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Bill Gates Charged With Murder In India’s High Court-Death Penalty Sought

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Egypt’s president increases penalty for divulging state secrets 

Egypt’s president has ratified a law with amendments on divulging state secrets, which carries a fine of 5,000 to 50,000 Egyptian pounds ($238-2,380) and between six months and five years in prison. According to the state-run Al-Ahram, violators are people who “obtain by illegal means the country’s defence secrets and/or reveal these secrets.” Most famously, […]

Company That Paid Largest Health Care Fraud Penalty in History Claims Its New COVID Drug Cuts Hospitalization, Death by 85%

Never forget: Justice Department Announces Largest Health Care Fraud Settlement in Its History: American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. and its subsidiary Pharmacia & Upjohn Company Inc. (hereinafter together “Pfizer”) have agreed to pay $2.3 billion, the largest health care fraud settlement in the history of the Department of Justice, to resolve criminal and civil liability arising […]

China considering death penalty for violators of COVID-19 policies

By Mary Villareal  Chinese authorities are now promoting a narrative that threatens the use of the death penalty on citizens who resist cooperating with the country’s harsh Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) policies. The country’s State Council reported on October 24 that delta variant outbreaks have been detected in multiple locations and have rapidly expanded since. The council stated […]

Jewish Cop Killer And Child Abuser To Avoid Death Penalty By Claiming Judge Hates Jews For No Reason Whatsoever

Randy Halprin astonished to hear 100 pro bono Jewish attorneys will help overturn his death sentence just because he’s Jewish. A Jew who was serving a 30-year sentence for beating an infant almost to death — and then murdering a police officer while attempting to escape from prison with six other inmates — will be […]

Atlanta Spa Shooting Suspect Faces Death Penalty, Hate Crime Charges

Atlanta massage parlor shooting suspect 22-year-old Robert Aaron Long was indicted Tuesday on murder charges in both Fulton and Cherokee counties, and a prosecutor said her office would pursue enhanced hate crime charges and the death penalty, according to court filings. The Fulton indictment states that Long was indicted on four counts of murder in […]

LA District Attorney Gascón Removes Death Penalty for Couple Charged With Murdering 10-Year-Old Boy

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced Friday that District Attorney George Gascón, a Democrat, decided not to seek the death penalty in the case of a couple allegedly murdering and torturing a 10-year-old boy. The LA County DA’s office had previously announced it would seek the death penalty after Heather Maxine Barron and […]

Chicoms Hit Citizens With 10 Point Social Credit Score Penalty For Not Wearing a Mask in Public

The Communist Chinese government is punishing citizens in some areas of the country who commit COVID-related transgressions such as not wearing a mask in public by deducting 10 points from their social credit score and in some cases putting them on no fly blacklists. A lengthy article in the London Times explains how the CCP […]

Antisemitic mass shooter appeals death penalty verdict for 2014 murders

American domestic terrorist and former Ku Klux Klan member Frazier Glenn Miller, who killed three people during a shooting spree in two suburban Kansas City Jewish sites on Passover Eve in 2014, has filed an appeal to overturn his death penalty on the grounds that he was unfit to represent himself in the trial, the […]

Saudi Arabia commutes death penalty for young Shi’ite to 10 years in prison

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George Gascon, L.A.’s Soros-Funded D.A., Sworn in; Ends Cash Bail, Death Penalty

George Gascon, the new George Soros-backed Los Angeles District Attorney, was sworn in on Monday, and immediately ended the use of cash bail for most crimes, while also barring prosecutors from seeking the death penalty in new cases. Gascon appeared poised to do for L.A. what he did for San Francisco, a city now synonymous […]

Illegal Alien Avoids Death Penalty, Pleads Guilty to Murdering Ron Singh

An illegal alien gang member has pleaded guilty to murdering 33-year-old Newman, California, police officer Ronil Singh in December 2018 and will thus avoid the death penalty. The day after Christmas in 2018, Singh pulled Gustavo Perez Arriaga over on suspicion of drunk driving. That is when police say Perez Arriaga, an illegal alien from Mexico, shot […]

WATCH: Keith Olbermann Says Trump Should Face the Death Penalty for Each Coronavirus Death

Former sports broadcaster Keith Olbermann left ESPN so he could say all the things he didn’t feel he could say at ESPN, and he is certainly saying all of those things. On Tuesday, during an unhinged rant about President Trump and his response to the coronavirus, Olbermann said that the president should be given the […]

Iran frees anti-death penalty activist after more than 8 years in prison

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President Trump Wants A ‘Fast Trial & The Death Penalty’ If Wounded LA Officers Die

