his US counterpart. The pair repeatedly shook hands, kissed cheeks, and slapped each other on the back, displaying a […]

Apathy, Ignorance And Passive Indifference Are Worse Than Government Corruption And Organized Evil

Saman Mohammadi The Excavator September 15, 2011 In 1946, French writer Albert Camus wrote, “the mind is always a step behind reality. History races ahead while the mind meditates.” That statement was never more true than on the morning of September 11, 2001. It seemed like history took off on a rocket ship with only […]

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