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Exploring the City of Caesars: Patagonia’s Legendary Lost City

Legend has it that the City of Caesars, otherwise known as the Wandering City, once existed in Patagonia, nestled between contemporary Chile and Argentina. Despite rumors and reports having circulated for about 200 years, and expeditions sent to try to track it down, no concrete evidence of its existence was ever uncovered. El Dorado, Paititi, […]

Patagonia founder places company’s shares in a trust; future profits to combat climate change

Founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard, 83, announced his decision to place 100 percent of the non-voting shares into a trust that will direct profits of the outdoor clothing and equipment company to help protect the environment and fight climate change. The stock will be under the control of the Holdfast Collective, a nonprofit “dedicated to […]

Legend of The Lost City of Caesars, The Invisible Land of Patagonia

The City of Caesars, otherwise known as the Wandering City, is a legendary land that is said to have existed in Patagonia, in between present-day Chile and Argentina. According to historical accounts Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Americas Unexplained Phenomena Read Later  Source

MUST READ – ‘Project Patagonia’ – Is Israel building a base to save its elite in case of defeat in Palestine?

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For The First Time Ever, NASA Saw Something Come OUT Of A Black Hole

Two telescopes observed something miraculous when a super massive black hole’s corona ‘launched’ from its center, inspiring a pulse of X-ray energy to spew out. Pretty much everyone knows that black holes suck things in, not spew them out. But, for the first time ever, the notable space organization NASA captured a supermassive black hole […]

Devon residents alarmed as beach disappears overnight

     Thousands of tons of shingle have been gouged out from Hallsands beach Ancient peat base-layer has been left behind but it is being rapidly eroded Residents on the picturesque Devonshire coast are enduring sleepless nights as a beach that has protected them for generations disappears overnight. Storms have battered Hallsands, in Devon, gouging out […]

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