President Trump wants a ‘fast trial’ and the ‘death penalty’ for the gunman who shot two LA deputies, if they die. The deputies, a 31-year-old woman and a 24-year-old man, were shot in their car near a metro station in the city of Compton on Saturday night. Video footage shared by the sheriff’s department shows […]

India Approves Death Penalty For Rapists Of Girls Under 12 Years Old

India’s government has approved the death penalty for people convicted of raping girls under 12 years old The government approved an ordinance to amend the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act to introduce the death penalty for the pedophiles. The order was approved by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi who held an emergency […]

India approves death penalty for rape of children under 12 amid national uproar

Headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Union Cabinet passed an executive order to amend the criminal code during an emergency meeting on Saturday. Those convicted of molesting children under 12 will face the death penalty, and offenders who rape children under the age of 16 will also face stricter punishment. The minimum sentence will […]

Trump proposes death penalty for opioid traffickers

     President Donald Trump will soon lay out a plan that seeks the death penalty for drug traffickers, a White House official has announced. Earlier, an official hinted that petty dealers would receive less severe sentences. “The Department of Justice will seek the death penalty against drug traffickers when it’s appropriate under current law,” Domestic […]

Israeli defense minister vows death penalty for Palestinian after soldiers killed

Maureen Clare Murphy Rights and Accountability 17 March 2018 Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has vowed to sentence to death a Palestinian who was arrested after his car hit a group of Israeli soldiers, killing two, in the northern occupied West Bank on Friday. Two more soldiers were seriously injured. “We will seek the death […]

Trump’s Flawed Belief That The Death Penalty Can Win The Drug War

March 1, 2018 By Brian Saady This week, Axios released a story revealing that President Trump privately supports the theory that imposing the death penalty upon drug traffickers will help reduce the demand for illegal drugs. This belief is flawed in several ways, but it was apparently presented to him by […]

Israel advances death penalty legislation for those carrying out ‘terrorist operations’

Welcome to the monthly Jewish Voice for Peace Health and Human Rights Media Watch. Members of the Health Advisory Council monitor relevant organizations and websites and compile a list of important news and issues which are summarized here. These newsletters will be posted on their website and archived as a resource.  If you wish to join […]

Israel Introduce Death Penalty For ‘Fake News’ Publishers

Israel are introducing new legislation that will make publishing so-called ‘fake news’ a criminal offence – punishable by the death penalty. The harsh new law, proposed by Communications Minister Minister Ayoub Kara, could see reporters and journalists who criticize the Israeli government over their treatment of Palestinians face prison or execution. reports: An Israeli minister […]

How They Do It– ‘The death penalty contradicts Judaism’

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Israel approves first reading of death penalty bill for Palestinian prisoners

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Israel approves first reading of death penalty for Palestinian prisoners

The Israeli Knesset approved on Wednesday first reading of death penalty bill, which would allow Israel to execute Palestinian prisoners accused of taking part in “operations against Israeli target.” Right-wing leader of the Jewish Home party Naftali Bennet proposed the bill, which was approved by a vote of 52 to 49 but needs a second […]

Israel approves first reading of death penalty for Palestinian prisoners

WATCH: In Louisiana, The Poor Face The Death Penalty Without a Lawyer

It has become an annual ritual in Louisiana: Nearly every winter, the state’s public defenders run out of money. Last year, 33 of the state’s 42 local indigent defense offices cut staff or placed thousands of poor defendants on a wait list. The New Orleans public defender’s office began refusing clients, leaving hundreds to sit […]

Texas Cop Faces Death Penalty For Hiring Hit Man to Kill Mistress Who Wouldn’t Abort Baby

Texas prosecutors announced last week that an Austin police officer will face the death penalty for hiring a hit man to kill his mistress after she refused to abort their baby. Prior to her death, 29-year-old Samantha Dean told colleagues and wrote in her diary that if she were found dead, Austin cop VonTrey Clark […]

Porn star to run against Putin in Russian elections, vows to bring death penalty for sexual harassment in the wake of Weinstein scandal

     An ex-Russian porn star is the latest woman to announce she’ll be standing against President Putin in next year’s presidential elections. Busty brunette Elena Berkova from the city of Murmansk in northwest Russia, who also stood for mayor of Sochi, posted a video on Instagram outlining her plans. The 32-year-old mum-of-two, who will be […]

Hillary Clinton Could Face Death Penalty Over Uranium One Deal

Hillary Clinton could be tried for treason and face the death penalty over the Uranium One scandal, according to Trump’s former deputy assistant.   Speaking with Fox News anchor Sean Hannity on Thursday, Sebastian Gorka claimed that evidence proving that Clinton took bribes from Russia in exchange for approving the controversial Uranium One deal could ultimately result […]

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