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Ban report based on incomplete info: Iran

Iran says a report by the United Nations (UN)’s Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on the implementation of the Iran nuclear deal is “based on incomplete information.” The report by the UN secretary general claims that Iran’s ballistic missile launches “are not consistent with the constructive spirit” of the deal, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of […]

Europe under the Atlanticist thumb: "Free trade" and "free migration" destroying nations

In the contemporary European Union, the nation-state is undergoing a profound crisis which threatens not only the stability and well-being of the peoples of these countries, but also the viability of any project of European integration. What are some of the signs that European states have lost or are losing their last vestiges of sovereignty, […]

Whitewashing Libya: US House Report on Benghazi Reveals Nothing, Hides Everything

The Bombing and Destruction of Istanbul International Airport in Pictures

The Bombing and Destruction of Istanbul International Airport in Pictures After countless hoaxes and staged events it has now happened. An Operation Gladio-style false flag attack has really occurred, in this case at Istanbul’s International Airport, leading to the deaths and wounding of hundreds of people. Some 45 people have died, many of them killed […]

Bashar Al Assad Interview: Western Nations are Supporting the Terrorists. US Counter-Terrorism Campaign is Bogus

The Silence of the “Progressive Left”: Brexit, Euro-Austerity and the Neoliberal T-TIP

Fallujah operation; Stab in heart of ISIS

Alwaght- Fallujah is a name that for at least a decade in Iraq has been synonymous with clashes, violence and terrorism. Perhaps few people have not heard about name of this city in Al Anbar province or have not seen images associated with it in the Hollywood movies. Whether in the time of the former […]

Russia, US agree to coordinate military operations in Syria

Russia says it has reached an agreement with the US to improve coordination between their military operations in Syria where they are backing opposing sides. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov also rejected on Sunday the Pentagon’s accusations that it had deliberately targeted US-backed militants in Syria. He said Russia is pushing the US to help produce a shared map of […]

Magic Mushrooms Found to CURE Depression in ONE Treatment — No Wonder They Are Illegal

Researchers at Imperial College London recently went to great lengths to obtain psilocybin and use it in clinical tests to investigate its medicinal value for treating severe depression. by L.J. Devon It took 32 months for the research team to meet all the licensing requirements to even conduct the trial. They also commented that the […]

Gates Foundation To Aggressively Push Common Core Education

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have publicly declared that they will aggressively pressure schools and the government to use the Common Core education standards.  In an open letter to authorities, the Gates Foundation say: “Far too many districts report that identifying or developing Common Core-aligned materials is a challenge, meaning that teachers spend their time […]

Paying Fines Using Pennies – Activism or Pointless Juvenile Cliche?

It is no secret that I am not the biggest supporter of activist Brett Sanders. As such, I promised awhile back that I would counter any of his more regrettable ventures that appeared here at Last week the Texas Edgelord found himself slathered in all sorts of adoration for perpetuating a pointless juvenile cliche […]

Intelligence Minister: Fight against terrorism a unique honor for martyr Badreddin

Tehran, May 16, IRNA – Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi in his condolence message for martyrdom of Lebanese Hezbollah top Commander Mustafa Badreddin said on Monday that fight against terrorism and barbarism of rough Takfiris is a unique honor for the late commander. He offered his condolences to Secretary General of Lebanese Hezbollah Seyed Hassan Nasrallah. […]

Attacker Holds Woman Hostage With Knife, Police Arrive and Shoot Woman to Death

Rose Bouboushian | Courthouse News Service Grand Jury Records Withheld in Hostage Case A man suing on behalf of an apparent hostage fatally shot by police cannot access grand jury transcripts that he says would reveal collusion, a federal judge ruled. Dawn Marie Pfister was a passenger in a […]

Most whiskey drinkers ‘can’t tell rye from bourbon’ – but insist they can

The fashion for drinking whiskey appears to be overtaking people’s knowledge of it, assistant professor at Drexel’s Center for Hospitality and Sport Management, Jacob Lahne, found. He arrived at the results by carrying out a simple blind sorting exercise.  “There is definitely a tendency for bartenders to talk about how some drinks should absolutely be […]

Live Feed: Protesters Demand David Cameron Resignation Following Panama Leaks

Following the release of the Panama Papers, and UK PM David Cameron’s admission that he had a stake in his father’s offshore trust, earlier today the Prime Minister admitted that he “mishandled the fallout” from his links to the Panama offshore fund scandal, SkyNews reports.   The PM has been accused of “misleading the […]

FDA-approved pasteurized milk to blame for rise in allergies and weakened immune function

(NaturalNews) For the past several years, as it rose in popularity, “raw” milk – that is, milk that has not undergone pasteurization – has been heavily criticized as being unclean, disease-ridden and dangerous to consume. But a growing body of research and evidence suggests that pasteurizing milk may actually be robbing us of […]

Experts Predicted What The World Will Look Like In 2116

These in-home body pods will fully scan your body to determine if you’re truly sick with a digital diagnosis, where the problem is concentrated and it will even be able to dispense medication or dispatch personnel when needed. We’ve heard it before, but the standard number of weekly working hours could be reduced considerably in […]

Turkey-EU Deal: The Greatest Betrayal in the History of European Civilization?

Diversity Macht Frei March 9, 2016 The arrangement that is being proposed with Turkey may well be the greatest betrayal in the entire history of European civilisation. Let’s examine the key elements of it: Illegal immigrants not deemed worthy of asylum protection will be returned to Turkey but, in return, the EU will accept a […]

Hillary Clinton’s Back-Handed Apology For ‘Superpredator’ Remark

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Co-Founder, Legacy Bio-Naturals   The trouble for Hillary Clinton began long before the hashtag #WhichHillary started to trend on Twitter, but that is where it might end. Thanks to social media a video of Ashley Williams, a Black Lives Matter activist, interrupting Clinton’s […]

EU ‘cannot handle’ another year of refugees pouring into Europe – Danish PM

From: The European Union cannot handle another year of the refugee crisis, the prime minister of Denmark said on Friday, stressing that the burden cannot be the responsibility of just a few countries. We need to find solutions that work. Because we cannot handle yet another year with an influx […]

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